Chapter 59 – Final Trial

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Author: Tsunose Bun Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3024 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1541 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

The Dolm Gurin. A Magic Beast that resembled a boar but was twice as big. It possessed a thick coat of fur and sharp fangs on both ends of its mouth, which stored Mana.

The Danger Ranking ranking given to it by the Guild was Green Grade. It would be a difficult opponent to face one on one unless one had sufficient battle experience. When it was spotted in a populated area, it was suggested that the Adventurers’ Guild be contacted for assistance in eradicating it.

“A Dolm Gurin?”
“That’s right. Have you heard of them? You may have heard of them because they are numerous and well-known.”

Totoara spoke in a proud manner. Unfortunately for her, Merc was not only aware of them, but she’d fought them to the point that she couldn’t stomach them anymore.

Dolm Gurins, after all, were noted for their great fertility and for inhabiting mountain and forest areas. During the winters, when food was limited, they would frequently attack adjacent villages and crops, prompting pleas for adventures to subdue them.

Estert had of course participated in such activities numerous times.

Still, a Dolm Gurin. It’s easier than I expected.

Merc was feeling let-down, to say the least.

When compared to a Velche that was a Yellow-Green Grade, a Dolm Gurin was only a Green Grade, which meant that it was weaker. Of course, Merc knew that she should always keep her guard up during a fight, but she didn’t think that it would be that hard.

Regardless, this was still a test for people who wanted to be adventurers. It wasn’t like it was designed exclusively for Merc, who already had adventure experience. It was probably difficult enough for the other applicants.

“It’s fine. Just think of it as a big boar. There’s still time before we encounter it, so you can think of a strategy.”

Totoara spoke out to try and encourage Merc, most likely because she misunderstood her silence. Merc, on the other hand, simply smiled wryly.

“Are you going to help me Totoara?”
“Of course. I’m your assistant, it’s only natural that I’d help. But do you really need me? To be honest I don’t think you’ll have any problems even if I don’t intervene.”
“What a coincidence, I was thinking the exact same thing. And it would probably be hard for you to pierce the Dolm Gurin’s tough fur with your weapon. So just grab some popcorn and watch.”

The knife that Totoara had shown before was quite short and no matter how skilled Totoara was with it, she would probably have a hard time against the Dolm Gurin.

“Huh? Oh, that’s right! I did say that.”

Totoara gasped as though she recalled something.

“No, it’s nothing. This knife, it’s not actually a knife.”

Totoara said this as she pulled her weapon from beneath her clothes, exactly as she had done before. The weapon’s handle was a little broad, but it looked like a knife no matter how one looked at it.

“To tell you the truth, I’m not actually an assassin.”
“I knew that from the start…”

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After all, she had just revealed that she was an adventurer.

“You see, this thing can lengthen.”

Totoara’s knife grew to the size of a regular sword as soon as she said that. Its width and thickness increased as well, and the handle, which Merc had before thought was excessively large, now appeared to be quite normal.

“A Dungeon weapon?”
“That’s right. It’s called the Changing Sword1. Because having such a weapon would be odd for a simple examinee, I opted to disguise it as a knife. It’s quite useful.”

It worked in the same way as Elea’s Liquid-Ignition Spear did.
By supplying the weapon with her Mana, Totoara was able to freely change its size. She could fight effortlessly with it, whether in vast or narrow locations, without needing to carry many weapons. It would be difficult to utilize it in surprise attacks, but it was still a valuable weapon.

“Is it really okay to show me this? If we end up fighting, I probably would like to get my hands on that sword.”
“That’s not a problem. I don’t believe you’ll just abandon the exam because of this sword. And it’s not like I’ve ever thought of fighting you, nor do I think I will. Is that only me?”
“N-No, I don’t plan on fighting you as well.”
“Then there’s nothing to worry about. You’re constantly overthinking stuff like this, Merc.”
“Am I really…”

Merc, on the other hand, thought Totoara was the one who wasn’t giving things enough attention; nevertheless, this was most likely owing to their different lifestyles.

Merc couldn’t live the same upbeat lifestyle as Totoara, but she respected it anyway.

