Chapter 46 – Now, to the Sacred Mountain!

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

The six of us climb the mountain without any particular problem. The Mages like me and Audrey for sure, but even Grimhart and Lysha, who can’t use Magecraft, doesn’t seem to be affected by the mountain’s dense Mana.

「Arisa dropping out was pretty surprising, but Grimhart, Lysha, are you two okay?」
「It’s just about guts if you ask me. Rather, Gray and Jarvis don’t have enough guts if they were knocked out by just this much.」
「Being able to somehow manage just by guts is weirder, you know? For me, the reason I’m fine is pretty simple. Even though I’m like this, I can use a bit of Life Magecraft. But I don’t quite have enough, so it’s pretty difficult for me to attack with it, though.」

It seems that Lysha can use Magecraft if it’s just the simpler spells. But since the amount of her MP is little, it seems that all she can do is either just make a cup’s worth of water or cause just enough of a breeze to dry her hair.

She probably has an affinity with Water and Wind Attribute, but unlike just causing a phenomenon, attacking with high killing power consumes quite the amount of MP.

Since just causing a slightly strong gust of wind in front of her had her running out of breath, it’s probably quite difficult for Lysha to cast attack Magecraft.

「Lucky you. No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t even use Life Magecraft.」
「Really, Jessica?」
「Yeah, I probably don’t have any talent for this stuff. Well, these days I earn enough to eat with this guy so I don’t really have any problems.」

Saying so, Jessica smiles while tapping the shield she has on her right hand. It seems that the reason Jessica is fine even after climbing the sacred mountain is because in the past she wanted to be a Mage, so she trained in controlling her internal MP.

Her difference with Urania is probably that, at that time, she was able to sense the MP inside her and was able to control it. But unfortunately, just like Lysha, the amount of her MP itself is quite little and, ignoring that fact that she can control it in her body, she probably hasn’t reached the point where she can release it outside the body to create a phenomenon.

In exchange, it seems that Jessica was able to use Physical Reinforcement, the use of internal MP to strengthen a part of the body when needed.

This Physical Reinforcement uses MP, but strictly speaking, it’s actually not a kind of Magecraft. Magecraft is the act of using the MP inside the body as a trigger in which Magic Circles or Magical Mediums are used as catalysts to manifest specific phenomena.

Other things that utilize MP are mostly referred to as Skills. My 【Lewd Dream】 and the beast-kin’s 【Beast Transformation】 probably fit here. By the way, 【Dream Fabrication】 is also a skill, but it’s a bit different. While it’s true that 【Lewd Dream】 uses up MP, it seems that 【Dream Fabrication】 doesn’t use MP at all.

For that reason, although Jessica can’t use Magecraft itself, since she can use Physical Reinforcement that uses up MP, she has no problems with controlling her internal MP and as a result, is able to move in the Mana-dense mountain without any problem.

「Still, explaining everything with guts is out of the question, don’t you think?」
「Yup, no way~」
「Absolutely no.」
「Yeah, that’s nonsense.」
「Please don’t talk Gray down because of some vague thing.」

Only Grimhart’s guts theory is an absolute no. Including me, there are five women here right now. In the first place, since the request this time is done by two groups completely composed of only women, “Fyne” and us “Little”, the gender ratio is leaning more on the women’s side.

Furthermore, two of our three precious men ended up being knocked out, so the only guy here right now is Grimhart.

Normally, this makes it look like a harem, but in reality Jessica is actually married and even has a child. Lysha is in a relationship with Gray, and I have Urania. Audrey and Bia aren’t married but I hear that they have a partner, so Grimhart doesn’t have a chance with anyone here.

Still, guts? Absolutely no. Even considering individual differences, people who never had any training in MP control should show some signs of influence. Saying you can solve that with just guts or something, Grimhart may be more of a musclehead than I thought.

「So, we’ve climbed up this far, but how is it?」
「Well~ For now I’ve found a place that’s unnaturally thin in Mana~」
「Yup~ In any other place, this would be normal, but~ we are at the sacred mountain, right~?」
「I see.」

Having an area thin in Mana on this sacred mountain that’s naturally dense in Mana should be impossible, more so at this altitude. It’s pretty obvious to see that the Mana at that place was converged into a Magic core and gave birth to a monster.

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The monster may no longer be in the area, but it’s highly possible for it to leave some traces behind. If we follow that, it might not be too hard to track the monster down.

「Now that it’s settled, why don’t we check it out?」
「Agreed ~」

Following Audrey’s lead, the six of us head for the place. There were a lot of monsters at the foot of the mountain, but the moment we climbed up, I haven’t seen that much anymore. There have been a few here and there, but all of them were stiff, like they’re afraid of something so they weren’t really much of a threat to us.

For that reason, without any hindering obstacles, we were able to reach our destination, the place that’s thin in Mana. And what awaited us there, were two eggs and four sets of footprints leaving the area.


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