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Chapter 153 – Student Council President Work

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1102 words
Editor(s): Fire

With the increase of student council members, paperwork which has been mostly unnecessary up until now had a sharp increase. From writing up the list of members, training menus for each member, access requests for training grounds usage, we’re completely swamped with work that needs doing. Back on earth, it’s easy to do file management with the use of PCs, but this sort of convenience doesn’t exist here.

As I was filling in the documents on my table and scanning through the files anchored midair, the sound of knocking echoes in the student council room. The classes are done for the day, and I’ve asked the original members to supervise the training, but did something happen there?

「Come in.」
「Do you have some time, Lily?」
「What is it, Sola?」
「There’s been an increase of unfamiliar magic tools at the training grounds, so I came to ask about them…… Haah, I take my eyes off for a moment and even this place turns absurd.」
「Is that so?… Well, I can’t refute that.」

Scanning the room, Sola let out an exasperated sigh. I looked around and immediately understood her reaction. Beginning with the magical tool that allows affixing objects in the air, which makes it so I can use the space above my table since the table isn’t big enough to spread all the files; this room is brimming with magical tools.

A simple teapot for heating up tea and a portable stove for cooking light meals. Naturally, there’s also a refrigerator for storing ingredients. And since it’ll be summer soon, I brought in a magical tool for air conditioning just the other day. Though the air coming from outside has been pleasant these days, so it’s probably not going to see use anytime soon.

While I was making magical tools as the ideas came to me, by the time I realized it, there’s already this many of them. Even the quill pen I’m using to fill in the papers is a magical tool. Moreover, since the recently recruited minions started offering magical tools nonstop, revised versions of those are also lying around here somewhere. Though I personally crushed the magical tool that takes photos of underwear as it flips skirts to eternal oblivion.

「The magical tools at the training grounds were things I acquired through certain connections. Please feel free to use them.」
「Connections? Ah, by that do you mean those min-「It’s a misunderstanding!」…… I see.」

My relationship with the minions, the students attending the alchemy class, has turned into a bit of a topic lately. Whether it’s inside the school building or during class, regardless of place or time, they kneel at the sight of me and prostrate themselves when I’m in front of them.

With that kind of reaction, it’s no wonder that it’s being talked about. Moreover, when the focal point of the topic is me. Not to brag, but there’s a lot of eyes on me. Becoming the top passer and the speech I gave are a part of it, but recently, talks circulating about me seizing class A within a month, Professor Herman already being my pawn or so, and me becoming a student council president has garnered people’s attention.

Then add students kneeling before that rumored individual. There’s no way it wouldn’t be talked about. Ever since I got seriously mad one time, the prostrating have stopped happening in public places, but the kneeling and their excessive loyalty still continued.

「It would be best to keep them on a tight leash, you know?」
「Don’t say it like that! Still, I will keep it in mind.」

I’m grateful for her advice, but I really wanted to hear this before the rumors started spreading.

「Anyhow, as for the magical tools at the training grounds, feel free to make use of them. Since those are prototype models, getting people’s impressions on them would affect everybody’s motivation.」
「Fufu, you’re certainly shaping up to be a mistress.」
「I told you, that’s not it!」

The magical tools here in the student council room are just the tip of the iceberg. The things the minions present to me offer a variety of utilities, but most of them are for combat use. From the reliable ones to those that are just brimming with fantasy, these things really cover a lot of ground, but all of these have been modified to prevent fatal injuries before being placed in the training grounds.

If the utility of magical tools gets spread, then this should improve the position of alchemy, and if cheaper and more convenient magical tools get circulated in the market, everyone will receive its blessings. Well, the biggest reason for this is actually because using magical tools will help with remembering how magic power flows and this will hopefully be useful to learning magic power manipulation.

「Is that the only reason you came here, Sola?」
「No, Tebby asked for you.」

Tebby asking for me, did something happen there? Noticing my glance, Sola shook her head.

「No, there isn’t any problem. Still……」
「It seems like he’s accumulating stress recently. Same with me, actually.」

According to Sola, them training other students is fine and all, but because of this, the time they have for their own training has decreased considerably. While I do feel guilty about that, it seems that this in of itself isn’t much of a problem.

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The problem is that they can’t use their magic. It’s the same issue I experienced a while ago. Certainly, Tebby has a lot of magic power, so suppressing this constantly is definitely stressful. A while ago, Tebby and the others were able to release their magic power by having mock battles with me, because of the increasing number of students and the increasing paperwork these days, we couldn’t do those.

「Please relay to him that I will need about an hour. I’ll be there after putting these in order.」
「Understood. Until then, we’ll be warming ourselves up I suppose.」
「Please do so.」

If both Tebby and Sola feel stress, then Urania probably feels the same too. Based on her abilities, it might be the same case with Hermie, but I can’t be sure. Come to think of it, since Glen is still on suspension and Milt is only present for class and doesn’t participate in our training, are they alright?

I guess there’s no use pondering about it. For now, I need to finish these documents and head to the training grounds.


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