Chapter 126 – Boring Academy Life

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1434 words
Editor(s): Fire

Back in the past at Motsi, I was really thrilled when I heard about the academy, being that it’s a fantasy staple. After hearing the school environment from the members of “Fyne”, being coerced by the guildmaster, hearing the actual state of the academy from old man Kent at Gateskeep, and finally experiencing it myself; that feeling completely disappeared.

First of all, the classes. Magic Power Manipulation Training, Theory of Magic Construction; these might seem pretty exciting at first glance, but what they do in these classes is just plain boring!

In Theory of Magic Construction, we practically just listen to the professor’s prayer-ish murmurs, and then we’ll be given activity at the end of the class to check if we properly understood what was said earlier. Naturally, if you didn’t listen, there’s no way you could do the activity and as a result, the professor will then one-sidedly nag you about it; making it an unpopular class among the students.

As for Magic Power Manipulation Training, they just have the students sit on their desks and meditate endlessly. While it’s true that sensing magic power inside one’s body and moving the magic power from your right hand to the left and maintaining it there is an essential process; doing only that continuously for several hours can only be best described as pointless, and people can’t maintain their focus for that long.

I was so bored in class that I couldn’t stop myself from making a ball of magic power to play around with. I ended up being told off to refrain from doing things unrelated to the lecture and so, but when I told the professor that I’m still maintaining the supply of magic power in both my hands and the ball, he replied 「Then good.」 with a cramped expression and backed down. Maintaining this level of magic power control is something even Adan can keep doing for a whole day. The same goes for Urania.

These sorts of lessons are the core subjects. In the curriculum, each class will go through nothing but these core subjects for the first month and after that, these would be held only once a week while the rest of the class period would be allotted to the subjects relating to each attribute.

By the way, the subjects aren’t divided by hour like in my past life, but are divided into morning subject and afternoon subject, meaning there are two subjects a day. The subjects last for about three hours, from roughly 9 am to 12 pm for the morning subject and 1 pm to 4 pm for the afternoon one. The hour between them is the lunch break, and after 4 pm, we’re free to do what we want.

The other students generally seem to be busy with their make-believe social gatherings, but this time is when students can ask the professors about things they couldn’t understand during the lessons to deepen their understanding or, in our case, to get the permission to uses the training area and other facilities to practice and improve one’s magic or magecraft. It’s similar to after school extracurricular activities, but if you’re not a part of any faction, it seems like professors would refuse to teach you and reject requests to use the training area.

This past week, the four of us, five including Est who always prepares us tea and snacks after training, have gotten more people to join us in training; and currently, there are ten of us all in all. Based on Sola’s information, none of them are part of the first prince, the second prince, or the anti-monarchy faction. This is the result of us inviting red folk and yellow peer born sorcerers.

As we train them, we also invite them to join the student council. It’s just an invitation, we’re not forcing them into joining, and they’re allowed to participate in the training even if they don’t join the student council. After all, if we force them to join, we’ll be no different from the other factions.

With the student council’s establishment, I became the first student council president. Urania, by her own choice, is the general affairs officer; while Sola and Tebby are the public morals officers. The vice president, secretary, and other positions are currently open for recruitment.

The one miscalculation I made was expecting that all the new students will be automatically affiliated with the student council after its establishment, but then I was told that the admission to the student council and the establishment itself are two separate terms. It is my mistake for making a hasty conclusion without confirming it beforehand, so we’re currently inviting members through the hard way.

Incidentally, the ones having this large factional dispute, spanning not only this academy but the whole kingdom itself, are the factions of the first prince, the first in line for the throne, and the second prince, third in line. You may be wondering who’s the second in line, but that would be the first princess and she seems to be set on revoking her right to the throne.

The first prince faction as supported by the current king, is the largest faction within the country and, if I had to describe them, are on the conservative side. While they do naturally make an effort to reform whatever should be reformed, since things are relatively going well for the country so far, it seems that they are of the opinion that large-scale reformations are currently unnecessary.

In contrast, the second prince faction is of the opinion that the current state of the kingdom should be changed on a grand scale. They’re promoting the further development of magical technology that the Empire lacks, and are aiming to reinforce the kingdom’s military strength. Though they haven’t openly pushed for the militarization of the kingdom, since the only neighboring country is the Empire, with who they have amicable relations, there’s no other reason I can think of for why they’re planning to strengthen the military force.

However, the development of magical technology is something the academy and the sages are pretty familiar with, so the academy personnel that are under stress to secure research funds are currently backing the second prince. Though with that said, the only sages that have expressed their support for the second prince among the twelve are the sages of Gemini, the sage of Pisces, and the sage of Capricorn.

Lastly, the third faction is the anti-monarchy faction. Naturally, they don’t call themselves that. In this feudalistic country, loudly announcing that is practically lese-majeste and whether they get imprisoned or put to death, they wouldn’t have any right to complain.

Still, the reason they’re being called the anti-monarchy faction is that they are supporters of the Demon Lord.1 So about the Demon Lord that was defeated prior to the founding of this country, they claim that the legitimate ruler of this land is the Demon Lord, and that the Demon Lord is still alive and is only lying dormant somewhere in this country. While that does sound romantic, there’s no solid evidence of this centuries-long dormancy nor is there any proof that the Demon Lord is still alive.

Personally, I have nothing against them, but if the Demon Lord ever does revive, chaos is inevitable not only within the country but also with the neighboring Empire. Most of all, there’s no reason to forcefully destroy the peace we have right now. They’re free to think however they like, but it would be preferable if they just keep this in their own minds. Still, they’re not really large or organized enough to consider a proper faction, so it’s frankly fine to ignore them.

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Geez, this is a fantasy world with magic and all, and yet both school and politics are just plain troublesome. It’s honestly disappointing. We weren’t even welcomed by dragons dancing around the sky, or a headmaster making flowers bloom as he greeted the students; there aren’t any ever-changing stairs, any constantly looping corridors, any moving armor or even talking paintings.2

So well, with that said, I’m planning to do something about that as we invite more student council members. I’m finally in a magical school, but as it is now, it’s just plain boring.


  1. Lyly: Lordy loo. So we have the usual conservatives and progressives, and then we also have the demon worshippers. What a political landscape this is.
  2. Lyly: Lol, someone watched a lot of harry potter.

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