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Chapter 108 – Arrival at the Royal Capital!

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1220 words
Editor(s): Fire

Four days have passed since we discovered that Est is a demi-spirit, we’ve finally reached the royal capital. Even with the Chasseur Dragons boasting great running speeds, it was still a 6-day journey. A normal horse-driven carriage would have taken us over 10 days. Considering how they practically halved our travel time, their speed really shines through.

Even after hearing that she’s a demi-spirit, which should be a relatively shocking discovery, Est didn’t have any particularly strong reaction to it. How can I say this? Since Est was a former slave, she doesn’t have much sense of self. While it might be something good as a servant, considering her own happiness, I just can’t help but worry about it.

Well, even if I think about it now, I don’t really have an answer for it. Besides, it’s also true that I’ll need her help during our stay at the academy, so I don’t have any plans on parting with her.

Speaking of Est, when I tried to show Arytte the black crystal I removed from Est, 「Gyaaaa!!!!」 she ran away from me with a terrible scream. She returned after I put it back into my 【Dream Storage】 but it seems that this black crystal has already turned into a curse.

「Magic power that has turned into curses are the only things we spirits can’t do anything about. That magic power can no longer be turned into mana, nor can it even return to nature. Just its mere existence can damage the surrounding area to no end. There’s no other choice but to seal it away…… In the world you have there, it seems like it has no way to escape, so just keep it there forever. Absolutely do not give in to temptation and touch it, you hear me!」

When I asked her for a detailed explanation for her screaming, this was what she said. I thought curses didn’t exist in this world since it wasn’t available to me through my 【Magic】 but it looks like they ‌do. I considered properly investigating this during my academy stay, but I probably shouldn’t do that‌.


「It was a comfortable trip. Oh spirit of travels, I give the greatest of gratitudes.」
「Wahahaha! Don’t sweat it!」

As we waited in line at the royal capital entry gate for nobles, we were seeing Arytte off. Since Arytte materialized, Hans held both of her hands and pressed them against his forehead, showing the greatest display of gratitude. I guess to a professional driver like Hans, the spirits of travels is an object of respect practically equal to a god.

Though according to Arytte, spirits of travels don’t ‌exist.

She says that spirits constantly travel around the world, converting magic power into mana. When magic or magecraft is cast, clusters of magic power are produced in the atmosphere, and if left alone, these would gradually grow bigger as they absorb the surrounding mana.

Spirits travel all over the world to search for these magic power clusters, but the lazy spirits, including Arytte, would move around with the use of human transportation, it seems. And since it’s annoying when the people they travel with encounter monsters and thieves on the way, the spirits help them avoid danger. So ‌the belief that being accompanied by the spirit of travels would ensure a safe trip isn’t wrong at all.

「You’re going to head to the academy after this, correct? I’m amazed that you even have the motivation to learn in such a boring place~」
「Well, it seems to be an obligation‌. Can’t really do anything much about it. Anyway, if it’s boring, then I plan to make things interesting.」

Arytte and I exchanged meaningful looks, showing off evil grins. After talking with Arytte, I’ve come up with more ideas on interesting magical items.

「Nn, Arytte, what about you?」
「Hm~ I wonder~」
「You’re just going to sneak in another carriage and munch on snacks again anyway, right?」
「How rude! I’m doing my work properly, you know!」

That’s true, Arytte didn’t just talk and munch on snacks during the trip. Once every two days, she would go somewhere to do her work. She likely turned magic power into mana as she did on that day.

「I’m joking. See you later, Arytte.」
「Right, let’s meet again sometime. Maybe even sometime soon.」
「Hmh~m! Later then!」

Leaving that suggestive remark, Arytte flies off. Arytte has work to do, and she also said that there’s another spirit in the royal capital, so she shouldn’t have any reason to stay there for long, but…….?

「Milady, thank you for waiting.」
「I don’t mind, let’s go then.」

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After finishing the luggage check and identity validation, we enter the capital. As one would expect from the royal capital, the liveliness of the people isn’t in any way inferior to that of Motsi or Gateskeep. Rather, it’s so lively that there were already food carts and stalls lined up outside the gates.

The noble’s district is on an elevation level higher than that of the common district and even higher than that is where the chalk-white castle stands. That large architectural structure standing at a place overlooking the whole capital serves as both the royalty’s dwelling and this country’s important government establishment.

Switching to 【Magic Sight】, I see even from afar that the castle is clearly enveloped by an enormous amount of magic power. Ces already told me about it, but both the academy and the royal castle are enveloped by enormous barriers to protect the structures from external enemies. It was a joint project by the original twelve sages and the founder king who defeated the Demon Lord, and nowadays, it’s maintained by a magical item that’s impossible to reproduce.

「Hey, good to see you here.」
「Thank you for your invitation, White Peer Iglesio.」
「Haha, I’m sorry to say this so soon, but I’m thinking of having you take the class sorting examination tomorrow. Will that be alright for you?」
「Of course, I don’t mind at all.」

After meeting Ces for the first time in a while, I greeted him with a lady’s etiquette since we’re in the secondary residence, and he informed me about our ‌plans. It looks like we don’t have any time to rest, but since I don’t feel too exhausted on this trip, it’s not a problem at all. Telling Hans to rest for the entire day, tomorrow I’ll be challenging the examination together with Est and Urania on tow.

While it’s called an examination, it’s just something to measure our capabilities. To begin with, this is a compulsory enrollment, so I can’t even fail. However, since I heard that there are many people that pretend they can use magic to gain entry, it’s a necessary measure.

What about Urania, you say? Among sorcerers, people that don’t need any supplementary catalysts, like me, Adan, and Ces, are rare, it seems. Depending on the person, staves or books would help in reinforcing their imagination and Urania’s Grimoire does something similar to that. Besides, I’ve already made it so only Urania can use that grimoire, and it’s already upgraded in various ways.

Is it cheating, you ask? Not if nobody finds out!


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