Chapter 36 – VS “Eastern Tempest”

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

「I’m fine!」

Though Urania was blown away by Ning’s shield charge, I immediately used “Protect” Magic to reduce the impact. Without receiving much damage, Urania then kicked the wall, immediately closing in Ning, and after slipping through his shield, she swings her dagger.

However, to prevent that, Hang faced Urania and was about to swing down his sword, so I cast “Wall” to block it. Naturally, Tung shoots arrows at me, but I blow them all off towards the day after tomorrow with “Gust” Magic.

「Wha!? It’s too hard, dammit!」
「Just attack! If you keep on attacking, it should crack somewhere!」

The members of “Eastern Tempest” shouted like that, but my magic will never crack by that, you know?

Right now we, the “Little Fairies”, are in the middle of a mock battle with “Eastern Tempest”. Both of our parties are C Rank and they have one more person than us, but there aren’t any two-people parties so that really can’t be helped. It seems like they were chosen as our opponent because they were also a young party like ours. It hasn’t been a year since “Eastern Tempest” was formed.

After that, since they couldn’t break through my “Wall”, Urania’s dagger found its mark on Hang’s neck, it resulted in the Eastern Wind’s defeat. Naturally, since it’s just a mock battle, so even though I said that Hang’s neck got stabbed, it’s not for real.

This training area used for the mock battle has a few functions installed in it. One of them is pseudo-damage reproduction. This training area is divided into the audience area and the stadium, and by using Magic Power stored in Magic Cores in advance, they can turn the space inside the stadium into a special space.

And that special space is, so to speak, a mental world. When I entered inside it, I felt like my body got lighter for some reason, but it appears that the space is somewhat similar to my dream world. Naturally, since we’re inside a dream, no matter how much you get cut or stabbed there won’t be any damage to your body. But of course, it does tire you out mentally, so it seems like the limit is one-two battles a day.

As for me, this here feels more like my home ground after all, so I feel like I can go as many times as I want. Still, Urania is pure flesh and blood, so matching up and leaving it at one or two battles would probably be better.

「To think that a “Wall” spell could be controlled precisely to that extent…」
「Moreover, even though it was damaged that much, it didn’t crack at all. How did you that?」
「Nn~? By guts?」
「…… This is why geniuses are……」

Why. The reason I can use Magic 「by guts」 is most probably that Pig God’s favor, I guess. I do need to consciously focus on controlling it, but if I’m forced to say, it’s about the 「being more careful than usual when writing a resume」 level of focus. Instead, how do other people use Magic? If I learn that, then maybe my Magic techniques might have some improvement.

「Hmph, “Eastern Tempest” lost completely, huh.」
「How disappointing, really. Even though they’ve been participating in this exchange meeting for more than six months…」
「Not at all. Seeing that Casting Speed and Spell Control, they didn’t have much of a chance, you know. They can probably match up with us C, no, maybe even with a B or A rank party, don’t you think?」
「Urania’s speed was amazing. It’s unthinkable for a 『diseased』.」

From the audience seats, I can hear voices praising us and voices criticizing the “Eastern Tempest”. Rather, 『diseased』? First time I heard of that kind of term.

Up until now, Urania ran around with all her power, so even if it was just in her mind, she’s considerably tired so it seems like she didn’t hear that. For some reason, I really feel like it’s something that I shouldn’t ask her about, so I think I’ll try asking Arisa or Girmhart about this later.


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