Chapter 67 – Dorus Gai and Dorum Gai

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Author: Tsunose Bun Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3024 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1252 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

You’ve got to be kidding me… Why are there Orange Grades here?!

Merc thought as she fixed her gaze on the Gai who were staring at her. They were blocking the stairway by standing on both sides of it. Both of these Magic Beasts were not intended to be in this Dungeon.

Both the Dorus Gai (Violent Gai) and the Dorum Gai (Sturdy Gai) were Orange Grade, the same as the Ghezo Velche.

Both of these monsters were not expected to appear in this Dungeon, which was solely known for containing Gai of the Green Grade. Merc, on the other hand, had to promptly notify the Guild that high-ranking Magic Beasts had appeared, so that the Guild could notify those who were preparing to tackle the Dungeon.

There would undoubtedly be casualties if anyone entered carelessly with the goal of putting themselves to the test. Merc was still debating whether or not she should turn around and report to the man outside the Dungeon.

She did, however, notice something at that moment.

Why aren’t they attacking me?

She was already near enough to both of them that they could see each other. Regardless, the Gai remained still.

The Dorum Gai was a Magic Beast with a large horn protruding from its brow and blue skin that was as durable as armor. It was an intelligent Magic Beast, and Merc could see why it hadn’t attacked her.

She was puzzled, however, as to why the Dorus Gai, which stood directly next to the Dorum Gai, had not yet attacked her. The Dorus Gai’s skin was a deeper red than a Gai’s, and they were noted for their overpowering physical strength, as well as sharp fangs and claws.

Their most distinguishing feature, though, was their savagery.

They would fight anybody who came into their domain, no matter how strong or weak they were, or even if they were of the same species. They’d then battle until one side was entirely destroyed.

It seemed unbelievable that the Dorus Gai had not yet attacked Merc. Normally, the moment their gazes met, it would have charged right at her.

Merc decided to get a little closer to figure out what was going on. As she did so, the Dorum Gai, which stood at one side of the stairway, held its sword forward, as if to block the path leading down. The Dorus Gai immediately followed after it. They were obviously hinting that no one would be permitted to enter the fifth floor. Their actions gave the impression that they were being commanded by someone.

What are those swords? All of the swords in this Dungeon should be long gone… And from what I can tell, they look like any other sword you’d see in a shop. Wait… Just what is going on here?!

The scenario felt weird no matter how Merc looked at it.

Merc assumed that Astard was the one who had ordered these Gai to guard the fifth floor’s entrance based on everything she’d observed up to this point. The fact that the Gai were using store-bought swords, and that the Weapon Shop’s boss had told her that Astard had purchased weapons from him, only added to her conviction.

Is Astard really the one behind this? No, that’s impossible!

Merc, though, dismissed her idea right away. That was because someone commanding an Orange Grade was unfathomable.

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It was no lie that Astard was renowned as the Great Sage and was a master of magic. He would certainly be able to control a monster of the Green Grade, such as a Gai.

However, commanding an Orange Grade, the second highest Grade in the Guild’s Danger Ranking, was not something that anybody could accomplish.

To be able to control a Magic Beast, even a master magician would have to be several times stronger than it. Which meant that Astard would have to be several times stronger than an Orange Grade Magic Beast.

Realistically speaking, one would have to be able to take down a Falgaro by himself in order to command an Orange Grade. Just by looking at this comparison, one could tell how ludicrous the idea was1.

In that case, if Astard isn’t the one commanding them then who is it?! I can’t figure it out!

Despite their menacing appearance, the Magic Beasts did not attack. This was a complete departure from their customary demeanors. Merc could only assume they were being commanded by someone.

Should I attack them?

In any event, she wouldn’t learn anything by doing nothing. Astard was almost guaranteed to be on this floor, so all Merc had to do was meet him and ask him.

After all, the Magic Beasts wouldn’t simply let Merc pass.

Merc applied Mana Hardening on her body and walked to the stairway’s entrance, which was guarded by the two Gai. She then leaped forward, releasing Mana from the soles of her feet.

As Merc did so, one of the two Gai, the Dorum Gai, which had blue skin and had been defending the entrance with its sword, moved quickly and took a position in front of it.


Merc immediately took out her wooden stick and coated it with Mana before swinging it down at the Dorum Gai’s head. The Dorum Gai instantly retaliated with its sword, attempting to block the strike. Nevertheless, its sword was shattered by Merc’s stick.

“Eat this!”

After witnessing the shattered blade fly away out of the corner of her eye, Merc shouted as she continued her attack. The Dorum Gai, on the other hand, used its left arm to intercept Merc’s stick.

A loud noise could be heard, but the Dorum Gai’s hand did not break. Despite Merc’s attack, the Dorum Gai exhibited no indications of agitation and just prepared to respond with its right fist.


After seeing the attack Merc quickly jumped backwards. Given the Dorum Gai’s ability to stop her Mana Hardening-coated stick, it was likely that its strike could also break through the Mana Hardening covering her body if she got the hit square in the face. Rather, it was certain that it would break through it.

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“It’s tough. There’s no mistaking it… That’s a real Dorum Gai all right3!”

Merc was sure after the first exchange that the Magic Beast in front of her was a genuine Dorum Gai. Her doubts that it might have been a weaker Magic Beast disguised as a Dorum Gai were wiped away. Given the Mana she’d felt from it, her doubts weren’t all that strong in the first place.

This means that I’ll have to fight two Orange Grades by myself huh… This is going to be tough.

Merc had never done anything like this before, even in her previous life. She had only slain one Ghezo Velche by herself before, and she’d been in a party every time she’d confronted a powerful foe in the past. It was undoubtedly her first time alone against two Orange Grades. Nonetheless, Merc chuckled at the thought.

Hah! This is fun! It’s a perfect chance to see how strong I am now. I’ll be going all out!

Even after Merc withdrew from her attack, the Dorus Gai and the Dorum Gai didn’t attack and just maintained their position. Surprisingly, Merc didn’t detect any bloodlust from either of them. Nonetheless, she would almost certainly be slaughtered if she went in half-heartedly because of this.

Merc pulled out the sword she’d purchased from the Weapon Shop and readied it next to her wooden stick4.


  1. Robinxen: Not entirely… maybe the key to OPness was unlocked in your time being an elf child.
  2. Robinxen: Subtle.
  3. Robinxen: Okay fair, checking if it’s an illusion is a sound thought process.
  4. Robinxen: Kirito mode, turn on!

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