Chapter 136 – Nightmare

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1558 words
Editor(s): Fire

—Glen’s Perspective1

「Glen, what are you planning?」
「Milt, do you know about tiny dragons?」

After ordering Herman to confirm that red folk’s schedule, I told my childhood friend Milt about my plan as we headed back to the male’s dorm. This plan is only possible with the cloak of concealment my uncle gave as an enrolment gift and my own magic skills.

「You’re going to steal a dragon egg!?」
「Nope, I’m just borrowing it. They’re going to be the ones stealing it.」

The student council fools won’t be able to see me. Dragons and beast-kin have a good sense of smell, but the cloak of concealment can hide scent as well, so as long as I don’t make any sound, there’s no chance of being discovered. I can’t help but tremble at how perfect my own plan is. With this, I should be able to teach that cheeky red folk a lesson.

「A dragon’s nest, I……」
「Ha! A scaredy-cat as always, Milt. Either way, only one person can fit in this cloak. Besides, there’s something I want you to do.」
「Something you want me to do?」

Obviously, I’ll need an alibi while this is happening. They’ll deserve whatever the dragon does to them for stealing their egg in the first place, but making sure that I’ll be out of suspicion in the event that they suspect the involvement of a third-party is important. I’ll have Milt study in the academy library, and have it so that I’m studying with him. As long as we have Herman’s testimony, that should be enough for a perfect alibi.

「Glen, are you really doing this? People are going to die, you know?」
「Who cares? They’re just traitors, enemies, and red folk.」

What is he even talking about? Leaving them alive won’t benefit us in any way. Then it’d be better to have them dead instead. Well, if they apologize and cry and swear to serve me, then I wouldn’t mind forgiving them, but since the plan makes it so I won’t have any involvement in this event, I guess that’s out of the question.

「…… You don’t get it, you’re the one who’s going to die.」

The scenery warps and Milt’s silhouette turns into that of a dragon’s. I was just walking in the academy corridors, but suddenly I’m in the cave where the dragons are nesting. Right before me is the enormous tiny dragon. And the cloak that should have been over my head is nowhere to be found.

「! Uh, ah-」

In my arms is an egg, and the dragon steadily approaches me. Seeing its terrifying look, I dropped the egg as I instinctively took a step back.

「I, didn-, hiii-!?」

The egg slipped out of my arm and cracked open on the hard ground, its contents spilling all over the floor. What was inside it wasn’t a baby dragon, nor was it a yolk, but it was instead my own torn face.



I woke up screaming. Feeling fear from such a realistic sense of death, my body wouldn’t stop shivering despite the fact that I’m already awake, and I couldn’t help but embrace myself.

「Young master, what’s the matter?」
「It’s nothing! Just some nightmare.」
「Is that so. You will be heading to the forest today, correct? You will be late if you don’t start preparing soon.」

That’s right, today’s the end of the week. The student council fools are going to head to the forest to do monster subjugation as training. Herman confirmed it directly from that red folk, so it shouldn’t be wrong. Hah, they’re going to carelessly walk right into a trap without knowing any better.

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I already stole the egg yesterday and left it in the forest. I had it wrapped with a concealment-use cloth, so it shouldn’t be preyed on by monsters or magic beasts. The dragons should have already noticed that the egg is missing, and the egg keeper should be searching for it by now.

I quickly finished preparing and after making sure that no one is around, I wore the invisibility cloak. First, I headed to their assembly area and confirmed their route, but I made one miscalculation. That red folk wasn’t going to head to the depths of the forest.

I placed the egg expecting her to lead the best of them deep inside the forest but as it is now, it’s going to fail!

I nearly yelled out of frustration, but I’ll be discovered if I ever make a sound here. I swallowed my frustration with a will of steel and adjusted my plan. Instead of that red folk Lily, the main target will be that girl named Urania.

She’s also a red folk anyway, and it’s obvious that this Urania is important to Lily. If that important friend of hers gets broken, more so die in an event she herself is hosting, haha, I can’t wait to see how she’ll cry.

From then on, it was smooth sailing. Observing their progress, I understood that the members of group A are the best even among the entire class A. There’s no way that their improvement is something possible in only less than one month after the opening. With how I am right now, I likely wouldn’t be able to beat any of them. Of course, that’s only if we’re talking about a straight fight.

With the fate of these strong people right in my grasp, my heart silently burns with excitement. How will they react when they see the egg? Will they approach it without noticing that it’s the egg of a dragon? Or would they notice beforehand and try to escape? I couldn’t help but break into a smile.

The group seems to be going straight towards the egg’s location, so I went ahead of them to where the egg is. I moved the egg I hid in a slightly open location somewhere easier for them to see.

Just as I was about to remove the cloth wrapped around it, I heard a dragon roaring from a distance.

I hurriedly took off the cloth and turned my heel… But, my legs wouldn’t move at all.

「Cruel. If it wasn’t for your magic, I would’ve escaped.」

What was wrapped inside the cloth was not the dragon egg, but the head of the girl named Urania.

「How dare you hurt my precious one.」

As I was frozen, a voice came from behind me. Even though I didn’t want to turn around, my body moved on its own. While my mind and body were in conflict with each other, I slowly turned around, and what I saw there was Lily, smiling even as tears of blood streamed down from her eyes.

「Oh? It seems that you have some difficulty controlling your body, allow me to help you just a bit.」

Saying so, an innumerable amount of “Binds” flew from her shadow, coiling every part of my body. I was then lifted up in the air like a marionette, and my body was moved beyond a human’s range of motion.

My neck was twisted 360 degrees, my shoulders popped out of their sockets, my palm was twisted round and round again. My hips bent, legs folded over and over themselves. Without any time to feel the pain, my body continues to be warped. As I screamed out loud, Lily, with an enraged expression,-

「Stay put!」

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-shouted so while swinging down her gigantic arm.



I woke up screaming. Feeling fear from such a realistic sense of death, my body wouldn’t stop shivering despite the fact that I’m already awake, and I couldn’t help but embrace myself.

Suddenly, I felt deja vu. It felt like I woke up exactly the same way before……

And as I thought so, the warm bed I was on suddenly became solid stone. Confused by what’s happening, I clapped my hands to call for a servant.

「You summoned us?」
「Even after you had us killed?」
「Ahaha, my face is completely gone!」
「Because of you, I don’t have my legs anymore.」

The people that entered through the door were the members of group A, lacking arms, legs, intestines, and the head beyond the lower jaw.


I rolled off the stone bed screaming. Unable to stand up, I tried to escape with only the strength of my arms, but something was on my back and I couldn’t move any further.

Having a bad premonition, I fearfully turned around.

「Did you really think that you could escape?」

What was there was the tiny dragon egg keeper, and Lily mounted on its back.

As I was frozen in fear, the tiny dragon’s large jaw drew closer and closer.



—Lily’s Perspective

「It just doesn’t get any better, huh.」
「Mn? Lily, did you say something?」
「Nope, I just thought that dreams are always pretty fleeting.」

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Urania tilt her head puzzled, but I don’t quite feel like explaining this to her

I’ll leave this boy’s fate aside for now, but regardless of what will happen to him, I’m going to have him pay for the sin of laying his hands on my Urania.


  1. Silva: fudging author always casually changing POV without mentioning who’s perspective it was!

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