Nagatsuki Tappei’s Tweets on Re:Zero After the Anime Ended

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Phew, that was close, I just made it in time.


さてじゃあ、今週もお願いしま……え? ないの?

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Now then, let’s take care of this week’s… eh?  There’s none?



To end a habit so suddenly which has continued for half a year, it would make a person lose his/her calm judgement.



If we were to do Ep 26, I think animating the mayonnaise would be appropriate.  We flew to Alaska in search for Ep 26.




As a matter of fact, it wasn’t until last week that the anime ended.  For accompanying me for the past half a year, thank you everyone.

Immediately after it ended last week, I was quite filled with emotions and couldn’t comment.  But after one week of organizing myself, I want to talk a little bit.




Let me say this first, but I thought the Re:Zero anime was immensely blessed with a few anime original scenes.

Every week, I wondered if we were able to portray many of the messages the same way.



However, the main reason the anime was interesting was all thanks to the staffs involved in it.  I felt that the contributions of the original author were insignificant.  After all, the author can’t write [the script], voice act, compose music, or sing.




The only thing the author can be part of, is the story.  Even that part, when it has to be animated, is better left in the hands of experts.  That stupidly long ep 25 (originally 1 hour which would require a 26th episode) was nicely summarized.

Well, it was difficult to put a word in here as the author.




Therefore, the anime was ultimately blessed with [the right] people.

Not to mention the 2 cour without a split [referring to no break between seasons], and making it as long as possible by cutting the OP [opening], ED [ending], and CM [commercial messages].  Naturally, it was at the inconvenience of the artists since they don’t get more time to draw.



Adding only a few seconds will increase the burden of those who draw.  I did say ep 26 a while ago, but I would probably end up wasting their time.  Truly, I’m grateful [for them].




The preparations for the Re: Zero anime was, well, a lot.  It took at least 2 years for this anime to air.

Back when the staff members met each other, yes, it was way back then.  After that [after they met], everyone would be brought to the screenplay conference each week for “blah blah blah” talk.



During the time the screenplay conference and dubbing didn’t overlap, I went to Tokyo twice a week for the anime.  I wasn’t tired though, because it was fun.  Rather, since the screenplay meetings are over, the dubbing is over, and the things for animation to be in order are done, it’s a bit lonely.



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I remember every week at the studio, director Watanabe would say “lower the hurdle, lower the hurdle”, and “no, it’s a hurdle I gave myself,” and the likes.

Director Watanabe is really humble.  After doing that much every week, I think it would be fine to be a bit like “Nagatsuki-san, I did it!”




He would always go “it’s not enough, still not enough…”  He had a stoic mental capacity.  As a person of the same trade, I respect him.

That said, it wasn’t just director Watanabe, everyone around here were such people.  It was amazing.  Everyone did their best.



When the White Whale returned in ep 19 as well, even though the cellphone ringtone was for a short while.  That was just the beginning of many episodes [incidents] to come.  Of course, since I can’t often talk [contribute], I just suggest things.  I always thought… is it okay for me to have this much fun?





Even so, the anime is that, you know?

It’s the kind of talk where even if there are complaints, it’s fine.  Since we review it every week, and I’m the one that looks forward to it the most.  I’m the one who’s most proud of it.

“See, this is what I’m talking about” kind of bragging is something only I can do.



To tell you the truth, I’ve got a mountain full of stuff that I want to talk more about, like how director Watanabe is cool for his “creators on the board should not have to worry” [attitude].  But I also feel a bit embarrassed for beating around the bush.  I just want to say he’s just an amazing person.





Such amazing people.  To be able to get an anime made by those amazing people, as the author I am nothing but thankful for them making the anime.

I’m terribly sorry for my poor vocabulary usage, but for this kind of talk, I don’t think it’s necessary – is how I feel.

It’s an amazing thing.




That means, since such an amazing anime was made, the original work will be pressured, or rather, I have to work hard or else.

