Chapter 47 – Travel Companion

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Author: Tsunose Bun Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3024 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1178 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Merc sensed a presence skillfully hiding itself behind her after leaving the Adventurer’s Guild, but she chose to ignore it because she felt no animosity and was aware of its identity.

Rather, she chose to make getting to the designated location on time a priority.

Merc would have preferred to leave for Logholt right away since she didn’t have enough time, but she had to first make preparations for her voyage.
Merc discovered that there were various places along the route where she could get water after studying the map. The map, on the other hand, had come from none other than the dubious Brega. Since Merc wasn’t sure how much she could trust it she decided it would be better to at least prepare some water.
When it came to food, she felt confident that she would come across some along the way. Merc was quite used to hunting after all.

“Is the exam already over?”

As Merc reached the Pavilion of the Esteemed Sword Saint, Luzei welcomed her with a puzzled look. Her shock was understandable. Given that it had only been half an hour since Merc had departed.
She should have taken a little longer to return, no matter how simple the exam was.

“No. They changed the venue. I apologize, but I’ll need to leave this city as soon as possible. I’ll immediately pay for the nights I’ve stayed… Could I also ask you to get some water for me?”

Merc said this as she took three silver coins from her pocket to pay for her room. Luzei was taken aback when she heard Merc’s explanation.

“That must’ve been shocking. I don’t mind getting the water for you, but this money is too much.”
“It doesn’t matter, just take it. You’ve done a lot for me so I want to pay you back.”

From the moment she walked into the inn, Merc had determined to give Luzei this much. That was because Merc knew this was the most Luzei would actually accept.

Luzei ultimately gave up as Merc forced the money into her hands, saying, “O-Okay…”

Ultimately, this is for my own ego’s sake… Even so, I’m sure Estert would have liked to give you even more.

Merc thought as she watched Luzei prepare the water for her.

If Estert was still alive he would have certainly blessed Luzei and Binard’s marriage. Even though he would have teased them about their age gap, he would have joined his buddies in celebrating their happy occasion. The money Merc had provided Luzei was largely for the purpose of paying off old debts. It was largely a way for Merc to appease her ego and relieve the load she had been carrying from not being able to thank them for their care all this time.

“Oh, Merc. Didn’t you go already?”

Jonahim appeared out of nowhere, a little surprised, just as Merc was sorting through her emotions. His surprise grew as he shifted his gaze to the clock on the wall.

“It’s already past 8 o’clock! Did you oversleep?”
“I’m not Elea, and I wouldn’t do something like that. They changed the day and the place of the exam. I have one week to get to Logholt.”
“Logholt? One week to get to Logholt huh… The Guild really has a knack for making things difficult.”

Jonahim said after thinking over Merc’s words. He then gave Merc a sympathetic look and stated,

“It seems like this exam is a hit.”
“A hit? What is that?”
“This is just a rumor, but it appears that the Guild occasionally makes the exam unreasonably difficult.”
“What? Just what does that mean?”

Luka had previously informed Merc that the exam was different each time. This was, however, the first time she’d heard about the difficulty changing.

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“When the number of active adventurers exceeds a particular threshold, the Guild allegedly makes the exam extremely difficult in order to purposely fail all of the examinees. This rumor originates from those who have taken the exam multiple times and have noticed the difficulty level shift from easy to difficult.”
“What the… Then isn’t passing the exam mostly based on luck then?”
“You could say that. This is why the difficult exam is referred to as a hit, primarily to mock them. However, as I already stated, this is only a rumor. I haven’t experienced it myself and the exam is well-known for its difficulty. The rumor may have originated from people who had struggled but ultimately failed to pass the exam.”

Merc believed it was feasible despite Jonahim’s claim that it was simply a rumor.
The conditions of this time’s exam made sense when she considered that the Guild had no intention of allowing anyone to pass. On the other hand, they had gone to great lengths to prepare the Belball carriage, so she couldn’t be completely certain at this point in time.

That thread of hope, in and of itself, is suspicious.

Given that the exam was being led by the dubious Brega, Merc believed it was highly possible that the Guild had really purposefully upped the difficulty.

While Merc was contemplating the exam, Jonahim suddenly said, “Still, Logholt huh… Want me to come with you?”
“Huh? How did you come up with that?”

Merc responded with a stunned face, obviously taken aback by Jonahim’s statement.

“Blazing Impact managed to rise up to Grade 2 because we completed that mission in the elf village, didn’t we? As a result, we all agreed to take a break from our regular activities. Which leaves me quite free.”
“Even if you say that… To begin with, what good is it for me to take the exam with a full-fledged adventurer by my side? Furthermore, you’re Grade 2, Grade 2! What are you? An overprotective mother?”

I’ll attract even more attention if he joins me…

In the previous few days, Merc had painfully realized just how well Jonahim and the others were acknowledged, respected, and idolized. If she traveled with him again, she was certain that she would have to deal with annoying stuff.

However, the thing that kept Merc from accepting Jonahim’s offer was…

Elea will definitely take my head while I’m sleeping…

Merc shook simply thinking about Elea’s Liquid-Ignition Spear piercing her.
Merc, of course, had no intention of giving up without a fight, but she was well aware that maidens in love could be quite terrifying. If you asked Merc if she still wanted to travel with Jonahim despite the fact that she would be bringing such an adversary upon herself, she would firmly decline.

“Still, if you’re alone for a week, you’ll probably get bored. It’s better to have a travel buddy.”
“A travel companion huh…”

As Jonahim mentioned, Merc became lost in thought, and she then said, “You’re right.”


Merc pushed her palm forward and interrupted Jonahim just as he began to speak with a wide smile.

“It’s fine, I already have someone in mind1. There’s no need for you to come.”

Merc stated her position firmly.

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