Chapter 155 – Lily vs Tebby 1st Half

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 907 words
Editor(s): Fire

—Sola’s POV

Lightly stretching his arms and legs while going up on the stage, Tebby doesn’t seem to feel any pressure. His face is all smile, but unbefitting of his usual gentle and carefree attitude, he had a ferocious grin.1

Directly opposite of him, standing on the other side of the lake in between them, Lily shows a seemingly amused smirk upon seeing Tebby’s ferocious smile. It is due to the so-called confidence of the strong, or perhaps she was merely thinking about the fight that’s about to happen, I can’t say for sure.

I’m honestly amazed that they can calmly stand in front of each other. With Tebby already clad in burning hot magic power and Lily completely unruffled even when faced with this heat, I’d sacrifice anything to avoid standing before them as an enemy.

Wondering what sort of match we’ll see today, I think back on the battles they’ve had up until now. If I remember correctly, the first happened immediately after Tebby requested her. That time, every flame magic Tebby cast was hijacked by Lily and extinguished. The second happened the day prior to our first weekend training. This time Lily overwhelmed Tebby with “Burn” magic more powerful than any magic Tebby could muster.

At present, Tebby’s magic power control has improved, so Lily shouldn’t be able to hijack his magic anymore. This improvement will also directly link to a total increase in firepower, so even Lily shouldn’t be able to win so easily this time.

I expect that Lily might use weaker magic to test the waters, which Tebby would see as a chance to strike hard. If I was Tebby, I’d do just this. Rather, I can’t think of any other way to win against Lily.

Nn, both of you, ready?」
「I can start anytime.」
「No problem here.」

Urania, being the one to signal the start of the match, asked for their final confirmations. As both answered with their usual relaxed tone, Urania raised her right arm.

「…… Start!」

After a pause, she swung her hand down and the two simultaneously burst with magic power. Who made the first move? No, both cast magic at the same time. Their mock battle started with a bright flash of light enveloping the training ground.


—Tebby’s POV

「…… Start!」

On Lady Urania’s signal, I activate my magic. Against Miss Lily, neither testing the waters nor holding back is necessary. Full blast on the get-go. That’s what I decided to do. The magic I’m using is “Unguis Flame”. This magic, which conjures a giant hoof-shaped cluster of flame that tramples the enemy, is one of the Bodwin family’s secret arts.

Lady Lily watched this magic of mine for 1 second, no more or less. The magic power she accumulated during this time then began to radiate a beautiful bright white. Can you even imagine my joy upon seeing that shine? My heart was shaking with delight. After all, that light is undoubtedly the light of the “Corona Burn” I’ve long yearned for.

In our battles up until now, Lady Lily has never used this magic. This is likely due to this magic being the secret art of the Iglesio household, as well as due to me still lacking in skill. And right now, she is using it. Could you blame me for feeling like this?

「”Corona Burn”」

As Lady Lily silently said so, everything before me was washed with pure white. Before this magic, my magic will probably be swept away like dust. Still, it should be able to block this storming heatwave even for an instant. With that time, I enveloped myself with the protective “Flame Shell” to somehow endure it.

As the storm of light passes, my sight goes back to normal. I seem to have managed to last, but the wetland area we specifically chose transformed into a desolate sight. The large lake dried up, and the surrounding grass withered and was tipped with flames. While I might not have the right to say this, it’s absolutely terrible.

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Still, this is my chance. I anticipated Lady Lily to test the waters at first, but she started with a large magic. Since “Corona Burn” requires charging and consumes an enormous amount of magic power, she should be unable to use magic immediately after. I was planning on making an opening with a large attack while Lady Lily still had her guard down but if she’s giving me an opening, then there’s no reason to let this go by.

「Now! “Flame Arrow”!!」

I used the fast activating and swift “Flame Arrow”. Twenty arrows immediately shot out. I have proper control over each of them, so Lady Lily shouldn’t be able to use her favorite magic hijack. However, Lady Lily easily exceeded my expectations.

The twenty “Flame Arrows” I released, all of them were engulfed by a beam of white light and extinguished. I was filled with the conflicting feeling of disbelief and expectation for Lady Lily.

「Tebby, since when were you under the impression that “Corona Burn” can’t be fired successively?2

Hearing Lady Lily’s ruthless words, I could only laugh powerlessly.


  1. Lyly: Tebby is one of those fluffy but monstrous characters, which is a bit fitting with sheep. The non domesticated ones will mess things up
  2. Lyly: Oof, ripperoni

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