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At the town centre——

Exactly one hour after Alcain and Helmbekt talked, an alarm rung through Ordoba’s mansion.

Helmbekt, who had increased security beforehand, didn’t feel a sense of unease when he heard this.

This was the human-sensing magic tool that was installed everywhere in the mansion “Airmuse’s Alarm” —— it was a magic tool that one of his subordinate was proficient with. It was able to tell the installer the precise position and situation of the visitor.

“Alcain is here——!”

Helmbekt smiled joyfully, and asked his subordinate that was controlling the alarm.

“Where did he appear? The back door?”

A middle-aged knight revealed a wry smile. He was older than Helmbekt, but did not “Magic-fy”. If this mission was completed successfully, he will be able to receive the “baptism”.

“No, from the front door. It is like Helmbekt had said.”

Alcain would boldly walk in through the front door —— This was what Helmbekt predicted.

Perhaps happy due to guessing it right, Helmbekt walked out of the room.

The suppression of Ordoba’s mansion had finished. The master Ordoba was treated as a hostage, the other servants were shut in rooms, right now he only left Selo at his side, to act as a shield against Alcain. A rope was tied on Selo’s mouth, so he was unable to speak.

Lieutenant Elsie lightly said as she carried Selo.

“This is good, Selo. Alcain arrived within the agreed hour. This meant that no innocent people need to die.”

Ignoring Elsie’s soft words, Selo looked up and gazed at Helmbekt angrily.

From his expression —— He has already planned to kill everyone in the mansion, after defeating Alcain.

Helmbekt became even more happy, after seeing Selo’s hateful gaze.

Elsie had said, she wanted to present Selo to her master Lunastia.

She didn’t seem to do this to flatter. Elsie didn’t care about fame and glory. She seemed to only obey the orders of her master that loved youths, and only thought of handing Selo over to complete her mission.

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(So weird…)

Helmbekt thought this. Although he swore loyalty to his superior Lunastia, but that wasn’t from his heart. One day he would climb to an equal position as Lunastia, even above her —— That was his ambition.

Lunastia should have vaguely sensed his ambition, that was why she allowed Elsie the role of “monitoring” him.

(… She needn’t worry, the current I will honestly obey. Only when I can use more powerful magic tools, will I continue climbing ——)

Helmbekt had a clear understanding of his powers. Although large ambitions and desires were weapons, but realistically speaking the powers he possessed were far below that of the Magic Race leaders that were led by Lunastia.

The origination of his middle name “Souleater” —— was the “Soul Eating Ring”, a magic item that Helmbekt treated as his main weapon.

This allowed him to steal his opponent’s life force or mana, turning it into his food —— In other words, it was a weapon that could consume sorcerers. Helmbekt’s power also increased the effects of the magic tool by a lot.

Originally it was a magic tool used to temporarily absorb a small amount of the target’s mana, but in the hands of the Magic Race, it became a powerful magic tool that could instantly take lives.

However, with just that weapon, they were no match for the Alcain back then.

Now he possessed the “Protector of the Earthen Veins”, a magic tool stolen from the royal family.

After getting used to using “Misthound” that was taken from Ordoba, it will also become a very useful weapon.

Clearly feeling his own powers growing, Helmbekt’s body started to tremble.

Before getting rid of the cat, he couldn’t afford to be careless. But, he would be able to fulfill this wish tonight.

Helmbekt walked to the courtyard, the black cat was already standing there unmovingly.

The subordinate knights surrounded him from afar.

Before ensuring that the “Ring of Backflow” was safe, they couldn’t make a move yet.

The black cloaked cat gazed over at Helmbekt solemnly from underneath its hat.

“Hello, Helmbekt —— Like we promised, I arrived within an hour.”

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Although Alcain’s voice was bright, animosity could be heard from it.

“You have my admiration. I was originally worried if a cat would get here on time.”

Helmbekt said casually, but he started feeling anxious.

To deal with this cat, Alcain, he definitely couldn’t afford to be careless.

Alcain once used powerful magic and brought Helmbekt and his companions to the brink of annihilation. That memory was like a nightmare, causing Helmbekt to feel disgusted even when he sees a normal cat.

But, Alcain had already lost the magic tool that gave him such an immense power.

When a certain member of the Magic Race was fighting against him, that magic tool was successfully stolen —— That was the report Helmbekt received.

Although Alcain escaped, but no matter how excellent the sorcerer is, if there isn’t a “suitable” magic tool to use the power, they were equivalent to trash. Of course, this applied to the Magic Race as well.

