Chapter 32 – And as soon as we came home?

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

Frankly, carrying five grown men is going to be bothersome. If possible, I’d like us to go until the exit and ask help from the guild’s staff, but it’s going to be a total loss for us if they get eaten before we arrive. There’s also the choice of having me or Urania to go call for assistance while the other stands guard, but especially dividing our party and exposing ourselves to danger just for these guys is out of the question.

And since they’re going to be crime slaves anyways, there’s no need to be considerate for them; so I decided to just tie them all up with a rope and cast “Levitation” on the rope itself. The way the ropes bite into their skin looks really painful, but I wonder what they’re 【dreaming】 about, they have a gross ecstatic smile.

「Haa… With this, we won’t get tired dragging them, but it’ll be annoying to encounter monsters on the way, huh.」
「Nn, no worries. I’ll find a route with no monsters.」

Urania puffs up her chest full of confidence. I feel relieved seeing that there seems to be no after-effect after sucking her Life Essence. As Urania said, we were able to reach 『The Abyssal Forest’s』 entrance without encountering a single monster.

The guild personnel stationed at the entrance was surprised, but we managed to hand them over without any problems. After that, we were given a metallic plate in exchange. The metal plate is engraved with a Spell Circle and it seems that it can be exchanged for money after the men we handed over are sold. In other words, it’s something like a claim tag, I guess. For now, I decided to just toss it in the 【Dream Storage】.


「Haa~ We’re finally back.」
「Nn, tired.」

It’s just been a day since we’ve left Motsi, but I really miss this place for some reason. I’ve been living in this town for just five days, but when I see this western gate, I really feel like I’m home. I pretty much only talk with the Gray Cat Inn’s owner, as well as the aunt and uncle at the shopping district, but it might not be an exaggeration to call this place my hometown of this world.

「Oi! The “Little Fairies” are home!!」
「Someone call the Master!!」

When presenting our Guild Cards to the gate sentry, the people around started to get noisy. Wait, “Little Fairies”, they mean us, right…? Eh? We just camped out a day and this happens!? We’re adventurers, right!? Don’t adventurers normally stay in Dungeons for days!?

Still confused, we went inside Motsi town and got surrounded by adventurers. Though I say that, from the feeling they give off, it’s pretty clear that they don’t mean to harm us. If I had to say, they look like they’re worried about us, I can even see some female adventurers tearing up.

It’s not as if we’ve done something big in Motsi Town, and we haven’t really had much interaction with other adventurers, so I really don’t get this situation. Why are they all so worried about us? Wait, maybe it’s just Urania they’re worried about? Thinking so, I stare at Urania, but she’s just as confused as me, so she probably doesn’t know too.

「Hey? Does this usually happen?」
「Nn, strange. Normally, this doesn’t happen.」

Just in case, I asked Urania about it, but as expected, it seems like she doesn’t have any idea about this as well. Well, though I said they’re surrounding us, they aren’t really blocking our way, instead, it even feels like they’re escorting us until the guild. It’s like, the way they’re treating us like this for not coming back for a day, is just like how a father would treat his daughter who broke the curfew for the first time, I guess?

Entering the guild, we were met by the Guild Master. He came to embrace me with an indescribable expression, so well, I reflexively avoided him. Driven by the excess momentum, the Guild Master ended up going straight to the adventurer behind me and embraced him really tight. It seemed like that brought him back to sanity, he faced towards us with a nonchalant look.

「Welcome home “Little Fairies.”」
「No, never mind that, what the heck is this about?」
「Well, that’s… I don’t exactly understand, but both of you not coming back even after the gate’s closing time caused a bit of an uproar, I guess?」
「No, I mean… why did that cause an uproar…」

According to the Guild Master, it seems like people still see us as children. It doesn’t matter if we’re skilled, we still look really young. Disregarding Urania, I was clearly looking around restlessly, looking really unused to everything, so it seems like everybody’s really worried while watching over us.

Though because Urania and I prioritize safety, we make sure to come home from the Dungeon every day, so eventually, everybody took their eyes off of us. And just when they started thinking that we won’t have any problems by ourselves, this incident happened.

When some adventurers went to search for us in the outer layer, they only found the earth gouged out and the signs of battle. Imagining that we may have been dragged into that, the adventurers who saw it got really pale, it seems. Moreover, they even saw arrows coated with poison scattered all over the place, so they realized that the members of “Gale Viper” illegally entered the Dungeon. Yeah, well, the gouged out ground was probably because of my “Burn”. Ignoring me, Urania properly dodged the arrows, so “Burn” probably blew the arrows away and they couldn’t recover it.

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「Haa… Well, “Gale Viper” really did cause us some problems, but we beautifully caught them this morning and handed them to a guild staff over there.」
「You had some problems?」
「Well… they caught us off guard while we had a little bit of trouble, but it was really no problem.」
「Nn, we properly, turned the tables.」
「I see, I see. Good job. Nevertheless, those idiots… Haa, good grief…」

The Guild Master scratches his head while letting out a sigh. Well, being a Guild Master probably brings with him a lot of unavoidable trouble. Thinking about that, I was suddenly hugged up from behind.

「Aaahhh~ Lily’s back!!!」

Somehow turning my head to look behind me, what greets me there is the regrettable beauty Arisa jostling me around.


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