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Chapter 8 – My Stomach Rang

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

I seem to have done something wrong, but that’s not the problem. It’s the injured guy. At this rate, it’s going to get pretty dangerous.

Due to me being reincarnated as a Succubus, I seem to be able to sense the Life Essence of living creatures now. This so-called Life Essence is necessary to stay alive, and it fills up under heightened emotions. Naturally, when thinking lewd thoughts, the Life Essence is practically leaking out. It’s as delicious as it can get at times like those. As I’ve only had encounters with men so far, I don’t really feel like trying some. Though that’s the main cause of my hunger right now.

And so, that guy’s life essence is steadily running out. It feels like it’s continuously leaking outwards. If he’s not healed immediately, he probably won’t last. I ran to him and examined his wounds.

「Ughh, were you stabbed by some crappy sword? There’s even rust all over it… Hmm, seems like the organs were damaged too huh. So healing the surface is probably useless. There’s the risk of infections too, so disinfection is going to be necessary huh. In that case… Umm, I ask, for the healing of the one before me… Uhhh… this doesn’t even really matter so just get healed already, dammit! “Heal” then “Cure”!!」1

Chanting’s too bothersome, so forget it! It’s fine! This is an emergency you know!? Then here I just need to hold my hands out. This action is pretty important, it makes imagining the target a lot easier, and most of all, it’s an easily understood action. If I just use magic standing still, the others wouldn’t get what I’m doing and would just end up getting confused, you see.

「…Good. With this, it’s probably fine now.」
「Grey!? Grey!!」
「Ngh…… Lysha… I’m……」
「Ahhh… Grey!!!」

……I ended up helping him, but he’s a got a girlfriend, huh. Should I have just left him be? No, just seeing them happy like this makes it worth the effort. To all the couples out there at places I can’t see, go explode.

「Thanks, we owe you our lives. Let me offer you my gratitude. My name’s Grimhart. The guy you just healed is called Grey, the one clinging to him’s Lysha. That exhausted guy over there is called Jarvis, and the one that’s still shocked behind him is Arisa.」

「No, well, it wasn’t really that… My name is… right, Lily. Yup, I’m Lily.」

As I was about name myself, I suddenly realized. My body’s Lily herself, but “I” am not Lily. Then who am I? Thinking about it for a bit, I realized that, since I’ll be living with this body from now on, my old name’s unnecessary. After all, a man’s name doesn’t really fit well with this beautiful body. Moreover, a Japanese name would feel out of place in this world. So in that case, from now on, in both name and reality, I’ll be living as Lily.

「Hmm, understood… Miss Lily. Once again, not only for saving us from this crisis, but also for saving my friend’s life, I offer you my gratitude. If possible, I’d like to offer a reward as thanks but unfortunately, we’re in the middle of a job so we don’t have any money at hand. If reach Motsi, then we have some savings over there but…」

「Just call me Lily. Being called like that by someone older than me makes me feel uneasy. Also, I don’t need a reward. We’re just helping each other in times of need, right?」

「Hmm… then I’ll do as you ask, Lily. Still, we won’t feel satisfied with just leaving it at this. Since you don’t want money, do you have any request?」

「Well, even if you ask me that….」

Hmm, it’s getting a bit troublesome now. Should I have just left immediately after helping them? Well, I finally found some decent people after all, so I’d like to get various information but… Well, leaving now looking cool and all sounds good too, right? Or so I thought, but I’ve made a critical miscalculation. That’s right. Up until now, I was enduring my hunger. I was able to somehow forget about it since there was an emergency, but now that the tension’s gone, it hit me all at once.

「Ah, hey!?」

And unable to endure my extreme hunger, I suddenly collapsed. And as I approached my limits, my stomach started to cry in discontent.


「S-sorry. Can I just, ask for a meal?」
「Y-yeah. By all means, help yourself.」

At this moment I realized, a cool stylish exit was impossible for me to do.

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  1. Silva: Kek… so much for chanting…

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