Alcain may have gotten hold of a new powerful magic tool, but if this was real, then the troublesome exchange an hour ago wouldn’t have happened.

Alcain was clearly “buying time” then. He should have be weakened to the point that he could not fight against Helmbekt, and could only wait for his companions.

Recognizing the situation, Helmbekt solemnly spoke.

“Okay, hand over the “Ring of Backflow”.”

“I hope you can release Selo first. Or, did you already take everyone in the mansion, or everyone in town, hostage?”

Alcain took the silver bracelet in his hands and fluttered his cloak.

A small black bird appeared from within the cloak, and it stopped on Helmbekt’s arm.

Following that, Alcain placed the bracelet on the bird’s neck.

“If you do anything weird, I’ll let this little bird run away——“

Hearing Alcain’s threat, Helmbekt signaled to Elsie to put Selo down onto the floor with his eyes.

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Elsie complied. She knew that letting Selo go was only temporary.

“Selo, are you alright?”

Alcain asked softly, and Selo, who was on the floor, struggled to raise his chin.

He seemed to be saying “run away”, but was unable to due to the foreign object in his mouth.

Alcain walked over, and used the pastry knife to cut through the ropes binding Selo’s limbs.

Helmbekt watched the exchange silently.

His subordinates had already surrounded the area, Helmbekt also held the “Protector of the Earthen Veins” in his hands.

Now, he just need to get hold of the “Ring of Backflow” from Alcain, before attacking them.

Having the ropes released, Selo used his hands to take out the foreign object in his mouth and lowered his head towards Alcain.

“Alcain, I’m sorry…! I dragged you into this ——“

“It’s okay. I have to settle the score with Helmbekt sooner or later. Furthermore —— this wasn’t your mistakes, the sorcerers of the Fandal faction including your grandfather may have been too careless.

Even in this situation, Alcain’s voice was still very calm.

Helmbekt, who was watching from the sides, felt a sense of unease.

“I’ve already returned Selo to you. Hand over the “Ring of Backflow” quickly ——“

“This? Of course I’ll give it to you —— After Selo escapes.”

Alcain lightly said. After that, a young girl jumped out from the small backpack on his back.

The sudden development caused Helmbekt to be speechless. There shouldn’t have been any space to hide someone within the bag the little cat was carrying.

(Is the bag a spatial increasing type magic tool!)

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The girl had already grabbed Selo’s arm when he had noticed.


Selo exclaimed surprisedly.

“Selo, this is good! Hold on to me!”

Fino revealed a sweet smile that she would never show in front of Helmbekt, and hugged Selo tightly.

“W-Why did Fino appear from that kind of place…!”

Without letting go of the surprised Selo, Fino placed down the “Celestial Wooden Horse” in her hands.


The wooden horse reacted to Fino’s voice, and released a pale light, gradually increasing in size.

After pretty much pulling Selo onto the wooden horse, Fino reached out towards Alcain.

“Alcain! Quickly!”

The black cat used Fino’s hands and jumped onto the head of the Celestial Wooden Horse. At this moment, Helmbekt revealed a smile.

As if having lost his initiative, Helmbekt ordered.

“Don’t let them leave! Surround them!”

Alcain smiled.

“I won’t run. But, I have to ensure their safety first.”

Alcain swung the pastry knife like a sword, and he pointed towards the opposite direction towards Helmbekt.

The “Celestial Wooden Horse” under Fino’s control glided with full momentum. Its wind-like movements were faster than a real horse. Furthermore, it could do so without moving its joints while floating, this allowed it to glide without slowing down at all.

As if playing around with the knights that wanted to capture them, the wooden horse glided towards the areas with less knights.

However, despite all this, they were still unable to breakthrough the solid encirclement.

There were three knights blocking the wooden horse. Their steps were as powerful as a horse, and was comparable to the Celestial Wooden Horse. At the same time, there were also five knights that were approaching with the same speed.

The “Military Boots of the Steed” that they wore were very expensive, it wasn’t given out to everyone. The utilization of this type of magic tool was very difficult, and those who were unproficient would trip, but the knights had already been trained and overcame this weakness.

The knight standing in front was wielding a sword cladded with flames, while the other two raised short bows from his flanks.

Even with the hidden support of Fino and the Celestial Wooden Horse, the enemy’s formation still made escaping difficult.

“Everyone surround them!”

Helmbekt’s fierce order resounded in the garden of the mansion in the dead of the night.


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