Chapter 168 – Event No. 4 Garuda Shoot

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1133 words
Editor(s): Fire

The third event has ended and the fourth event, which is the midpoint, is finally about to begin.

The fourth event isn’t a team battle, it’s an individual game. A competition similar to target shooting. Shoot the flying target with magic and the number of targets shot decides the placements. Incidentally, as its name implies, the target for this event is a replica of the monster garuda. However, unlike the magic lifeform Lil Shoggo, it’s just a self-flying golem, so it’s much closer to a magical tool.

『Now for the fourth event, it seems that our participants are all set. With that, let us start with the first shot. First, Jassie from Team A, go ahead!』

Unlike the previous events, the fourth event has the participants challenge the event one by one. Garuda Shoot will first have them shoot one at a time for five sets. The placements will be decided after that, but if the participants still have the same scores, they’ll do another five sets. If it’s still a tie, then they’ll shoot one at a time until someone misses.

The first to shoot seems to be Jassie from Team A. If I’m not wrong, she’s friends with Team B’s Kiara, but although she joined the student council, she’s not particularly passionate about training.

「Fuu…… Ready.」

A pause after a deep breath. As the garuda was released in front of her following her signal, it was then hit by the fire arrow cast from Jassie’s right hand.

Jassie’s magic activation speed, magic power efficiency, and her own physical reflexes aren’t bad at all. If I remember, Jassie is on the lower ranks on this exam, but it doesn’t really show from her performance.

『Jassie splendidly hit her first nerve-wracking shot! Next up, Team B! Sola! Feel free.』
「I’m ready any-… -time!」

Following Jassie, it’s now Sola’s first shot. You can say anything as a signal to start, but it seems like the one in charge of releasing mistook “I’m ready” for Sola’s signal and released the garuda before she could finish her words. Even so, Sola can use the lightning attribute now. This magic is overwhelmingly faster than any other attributes in terms of reaching the target, so she managed to shoot down the garuda released from her right without falling into panic.

『Oops! There seems to have been a little trouble there, but the garuda was shot through without any issues! Next up, Team C’s Joaquin!』
「Fuu…… Okay! Do it!」

Team C’s Joaquin is one of the students, the other being Liev, who I gave a grimoire to and can now use magic. Being capable of using lightning magecraft when he was a mage, he still has access to the lightning attribute as a sorcerer now. Even so, magic needs clear imagery, so it’s quite different to handle compared to magecraft which has designated spells and Joaquin has a lot of hardships with this. Still, Sola, who can freely manipulate lightning, is right before him now.

Sola’s magic is the most “textbook example” in terms of efficiency, control, and power, so hers is the best to follow as a role model. Due to that, even with something as unique as the lightning attribute, he should be able to learn just by emulating her. It’s really unfortunate that Sola and Joaquin are on different teams. If they had been on the same team, they could have been a really powerful combo.

As for his first shot, it was extremely close to missing. While only slightly, the released lightning has the property to guide itself to an object, so it managed to hit the garuda’s wings somehow; but on the other hand, despite this, it only hit the wings. This shows Joaquin’s current lack of skill, I suppose.

『Joaquin seems to have just barely hit. Next up, Team D’s Kut!』
「Okay, I’m ready!」

On Kut’s signal, a garuda flew out from his left and with a glint of light, the garuda fell to the ground. At first glance, the garuda shows no signs of damage, but in its center is a hole that looks like it was pierced with a needle and the area around it is slightly charred.

「Is that…… light?」
「Light? What do you mean, big sis?」
「Exactly what I said, Kut is a sorcerer holding the light attribute. Normally, light doesn’t have much use outside of illumination but if you gather and condense sufficient light, it’ll have enormous power. In other words, it’s like a magnifying glass focusing the rays of the sun.」

I don’t know if they do science experiments in this world, but focusing light to a singular point can produce enough energy to burn a newspaper. Still, there aren’t many sorcerers that can use the light attribute for combat purposes in this world. Is this a result of my training as well?

After that, the event continued on and the fifth shots concluded. At this point, Jassie missed her first shot, though it looked like she did it intentionally, Sola scored perfectly, Joaquin missed two shots, and Kut scored perfectly as well.
With that, the third and fourth place was decided, and it’s now a one-on-one between Sola and Kut. In the next five sets, neither of them missed a shot, so they finally entered the extended one-by-one sets.

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Sola bores through the garudas with lightning while Kut shoots them down with light that can’t be followed with the naked eye. The exchange continues on. This one-on-one seemed to continue endlessly, but the end came abruptly.

『Now for the 32nd shot, Kut, on your signal.』
「……… I’m ready.」

The garuda that flew at Kut signal… didn’t fall to the sky and only disappeared to the sky without anyone hindering its flight. Kut scowls in frustration but with my eyes I see that he has barely any magic power left. Magic that reflects, gathers, and shoots light. No matter how efficiently one can control their own magic power with my training methods, it doesn’t change the fact that this magic exhausts a large amount of magic power.

『And! Kut couldn’t activate his magic! It appears that he’s out of magic power! Still, you fought the good fight! Everyone, a round of applause for Kut!』

If he used different magic, then he might still have enough to shoot. If he has used wind or water, then I’m sure that he would still have enough for several shots. Even so, Kut likely wanted to win using the light attribute and the magic he has absolute confidence in.

Perhaps knowing that as well, the audience gave a loud round of applause to the frustrated Kut.


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