Chapter 22 – Inside the Wolf’s Mouth

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Author: Tsunose Bun Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3024 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1019 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

When one thought about it, it really was strange.

The Cave of Horror had emitted an unmistakably dense layer of Mana. And the owner of that Mana had certainly been a Ghezo Velche.
The Ghezo Velche, however, had dropped from the skies on the group not long after they had arrived at the cave’s area. When one considered it, it had left far too few indications as it moved from the cave to the sky.

After all, unlike when descending a slope, the Ghezo Velche would have to fly using its wings. The Ghezo Velche’s wings, on the other hand, were formed of Mana. They would undoubtedly consume Mana with each flap. This would indicate that the magician Luka, as well as Merc, who was sensitive to the presence of Mana, would be unable to miss it.

As a result, the group determined that there were two Ghezo Velche to begin with.

While the first attracted Jonahim and the other’s attention to the Cave of Horror, the other attacked them. Even if the second Ghezo Velche’s attack failed, the first Ghezo Velche would seize the opportunity to attack the group while their guards were down.

It was difficult to think that Magic Beasts could devise such a plan, but the Magic Beasts in question were none other than the Ghezo Velche, which were renowned for their ability to command a group. This was perhaps the most logical strategy for the Ghezo Velche.

The true issue arose from the adventurers’ party and Merc’s lack of caution when dealing with the Ghezo Velche.

After all, neither of them had considered the notion that they would be a pair of Ghezo Velche.


The Ghezo Velche hurtling down the slope was aiming directly for Jonahim, who was seated. Even Jonahim, the Hero’s disciple and a superb swordsman, would be helpless in this situation.

Elea, who was far away, could only scream and cover her face.

And then just as the Ghezo Velche was about to reach Jonahim…

“…! So heavy!”

Merc’s wooden stick blocked the Ghezo Velche’s right front foot, which had its claws bared.

“Miss Merc?”

Jonahim just stood there staring at her, speechless. Merc calmed for a brief moment after hearing that Jonahim was safe, but she quickly pushed the Ghezo Velche away with her body, which had been covered by a layer of hardened Mana.


The Ghezo Velche stretched out its neck and bit Merc’s neck as its right front leg was forced back by the wooden stick.


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As soon as Jonahim noticed this, he yelled desperately. Merc, on the other hand, simply frowned and kicked the Ghezo Velche in the stomach, sending it flying.


The shocked Ghezo Velche opened its massive mouth in disbelief. As it did so, it displayed its sword-like canines, which had now been miserably crushed.

They had truly been brilliantly shattered.

“M-Miss Merc… Are you okay?”

Jonahim didn’t seem to notice the Ghezo Velche as he approached Merc and attempted to examine her neck.

He was surprised, though, when he couldn’t find a scratch on her smooth, light skin.

“This is…”
“Don’t let your guard down! This is nothing.”

Merc said, caressing her slightly sore shoulder and attempting to hide her discomfort.

If Luka checked Merc right now, she’d discover that Merc had wrapped her entire body with hardened Mana.

She’d also realize she’d done the same thing with her wooden stick.

The Mana that encased Merc’s entire body and weapon served as a form of protective armor.

It was sturdy enough to defend Merc from the Ghezo Velche’s claws and teeth while also shattering them.

Luka and Elea both ran to Jonahim’s aid, trying to see if he was okay. They hadn’t noticed Merc being bitten until now, most likely due to their restricted perspective.

“J-Jonahim! Are you alright?”
“Are you alright, my mone1… Jonahim?”
“I’m fine but…”

Jonahim said, indifferent to both of them and instead focusing on Merc, who had begun heading towards the Ghezo Velche.

“Merc! What do you think you’re doing?! We’ll take it down so come back here!”
“He’s right, you idiot! You appear to have blocked its first attack by chance, but if you go now, you will die! Come back!”

Jonahim and Elea both yelled angrily at Merc. Merc, on the other hand, had no intention of returning.

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After all, this was her chance.

Jonahim had already reached his limit.

Despite his concern for Merc, he was barely standing and his legs were wobbling. He could barely walk, let alone run.

Elea was no exception. She couldn’t possibly take on the Ghezo Velche by herself. Only because she and Jonahim collaborated had they been able to take down the first one. In addition, she was unable to demonstrate the Liquid-Ignition Spear’s full potential.

Most likely, only Luka, who was silently watching, was aware of all of this.

She was aware they wouldn’t be able to defeat the recently arrived Ghezo Velche with just Blazing Impact’s strength.

Luka’s Mana was also a third of what it had been when she initially arrived at the mountain. Luka specialized in fire magic, thus even if she paired up with Elea, the Ghezo Velche’s Fire Resistance would make it difficult for her to accomplish much.

And this is where I come in!

Merc believed that if she could triumph in a circumstance where even the adventurer’s party had failed, the chief would be impressed with her. Fortunately for her, Jonahim didn’t look to be the type of person who would take credit for someone else’s accomplishments. Jonahim would likely admit Merc’s victory over the Ghezo Velche and even spread the news to the rest of the village.

There was also the option of healing Jonahim and leaving the Ghezo Velche to them, but Merc chose against it.

“Come, pup. I’ll play with you!”

Merc knew the Ghezo Velche looked ridiculous with its shattered canines exposed, but that didn’t mean she could drop her guard.

After pumping herself up, Merc took on her stance.

This fight would most likely determine her fate.


  1. TL: She probably means that Jonahim is her means of earning money or something. If you remember before Luka said she liked rich people.

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