“So, what do you want me to do, should I help you fight the Dolm Gurin, or not?”
“Hm… I’d rather you just watch. I’m aspiring to be a Healer, but not just any Healer. I want to become a Healer that can fight. And I can’t become one if I can’t take down a single Dolm Gurin by myself, now, can I?”
“Hmph… I see. I see.”

Totoara nodded.

“What is it?”
“It’s just that, despite being a Healer candidate, I’ve always felt you were really good at fighting. I had no idea you were a fan of the Saintess.”
“What? The Saintess… Oh, you mean Iriem?”

Merc said casually, which piqued Totoara’s curiosity.

“Oh my. It is impolite not to address her properly. But I guess you just feel really close to her, right?”
“Close, huh…”

Well we were in the same party, of course I’d feel close to her.

However, she couldn’t tell Totoara that. After all, if Merc did that, Totoara would most certainly misinterpret something.

Come to think of it, she was quite strong despite being a Healer. I see. So, people aspiring to be Healers capable of combat are now perceived as Iriem wannabes.

Merc didn’t like seeing herself in that light, but it was unavoidable.

If the name of the person who pioneered something was well-known, everyone who came after him would be considered his wannabe. This was an inevitable human psychology.

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It was akin to how Foldia was said to be the Hero’s successor. If Merc accomplished a great deal, she would most likely be seen as the Saintess’s successor.

Which would eventually lead to people comparing the Hero with Jonahim and the Saintess with Merc. It was unavoidable, and Merc was well aware of it. However, she was having a hard time accepting it.

Well, I guess it’s fine. I’m confident that no one will compare me to Iriem.

As she remembered Iriem’s laid-back and smug demeanor, Merc made up her mind. Aside from that, Merc couldn’t deny that Iriem’s face, which she hadn’t thought of in a long time, was as lovely as ever.

After walking for some time, Merc and Totoara decided to take a break around noon. Something piqued Merc’s interest at that moment. She became aware of the Mana of something approaching them.

“Totoara, am I taking the final trial here?”
“No. It’s close, but it’s a bit further away. So, relax and… Something’s coming!”

Totoara spoke up, having noticed the presence a little later than Merc. She immediately stood up and faced towards the direction of the incoming presence.

She also reached into her pocket and pulled out a little stone at the same time. It was the Transmission Magic Stone which Merc had seen last night.

“It’s me. If it’s nothing then call me later, but there’s something heading towards us right now.”

Even Merc, who was standing nearby, struggled to hear the voice from the magic stone, and Totoara scowled and tilted her head.

“What? Are you running? You sound like you’re out of breath. Is the Dolm Gurin coming towards us?! Hey! Answer…”
“RUN! We have an uninvited guest!”

Totoara dropped the Magic Stone after hearing the man’s scream.

In the next moment a boar appeared in front of Merc and Totoara. It was unmistakably a Dolm Gurin, as shown by the two mana filled tusks at either end of its mouth.

The Dolm Gurin was rushing towards both girls with all of its might. It didn’t appear, however, that its goal was to harm Merc and Totoara. 

Rather, it was running. It was running from the monster that was chasing it.

“W-What in the world is that?!”

Totoara mumbled as she stared forward, not even attempting to pick up the Magic Stone, or more rather, not being able to do so. However, no one could blame her.

After all, behind the Dolm Gurin, an enormous snake-like Magic Beast, twice the size of a Dolm Gurin, was advancing and sweeping the ground.

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“A Guran (Earth Dragon)? It’s odd to see one here.”

Merc took a step forward, leaving Totoara behind her, after confirming the monster’s identity. She then used hardened mana and wrapped her entire body as well as her wooden stick.

It’ll be my first time fighting one alone. Regardless, I suppose I’ll go all out.

After finally being given a proper challenge for the final trial, Merc grinned maniacally as her pulse soared.


  1. (TL/N: The literal translation of this would be Expansion and Contraction Sword, however, that just sounds way too cheesy and way too long, so I decided to change it completely to Changing Sword. If you have any better ideas, I’m all ears :D )

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