Chapter 130 – Weekend Training Part One

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1160 words
Editor(s): Fire

In a blink of an eye, it’s now the weekend. In the end, there were no further schemes from Professor Herman, and Glen and Milt didn’t join our training sessions as well. These two should practice more on the magic power manipulation side of this; as their magic power is a bit out of control; but I can’t really force them since it’ll be meaningless if they don’t join in their own accord.

「Now then everyone; as announced previously, I would like to hold a field training session tomorrow at the forest behind the second women’s dorm. While participation isn’t required, there is no better training than live combat. Please feel free to join us and examine just how much you’ve personally improved this past week.」

Saying so, I invited everybody to participate. While Urania and I are a given, Tebby and Sola have already been through this training on the rest day of last weekend. As expected, first-years couldn’t get permission to enter dungeons, but since there’s a considerable variety of monsters in the forest, I’d like to put it to use as our current training area.

Still, since I plan to go in deeper, there’s not much time to utilize it after classes. If we head out right after the end of the class, it’ll be nightfall by the time we arrive at the forest. For that reason, we’re set to head out early in the morning during the rest day, and return before the sky turns dark.

「Thank you for gathering with us, everybody. While four students, unfortunately, couldn’t join us today, as I intend to hold these every weekend, hopefully, we’ll see them at another time. Now then, I will be dividing today’s 12 participants into different groups.」

There are thirteen people with me included, but this time I intend to go along with the group most worrying in terms of combat potential. After all, if an accident happens by any chance, I’ll just end up giving away material for criticism.

First, group A. The group that seems to be the least worrying of them all, consisting of Tebby, Urania, Sola, and Hermie.1 I’ve told Urania to use magic as much as possible, but she can act as a vanguard in case of emergencies, so there should be no problem. Although Hermie only joined recently, I have nothing to complain about her magic power manipulation. Her magic manipulation has somewhat improved with this week’s training.

Next is group B. They’re the students that are currently on the second stage, Aura daughter of yellow peer, Ethel fourth son of blue peer, and red folk born Kief and Kerry. Among the students that joined us early on last week, these excellent four are at the point where they should be able to advance to stage three sometime soon; and Kief and Kerry are both adventurers with the rank D. Since they have experience with fighting monsters, they should be able to pull along the two noble-born.

Lastly, group C which I will go along with. Joaquin son of blue peer and Liev daughter of yellow peer are mages2 as well as friends of Sola. Magnus son of blue peer and red folk born Mahara are members of the second prince faction that joined the training sessions together with Hermie. Mahara is an apprentice magician backed by Hermie’s family, the Ymleighrahna household. Despite the difference in family status, she’s similar to Urania and me.

「And so, the leader of group A shall be Mr. Tebby, group B’s shall be Mr. Kief, and group C’s shall be Miss Mahara. The leaders will be in charge this time, but please do not forget that you are in a position of responsibility.」
「Ah, umm…..」
「Yes, Miss Mahara. What is it?」
「B-being called miss is too much for someone like me! Wait, not that; will you not be the leader for group C, Miss Lily? 」

Normally, I should be the leader of group C, but that won’t serve them well as training. My role this time is to be an escort, I’m only coming along as a guardian. If I have to admit, I’m not really optimistic about this group.

「In general, I will not comment on the group’s course of action. I will give advice concerning magical techniques and such, but please plan your course of action by yourselves.」
「…… Understood.」

Mahara seemed to have something else to say, but upon seeing that I’m unlikely to change my opinion, she decided to back down. Naturally, I intend to get rid of high risks in advance and I also prepared some things to use in case of emergencies.

「I will be distributing these magical tools to the leaders of each group. In the event that your group encounters an issue that is beyond your means, please aim this to the sky and active it. I will immediately head to your location.」
「Lily…… Giving away yet another expensive magic tool so nonchalantly……3

Sola just said so, but I made this magical tool myself, so it’s not particularly expensive. The integrated use of 【Dream Fabrication】 makes it easy to prepare any parts I need. Naturally, I use proper materials for the outer portion so that it doesn’t break when dropped or so.

What I’ve prepared today is a flare. If fired towards the sky, it’ll launch a smoking “Light Ball” that’s visible from afar even in the daytime. Naturally, I made it so it’ll remain in the air for a long while and the smoke won’t immediately disappear unless there’s an extremely strong wind, so it’ll be easy to trace it.

Although the forest is vast, using a combination of “Levitation”, ”Move”, and ”Wind” magic, traveling from the edge of the forest to the opposite edge wouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. At worst, it’ll be three minutes while in Succubus form, but that’s the final option. I don’t want to risk being hunted as a monster, so I’ll need some sort of disguise as well.

「Now then, let us depart starting from group A. There is lunch being prepared, so we will gather back here again later. Est, Hans, I’ll entrust the camp set up to you.」
「「Of course! Understood!」」

While we headed out for the forest this time, I entrusted Est and Hans to prepare the meals and the resting area. Still, it’ll be difficult for only the two of them to prepare so much, so Sola, Tebby, and Hermie’s attendants are helping out as well.

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I’m going to have to thank them properly at a later time, won’t I? In the meantime, I hope they’ll enjoy the snacks I prepared while waiting for us.


  1. Lyly: Lol, team “all the firepower except for me”
  2. Silva: Mage? So they use magecraft and not magic?
  3. Lyly: Kek, value is subjective

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