Chapter 63 – Logholt’s Weapon Shop

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Author: Tsunose Bun Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3024 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1352 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“What are you doing after this, Merc?”

Totoara rose after finishing her meal and inquired, her dimples visible in her smile.

“I’m not sure…”
“You haven’t decided on anything? Then how about joining me to the Guild? I’ll introduce you to my party while we’re at it.”
“Um… I think I’ll pass. I remembered that there’s something that I must do.”
“Hm? What is that?”

Merc put her hand on the wooden stick dangling around her waist as Totoara asked.

“I think it’s time I finally change this fella.”

It was right at this corner, right?

Merc was heading to a Weapon Shop that Totoara had pointed her to after saying their goodbyes at the inn. Merc’s purpose was, of course, to buy an iron sword. She hadn’t intended to buy a weapon in this city and intended to use her wooden stick until it broke.

The Guran had utterly crushed Merc’s belief that as long as she covered her wooden stick in Mana, it wouldn’t be inferior to any weapon purchased in a store.

Her wooden stick had failed to pierce through the Guran, who had emerged as the final challenge of the adventurer exam. It had barely managed to scrape its scales, never mind inflicting a wound.
The Guran internals, which were protected by its scales, had undoubtedly sustained a great deal of damage as a result of the wooden stick’s strikes. But, if Merc had trouble defeating a Guran, what did it suggest for opponents with tougher scales, skin, or thick fur? She would likely be put in a difficult situation.

Merc couldn’t turn a blind eye to that.

Even if it’s a sword from a regular store, as long as I cover it with Mana, my effectiveness should improve.

Merc pondered as she made her way to the Weapon Shop. As she walked something strange caught her attention.

“Hm? What in the… Why is this everywhere? That store too…”

Even though it was still early in the morning, the streets were bustling with people. Logholt, like Ende, lived up to its reputation as a major city.

The odd scenery that was emerging in front of her was the reason Merc had spoken what she had.

Similar flags hung from restaurants, general stores, and even clothing stores. When one took a closer look at them, they appeared to be virtually identical.

The Great Sage Buys Here!
Great Review by the Great Sage!!
The Great Sage For President!!!

“What in the… Is this a new religion or something?”

What Merc was seeing astounded her.

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The Great Sage to whom all the flags alluded was most likely Astard, one of the Four Heroes. Which meant that Astard likely did shopping here. Was he really such a laid-back fellow?

The Kingdom of Sphinia, located northeast of the Lezau Duchy, was Astard’s home. Astard shouldn’t normally be involved with the Lezau Duchy’s City, thus Merc was taken aback by the current scenario.

It was far too extravagant for the flags to be a ruse to attract consumers, and if they were, it would only negatively impact business. There was no chance that so many of the stores here didn’t know that, Merc reasoned.

Furthermore, the people who came in and out of these establishments seemed completely unconcerned by the flags. They were going about their business as usual, paying no attention to them.

It was an odd sight to behold.

Oh well, no point in thinking about it.

Even though she was taken aback by this, Merc chose to ignore it and proceed to the store Totoara had recommended.

Even if Astard had arrived here, he would have most likely departed by now. He’s not the sort to linger in a place with which he has no business with.

Merc thought as she approached the Weapon Shop.

“Huh? Here as well?!”

Merc shouted as she noticed a flag placed on the right side of the entrance to the Weapon Shop.

“‘The Great Sage Buys Here’? No, no. This is going overboard. He’s a mage. Why would he need a weapon?! And it’s not like Weapon Shops sell wands…”

Weapons and equipment for swordsmen and warriors were normally sold in separate stores from those for magicians. Equipment for magicians could be found in stores known as Magic Shops.

Merc had even visited major weapon stores in her previous life, but she had never seen one offer hats or cloaks for magicians. It seemed obvious that Weapon Shops and Magic Shops were distinct.

Astard couldn’t possibly have bought anything here.

“Hm? Are you a customer? If you’re one, then hurry up and go inside. You’re getting in the way by staying here.”
“Ah! I’m sorry.”

Merc, whose attention had been drawn entirely to the flag, abruptly turned around and apologized to the person who had spoken to her.

After Merc apologized to him, the middle-aged man who had called out to her spoke up, “Oh… My bad. How silly of me. There’s no way such a beauty would be a customer.”

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He didn’t seem to think Merc could be a customer based on her appearance. Merc, on the other hand, simply put her hand at her wooden stick showing it to him.

“Do you work here? I want to replace this one with a proper sword. Could I have you show me around the inside?”
“What? So, you’re really a customer? A replacement for this one huh… Well come on in, I’ll see what we can do.”

After inspecting Merc’s wooden stick, the man gestured for her to enter the shop.

When he entered, the man took a glance around before calling out to the young lad working at the counter.

“Have there been any customers, boy?”
“Welcome back, boss. No, nothing. There were some that looked at the goods, but I wouldn’t go as far as calling them customers.”
“I see. Well, it’s still early. Boy, go ahead and help this missy find a sword.”
“Huh? M-Me? You’re asking me to find a sword for this miss?”
“That’s right. She’s apparently finally giving up on her wooden stick, so come and help her.”

The young boy emerged from behind the counter when the man, who seemed to be the shop’s owner, said that.

When Merc saw the boy, she unconsciously smiled.

“Boss, there’s no need. I can pick a sword myself.”
“Don’t be stupid. What does a kid, who’s only swung a wooden stick up until now, know about swords? Weight, length, materials… There’s a lot of things you need to consider when buying a sword. And when I say weight, I don’t just mean the sword’s weight as a whole. The weight of the sword’s blade and handle should be perfectly balanced. You’ll be the one being swung about by the sword, not the other way around, even if the weight is slightly wrong. That also applies to its length. The length of a sword’s blade and handle can greatly impact how a battle unfolds…”
“Thank you for the information, but, despite my appearance, I’ve been wielding a sword for quite some time. I won’t struggle finding one myself.”

Merc said firmly, interrupting the shop’s owner, who had been speaking so proudly.

The boss got slightly irritated when his lecture was interrupted.

“You say you’ve swung a sword for a long time, but it can’t be any more than five years. Just how old are you?”
“I’m 14.”

The boy was the first to respond in disbelief. However, as the shop’s boss glared at him, he quickly shut his mouth.

The shop’s boss crossed his arms and glanced down at Merc after glaring at the youngster.

“Hmph! If you’re 14, you’ve only had one or two years with a sword, let alone ten. Just how in the world is a young missy such as you going to find a sword?”
“Easy. By swinging one.”

Merc’s simple reply stunned the shop’s owner. When the shop’s owner noticed the light in Merc’s eyes, he just smiled and replied,

“Interesting. Have it your way then.”

With that he gave Merc his approval.


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