Chapter 128 – The First Prince Faction’s Scheme

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1126 words
Editor(s): Fire

—Herman’s Perspective

After class hours, I was summoned for today’s incident at the training area and was harped on and on about the same complaint. Haah, it was these sorts of days when I would have loved to join Lily’s training, but I guessed Class D’s Professor Hender was trying to be tactful as he took my place instead. Geez, that’s unneeded tact.

「What the hell was that! Explain yourself!」
「That is why I’ve warned you before, that that thing’s magical technique is abnormal. And that challenging that from upfront is ill-advised.」
「And yet you still approved of it, didn’t you!? Since you approved of it, it’s your job to make sure it succeeds!」

To begin with, the only things I approved of was blocking Lily’s notification for this week’s curriculum, and handing her the blank magic tool. Everything other than that, including the cooperative effort with Hermie, were things that Young Master Glen insisted on doing on their own, so there was no logic in blaming me for that.

「Young Master Glen, in my humble opinion, I would advise against being hostile to that. Right now, there should still be a chance to mend our relations. However, if we show more hostility than we do now, it might cause them to seriously consider eliminating us. You are aware, aren’t you? If ever the House of Iglesio decides to eliminate a threat, even the Blue Peer household cannot survive without a scratch.」
「Shut up! It’s your job to do something about that, isn’t it! In the first place, your weak attitude is why that woman Hermie is getting over her head!! How long do you plan on letting the second prince faction just do as they want!」

Despite the fact that it was inevitable for the academy’s faculty to be swayed by the second prince for political circumstances, this young master here was blind to his surroundings. Last year a child of white peer joined Class A, and before that was a child of purple peer, but due to certain circumstances, the ones with the highest status in their faction this year would be this young master Glen of a blue peer household and Milt who was of equal status.

If we included all of the people in the faction, the prestigious Ormos household’s Lady Solarima had joined Class A as well, and she would have been a match to Hermie of the second prince faction. As the House of Ormos rarely took the stage to begin with, the original plan was to have her as the figurehead as she wasn’t suited for leadership.

However, who could have ever expected this situation, for her to be ensnared by the hitman hired by the Iglesio household. I had no clue how Lily managed to win over Lady Solarima. Considering how they were already acquainted by the opening ceremony, the House of Iglesio likely came in contact with the House of Ormos even before the class sorting examination.

The House of Iglesio probably weren’t satisfied with simply sending a red folk into the fray, so was no better ally than the Ormos family in that regard. If I were to put their connections as a sage in consideration, then the affiliation of the Bodwin family rising star, the singular fire attribute Teybert, with Lily was understandable.

Considering Teybert’s own status, he would have been the one more fit to be the leader of their group; but as the Bodwin household itself had expressed support for the second prince, they likely avoided this as giving direct assistance to the Iglesio household—a house that could possibly become hostile against their faction—would only invite unneeded confusion.

Publicly, it was likely that the House of Bodwin supported the second prince themselves while the child of their distant relative was merely making friends. The same with the House of Ormos. But in truth, this was an alliance faction between the first prince, second prince, and neutral faction. Among the faculty, the sentiments of supporting the alliance faction had been on the rise as of late.1

No, not only among faculty. The more perceptive students had already begun to notice it. Especially the neutral students that hadn’t chosen a faction yet, they surely hoped to join this alliance faction. As of now, since these students didn’t have any connection with Lily, they still had yet to be invited to join the alliance faction and the student council, but that was only a matter of time. By next month, every new student would have encountered her whether they liked it or not.

「Oi! Are you even listening! Herman!」
「I’m listening, young master. And so, what do you intend to do?」
「Humph, if we can’t win up front, then we’ll have to take her by surprise. Investigate what she’s doing!」
「Yes, yes, understood.」

That was quite a hasty conclusion. This was why pampered young children were so troublesome. For these children who had never experienced any great setback or opposition, the existence of individuals that they couldn’t control such as Lily was most irking above all else.

Come to think of it, Lily and her fellows hadn’t requested for the use of the training area during the holiday, have they? Despite the fact that they had requested the usage permit every day for these past two weeks, it was only on the holidays when they didn’t do so. Considering how diligent they were with their training, I was not convinced that they’d take a rest just because it was a holiday.

In that case, it was possible that they were conducting their training somewhere else. The academy was surrounded by a vast forest where monsters and magic beasts frequently appeared, and they did say that no training was better than field training, so perhaps they might be training in the forest. If that was the case……

「Young master, I don’t have any proof of this yet, but I’d like you to hear of this information.」
「What? Hum~ph…… Well isn’t that just perfect? Herman! Look it up by the end of the week!」

This might be the right time to back down. If this succeeded, then all was good; if this failed…… I’ll sell the young master’s information off. I should probably be able to secure a certain level of position in exchange for information from the opposing faction. Whichever way it went, there would be no damage to me. These young masters will have to be my stepping stone.


  1. Lyly: Man, I don’t know if he’s a conspiracy theory guy or just too big brain for this story

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