Chapter 173 – Event No. 6 Tentacle Wars 1st Half

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 909 words
Editor(s): Fire

『Well everyone, have you rested plenty enough!? Have you eaten just enough so as not to feel full and ready to sleep!? From here on, it’s nonstop! Whether you like it or not, three events are coming! And there are no breaks in between! First is this event! The emissary from hell refuses to relent! Tentacle Wars! The participants! From team A! Jassie, who just showed a part of her true power earlier, and Suzy, the magic tool freak! Next, team B! From mage to sorcerer! Liev, who got a brilliant promotion, and Kiara, another individual whose true strength is enveloped in mystery! Continuing on, Team C! Joaquin, who was similarly promoted from mage to sorcerer, and Kerry, an adventurer prior to coming to this academy! Lastly, team D! Ethel; who while regrettably didn’t manage to get first at Tentacle Guard, showed an amazing performance; and Urania, who similarly displayed incredible performance during the first and fifth events!』

As lunch break ended, Selena and I were on the event field. Around us, following Sharl’s announcements, enter the participants from each team. Honestly speaking, the ones that have the highest chances of getting first place on this sixth event are probably team A and D. Part of it is because teams B and C have the former mages Liev and Joaquin respectively, but another reason is that both Kiara and Kerry aren’t very powerful in particular.

While Kiara might have some connection with Jassie, it doesn’t really seem like she’s hiding Jassie levels of power after all. And in regards to Kerry, he was originally an E-rank adventurer. Being an adventurer, he does have practical experience but since he was mainly Kief’s assistant, Kerry’s abilities aren’t that high.

The issue here is how team A is going to move. Will Jassie show her full strength again? Or will she not? Other than that is Suzy’s movements. If she’s going to embrace the tentacles again, then team A will practically only have Jassie fighting solo. And I didn’t plan this event to be kind enough for people to be able to handle it alone.

『With all the participants present, let us promptly begin the event! Fundamentally, it’s no different from Event No. 2, Tentacle Guard! However, this time our participants are not going to defend the cans, but are going to attack it!!』

Matching Sharl’s rule exposition, Selena and I once again begin to chant.

「「We call for the ancient monster, come to life once more.」」
「For your unfixed shape to turn into flesh adequate for this world-」
「For your eternal life to have a soul worthy of underworld’s dwelling- 」
「「Come forth! Shoggo!!」」

As we finished chanting, four large tentacles spouted from the earth. A multitude of thin tentacles appeared coiling themselves around these tentacles, giving birth to four large tentacle cocoons. These cocoons levitated off the ground a bit and shone with faint white light when suddenly there was a bright flash of light as the cocoons turned into that of golden threads and unwrapped themselves.

What appeared from the glowing threads are four girls who look vaguely similar to me and Selena. They were clad in chiton-like clothing weaved in golden thread.

How many times has it been today that the training hall was left in a blank daze? Well, that can’t be helped, after all, the artificial life in this world are at best golems made from clay or stone. Even Lil’ Shoggo in tentacle form is most likely impossible to replicate. And what we’ve made right now is undoubtedly living dolls worthy of being called homunculi.

Still, it’s not like it had been easy for us to create these girls. They are half-magical tools, half-monster. Beings that were created with our abilities at full power. In other words, they are beings that are impossible to create with one of us alone. That’s just how difficult creating life is.

To be honest, I had no intention to go this far but before I knew it, it’s all too late. Why did it end up like this? That’s simple. I run my luck dry succumbing to the midnight high. This is the result of me thinking I should, since this is a good chance, try to use every technique I currently have without sparing any effort.

Well, I don’t regret it. I would’ve done that sooner or later anyway, and now that I’ve shown this much here, that would also mean that I, in the truest sense, will be able to do anything I like at the start of summer vacation.

Clad in golden chiton, the four Shoggo create golden cans before their feet. Each of them picked their cans up to show that these aren’t fixed to the ground and after they put it back down, they take one step towards each respective team. And on their faces are smiles so bewitching that it’s hard to believe that those faces are based on ours.

『The actors are all ready! So naturally, this event as well! The first team to knock down a can protected by the Shoggos will be the victor! Now then, with no further delay! Ready? Fight!!』

With Sharl’s signal, the curtains have risen for the sixth event. Now then, why don’t you have a good taste of Shoggo’s true power!


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