Chapter 110 – Chance Encounter with the Purple Peer’s Young Lady

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1489 words
Editor(s): Fire

「I already saw it from a distance, but seeing it up close it really looks all the bigger.」
「This is the largest—and oldest—architectural structure in the kingdom after all.」

Led by Ces, Urania and I came to the royal castle. We were given a free pass on the (social status) inspection at the castle gates, which really shows a glimpse of the power of his authority.

I first thought that the class sorting exam would be held at the academy, but ‌because the kingdom’s geographical area is vast, gathering all the students coming from everywhere for enrollment is difficult. So including the royal capital, ‌six major capitals conduct the same examinations.

The examination period lasts for a month. The exam can be taken anytime during this period, but I really stand out, so it’ll be best to do it earlier. This was Ces’ conclusion.

Our enrollment is actually already confirmed, so Urania and I are wearing the prescribed Aureitas Royal Magecraft Academy uniform. We are wearing a dark-red blazer over a white blouse and a white and red checkered skirt. I hear that the boys wear pants with the same pattern.

While I think it looks awfully conspicuous, the color white is limited to people of certain social status, so it can only be used sparingly and the color black isn’t particularly well-received, so they can’t use this too. And for academies that teach magecraft and magic, since it’s also risky if their uniforms don’t stand out to a certain extent, these commonly come in red or green.

Among those, the magecraft academy is, on paper, known to be a place where both nobles and commoners are equals in learning, so ‌they decided on using the red, signifying the red folk are the root of all social status. Still, they ‌allow customizations and there’s also no specification for the cloak. For that reason, Urania and I are wearing a white cloak, signifying that we are under the white peerage’s patronage.

「Oh, would you mind waiting for a while before starting the exam? I still have some work left, you see.」
「Sure, feel free to. Then where should we wait in the meantime?」
「Let’s see, without the contracts and your debut finished yet, you still can’t be allowed in the castle properly. Would you mind waiting around that area?」

Saying so, Ces led us to the flower bed in the rear garden. Seemingly for those wanting to admire the flower garden, there’s a lovely roofed bench and some tables there, so I guess they hold tea parties here?

「Understood. Then we’ll have a cup of tea as we wait here. Est, I’m counting on you.」
「Yes, milady.」

Est gladly agreed to my request and started preparing us tea. The portable stove, teapot, teacups, and tea leaves are all inside the storage-use magical item, so there is no longer a need for me to take them out of the 【Dream Storage】 myself. We have a wonderful variety of these useful magical items now, so my use of magic outside of combat has considerably lessened lately. Though in exchange, I’ve been using more magic in making magical items.

After seeing Ces leave for the castle, I enjoyed teatime with Urania. A variety of colorful flowers are in full bloom in this springtime garden and are very pleasing to the eyes. I wasn’t very knowledgeable on flowers while I was alive, so it’s a bit regrettable that I can only recognize a few flowers here.1

Seeing them with Urania and Est like this feels really fulfilling.
Spending time peacefully like this isn’t bad at all.

Being thoroughly prepared, Est even prepared us some snacks. Rather, I know I gave her that storage bag, but it really seems like it fits everything, doesn’t it? There’s just so much inside. Incidentally, today’s snacks are cookies. It’s from the main branch of the shop that sold the chocolate, and that crumbling texture as it enters my mouth is pretty fun.

「Excuse me? What might you be doing there?」

As we were enjoying the tea, snacks, and flowers, a voice came from behind me. Wondering who it is, I turned around and saw a fox-eared young lady wearing a red uniform similar to ours glaring directly at us.

「I haven’t seen you around here. Considering your uniforms, the two of you seem to have come here for the academy’s exam. However, red folk wearing white is unpardonable even within the academy grounds. Take that off at once!」
「………… Ha?」
「This garden is not a place red folk just can enter ‌willy-nilly. While you must be people invited by some noble, know a proper time and place for your little attendant play!」

Being suddenly commanded high-handedly, my brain spontaneously froze up. While it’s true that both Urania and I are red folks, since we are under the Iglesio household’s patronage, we wouldn’t be punished for wearing white color. Additionally, Est is officially treated as my personal attendant and while it was only short, she received proper lady education. There’s no reason that she can just call this a little attendant play.

「You’ve got some nerve. Are you perhaps ignoring me knowing that I am the lady heir to the Purple House of Ormos, Solarima Viola Ormos?」
「Please excuse my rudeness, Lady Solarima. I am a guest apprentice sorcerer of the White House of Iglesio, Lily. Similarly, the one beside me is also an apprentice sorcerer…」
「My… name… is Urania.」

As the other party introduced herself, we introduced ourselves as well. I introduced myself in this way to Arryte too, but since I’m employed by the Iglesio household, my position is that of a guest sorcerer. And since it’s necessary to first graduate from the academy before one can call themselves a proper sorcerer, I’m still an apprentice for now.

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「The White House of Iglesio? Think of a slightly better excuse for your lies! Don’t you know that the lady-heir-to-be of that household, Lady Adanalbus, is not even 10 years old? And a house guest? I’ve never heard of that house welcoming a sorcerer!」
「Even if you say so, it’s simply the truth.」

No matter how much I explained to her, the young lady in front of me wouldn’t believe what I say. Hmm, how can I explain……

「Are you finally ready to admit of your deceit?」
「Of course not, here, look.」

I handed Lady Solarima the official papers sent by the academy. This is the examination permit sent to everyone taking the exam, and it has the name of the examinee—naturally—and the name of the noble backing them written on it. Sure enough, my examination permit has my name and the White House of Iglesio written on it, so she should understand that I really am under the patronage of the White Peer’s household.

「No way…… really……?」
「Would you believe me now?」
「I-I’m very sorry for my discourtesy! I had no recollection of your faces, Lady Lily and Lady Urania…… I was certain that I’ve memorized all the high-standing daughters and the apprentice sorcerers, you see.」

I’m sure that Lady Solarima is diligent by nature. She seems to have an admiration and respect for those clad in white, and seeing what looks like some commoners wearing white for fun was unpardonable for her. And being in the impression that she was in the right, she hastily went on the attack.

「Lady Solarima, referring to us with titles is unnecessary. While we are under the patronage of the White peer, we are but red folks. For a lady of the purple peer call us that is beyond our status.」
「Then Lily, Urania, please refer to me as Sola as well. I would be absolutely restless if I was referred with a title by the guests of the white peer, you see.」
「Besides, the academy is, officially, a place where nobles and the red folk are equal in learning. There is no reason for us to be rebuked for calling each other by name.」

After being told that much, I can’t really decline. Besides, is this a first friend flag? Dog-eared Urania, cat-eared Adan, and now adding the fox-eared Sola… … Well, no? I’m absolutely devoted to Urania, you know? Just as a friend and all……

「In that case, I would be glad to do so, Sola.」
「Thank you, Lily.」
Nn, understood. Sola, friends.」
「Yes, we’re friends from today on, Urania.」

Since we’re here, I invited Sola to our tea time and so the three of us had a blooming girl’s talk until Ces arrived.


  1. Silva: well, this is the “other”world, will the flora in this world be the same as earth?
    Lilith: Most authors tend to ignore that fact. That she can recognize even a few is a miracle

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