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Chapter 24 – The Party Name’s Decided!?

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

The next day, same as yesterday, I ate the breakfast prepared by Inn Owner and head off to the guild. I’ve already gotten used to commuting from the “Gray Cat’s Inn” to the guild. The Owner prepared a lot for today’s breakfast. Honestly, when I first saw it, I can’t eat all of this! Is what I thought, but I was surprised at how unexpectedly easily I finished it all. This body, maybe it has really good metabolism…?

Entering the guild, I noticed that Urania already arrived. It seems like she’s having morning tea while waiting for me.

「Morning, I kept you waiting.」
「Nn, Morning. I didn’t wait that much.」
「What should we do for today?」
「Nn, let’s take a Subjugation or Hunting Request. Seeing how yesterday went, there’s no problem.」

There are four types of Requests. First of all, one where the objective is to exterminate dangerous Monsters specified by the Guild or the Kingdom, the Subjugation Request. One where the objective is to obtain Monster Materials requested by Merchants or Nobles, the Hunting Request. Similarly, one where the objective is to acquire medical herbs or valuable ores from dangerous places, the Collection Request. Other than those three is one that’s basically just doing odd jobs for the locals, the General Request.

The one we took yesterday was a Collection Request, while the Subjugation Designation was calculated in addition to that. If one were to ask for the difference between the Subjugation Request and the Subjugation Designation, they’re practically the same. It’s just that the Monsters to be exterminated in the Subjugation Requests are in most cases, really strong and have already done damage. If you think of the Subjugation Request as one with high urgency, and the Subjugation Designation as one where we eliminate the future threats, then that’s probably right.

Since we also had plans to go to 『The Abyssal Forest』 today, then it’ll probably be better to find a Hunting Request. It’s flooding with Monsters inside the Dungeons, but they fundamentally don’t go outside of it. They can eat anything but one of their foods is Mana. Since the Dungeon has dense Mana, they don’t have a reason to specially go outside, where the Mana is sparse.

That’s why, the Monsters inside Dungeons aren’t really that hungry, so they’re pretty docile compared to other Monsters. The Monsters outside usually suck the surrounding Mana dry during its formation. That’s why they’re frenzied, they’re really hungry and think of everything but themselves as food.

「Oh, how about this one?」
「Nn, looks good. The reward’s good too.」

The one I saw was a Hunting Request for a monster called Eleharze. Although the requested amount is five, which isn’t low by any means, the reward is fairly high, about as much as a three days stay at the “Gray Cat’s Inn” with breakfast and dinner provided. Currently I really eat a lot, but it’s still three days’ worth even with the amount that I eat. It’s a pretty good reward, don’t you think?

The Eleharze is, to put it simply, a horned rabbit. Its horn works really well for making antidotes, and its meat has a nutritional enhancement effect on the body. Since it has a pure white pelt, I’m told that it’s a popular material for bags and such. And from how they also ask for the bones, it’s a pretty nice Monster with nothing left unused. Since obviously there should be a Magic Stone in its body, that’s also going to be an additional reward.

「Alright then, shall we take this request?」
「Nn, let’s.」

And so we peel it off the request board and bring it to our usual reception desk. Today’s receptionist is also Petra.

「Ms. Petra, we’d like to accept a request.」
「I see, understood. It’s a Hunting Request today, is it?」
「Yeah, yesterday we’ve checked each other’s movements to some extent, so today will be going full strength.」
「Nn, we’ll do our best.」

Making a small fist pump in front of her chest, Urania seems to be pretty motivated. I’m pretty motivated too. Considering that it’s a party the Guild Master forcefully put together, we get along pretty well. I should probably thank him sometime.

「I see, then there’s no particular problem. The request limit is in three days, but if you’re going to the Abyssal Forest, then you’ll just be doing day trips, right?」
「That’s the plan. We’re bringing in food just in case, but as for camping inside the Dungeon…」
「We’re not, ready yet.」
「The most common cause of accidents for rookies are unprepared Dungeon camping. If you’re not ready yet, then make sure you come back by sundown even if you haven’t hunted enough, alright?」
「Roger tha~t.」
「Nn, understood」

Urania and I don’t plan on being hasty too. If we can’t do it, then we’ll just obediently go home for today. The distance to 『The Abyssal Forest』 is near enough for a day trip, after all, so if today’s no good, then see you tomorrow. We’ll just come back the next day.

「In that case, the acceptance of the request by the pair “Little Fairies” has been verified.」
「Nn? What did you say?」
「The acceptance of the request?」
「No, after that.」
「The pair “Little Fairies’”?」
「Yeah! That!! What’s that!?」
「Your party’s name…?」

No, we haven’t even decided on one. Wait, maybe Urania did? Thinking so, I turned to Urania, but she just stares at me and shakes her head. It seems like she doesn’t have any idea about this too.

「In the first place, we don’t remember ever giving a name when we formed the party yesterday, though…?」
「That’s strange. The document the Guild Master gave us definitely had “Little Fairies” written on it, but…?」

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Ah, I see. Come to think of it, when the Guild Master left he said something like 「The Party’s formation will be processed on our end」. So that time our party name was arbitrarily decided on too, huh. Screw your it’ll be processed on our end. I don’t plan on having such an embarrassing name, you know!?

「Urania, this is where we need to firmly object…」
「Not really, it’s fine.」

Isn’t it embarrassing? I implicitly asked. And although she hesitated a bit, Urania nodded firmly. If she’s fine with it, then I guess there’s no need to make a fuss over that. Well, the next time we meet, I’m giving him a smack, though.

「Umm, then is everything alright now?」
「It’s fine, please go on.」
「Alright, then once again. The acceptance of the request by the pair “Little Fairies” has been verified. In accordance with the guild regulations, please complete the request with all your power.」
「Right, understood.」
「Nn, we’ll do our best!」

And so we, the “Little Fairies”, although reluctant, have decided on our party name, accepted a new request, and head off to 『The Abyssal Forest』.


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