Chapter 56 – Gerald’s Advice

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: SirMetathyst & PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library

Shpeakin ov vitch, Ryli…1
「Are you talking or eating? Which is it?」
「So eating is more important, huh!?」

Gerald stopped talking mid-sentence and began to wolf down his food. We only offered him the soup, so as one would expect, it wasn’t enough. So he took out some black bread and soaked it in the soup, eating it deliciously.

What we are eating right now is the white bread from “Grey Cat’s Inn”. The price is a bit high, but I am very grateful to the owner for giving this to us as a farewell gift.

「Well, what is it?」
「Well it’s just, you two seem to have some business at Gateskeep, yeah? I missed the chance to ask yesterday.」
「Oh, right. Even though you kept talking nonstop yesterday, you haven’t really asked us anything, huh?
「Haha, stop it! You’re embarrassing me.」
「I’m not actually praising you, alright? Now then…」

Until what point is it fine to talk about it? Regarding the promotion exam, if you ask the adventurers in the city of Motsi, about 60% of them know about it. Somehow, we seem to have become quite famous due to the “Gale” case. So adventurers who don’t know “Little”, “Fyne” and “Grim” in the city have been said to be in the minority.

That’s why it’s generally known that I can use magic, unlike the fact that I’m a Succubus. The 30% of adventurers who venture into 『The Abyssal Forest』 or the people of the Empire won’t have that information and the last 10% just aren’t interested in us.

Another thing is the request introduced by the guild master. Excluding the contents, it’s probably better to tell him that we’re going for a request. He should have friends waiting for him at Gateskeep, but we can’t have him inviting us to a request for our food.

「Firstly, the Promotion Exam. I received a letter of recommendation for promotion to Rank-C.」
「That’s amazing! You’re going to be Rank-C at that young age? You guys barely look like an adult.」
「My age is a secret. Don’t try to probe a woman about their age.」
Haha, my bad, my bad. But how should I put it? I just don’t feel like you’re a woman though?」

I’m sorry okay, for being unladylike. In the first place, I’m still a man mentally but even I’ve been trying to be fashionable. I’ve even been trying my best to learn how to use make-up from the owner. I’ve become quite interested in it.

Well, there are still things that are more interesting (haha) to me, but I’m still not touching that yet. How should I put it? My alone time being short may be a factor as well, but there isn’t really much of that kind of urge inside of me. Once in a while, I may get turned on by Urania but with a light kiss and a small amount of sucking, the urge is subsided.

I can’t really say that I was like a monkey in heat in the past, but I did do it frequently. So it’s hard to tell if the lack of desire is due to age, gender or race. I don’t even know when or where I’m being peeped on by that Pig God or the angel, so it’s not a problem that my urge is light.

「So, that’s one thing. Is there still more?」
「Incidentally, I have received both a request and a referral. By the way, I’ll take this opportunity to say this but this is what we are really here for. Ah, don’t ask for the contents… As expected, that would be going too far, alright?」
「A request followed by a Rank-C promotion? I can’t say I’m not interested but it would be bad manners to press further.」
「I wonder?」

I don’t know, but I feel like this guy is the type to keep asking if you don’t warn him. Well, there is a little frivolous side to him, but his sense of distance is somewhat solid; so if you just warn him, he won’t overstep his boundaries.

Ah, right. A word of advice」
Hm? What?」
「Make sure you don’t let your guard down for the next two days, including tonight. They come out in this area.」
Ah, monsters?」
Nn, bandits too.」

I’ve heard about it from Urania. In the middle zone between Motsi and Gateskeep, there isn’t a dungeon nearby. But even so, there is still a fair amount of mana in the air. As you’d expect, it isn’t as dense as the one in the depths of the sacred mountain, but it is dense enough to be on par with the foot of the sacred mountain.

However, it is still enough for monsters to be born, and monsters appear around here. At the same time, it seems to be used as a hideout for bandits and the like; because of it being an intermediate zone between towns. Long-distance carriages are accompanied by several mercenaries in the form of escorts, but it is an adventurers’ job to protect themselves.

「Well, we are a pair of women, but we’re fine. We have countermeasures for that.」
Nh, Lily and I. Thought about it.」
「Was I worrying too much? Well, you are going to take Rank-C at that age, so I guess you should be capable enough. But don’t overestimate yourself, okay?」

Saying that, Gerald went back to his tent. It’s vaguely hard to decide if he’s a caring guy or if it’s just his way of giving thanks for the meal.

By the way, the countermeasures we were talking about are a variety of security goods made by my 【Dream Fabrication】. I had created a magic tool that creates a “Burn” by combining 【Dream Fabrication】 and 【Magic】 so I also tried to make various things in the same way.

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Naturally, what you make with 【Dream Fabrication】 will disappear if it breaks, but using that trait you can use it to create a sealing tool with 【Dream Fabrication】 and seal 【Magic】 inside. If the sealing tool breaks due to impact, the 【Magic】 inside will explode.

Besides that, I tried to make a lot of things. Since I took the ideas of Urania and asked for the opinions of “Fyne”, I am confident that I was able to make something quite good and even some really crazy stuff. It’s better if I don’t have to use them, but I honestly do want to give them a spin.

Ah~ah, can’t any bandits just get caught right now?2

  1. Speaking of which, Lily…
  2. Silva: That’s a flag and you know it.
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