Right now, I am desperately fixing arc four, the special book for the anime disc, and quite a few other things I was asked to do.  It’s tough to rebuild the entire plot of the arc.



「え? 導入ってどうやるんだっけ?」みたいな気持ちですげぇ戸惑いましたよ。そんな10巻は来月発売ですが!(宣伝)

After all, arc three began in June 2014.  I’ve rebuilding the plot of the LN ever since.  I mean, I was doing arc three all this time.

“Eh?  How do I introduce it?” was the kind of extremely puzzled feeling I had.  But anyway, vol. 10 of this will be released next month! (Advertisement)



Well, in reality, even after the anime ends the original work must continue.  And, even during the anime, since the author [I] had written Re:Zero all this time, I plan to continue writing until it finishes, because the beginning was interesting, so I want continue making it fun in the future.




Well, this is what I think probably a lot of people want to hear about the web novel version.  After all, I have not been able to update it once during the anime.  Yes.  Sorry.

I received a lot of messages that said “will you no longer update?”



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To be honest, during the anime period, I could not afford to update even once.  I say that, but there was time for me to put one together and update.  So I don’t mean to say I don’t have a single moment of free time.

But it’s difficult to write the web novel with such a tight [rushed] feeling.



That’s because, when the light novel was made, the first three volumes were consecutive publications with the contents written in around half a year.  At the same time, I was also proceeding with arc 4.  It was difficult for my brain to switch between the start and arc 4, but during that time I did have free time to update.



And when I have time to update, I would sadly go “I forgot the contents of my previous update.”  As a result, I would write the same kind of thing.  I would forget what I was trying to say.  When that issue arises, the quality/crispness of the story is gone.  I thought arc 4 was quite interesting, but had a lot of waste [pointless content?].




I think that was the biggest reason that [regarding arc 4 issues] happened.

So, many updates were not made because I decided not to update at all during the anime period.  There’s probably some people that thought “once the anime finishes, he would continuously update because of the surge [of people].”


ごめん! 一文字も書いてねえ!

Sorry!  I haven’t written a single word!




Since the last update for arc 6, I haven’t written a single word for it.  Sorry.

In the first place, I’m not the type to write and withhold it.  Once I write up to one chapter, I publish it.  Plus, often times I can’t finish a chapter in a day, and I don’t like it, but I go “done.”  I don’t want to brave such risks.



It’s not like I go “well, let’s play truant,” probably.  This year, at least four hours a day without rest, I’ve been working on things for the sake of Re:Zero.  Today as well, but I’m in the middle of a break right now.






Speaking of being tired, well… it is tiring, but I don’t particularly think about resting.  Since writing is basically breathing for me, the feeling I get when writing is like relaxation writing.

Even so, putting my writing as the priority is something I don’t do.

It’s obvious, but work comes first.




Sorry for only talking about this.  Basically, my priority is given to something when it has a lot of people involved.  When the web contents are boring, they die [affect negatively] with only me involved, but when it comes to the light novel, when I don’t know if I can meet the deadline, I cause a lot of trouble for many people.

It can’t be helped that this is all I talk about, sorry.  Please forgive me, it’s because it was animated amazingly.




Now, the main question is somewhere along the lines of “when will I resume the web novel?” but even I don’t really know.

Since writing is the only thing I always do, it’s simply: once I finish writing things that I must do, even if I’m not told “you didn’t write anything, write something for the web,” I’ll do it.




“Then, is it impossible as long as you’re continuing the light novels?” is what some people might also be thinking, but it’s not like I stopped at arc 4 or 5 after the books came out.

That’s why, once again, I’ll start writing arbitrarily at the pace of arc 5.  As long as I take down each necessary work one by one, it’ll work out.

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When the web novel resumes updating, please assume “oh, Neko [Tappei’s pen name] ran out of stuff to do.”  And, like before, it’ll be updated at 1 o’clock [AM], as his [Tappei referring to himself] “should you sleep, or should you not” harassment begins.



Well, with this and that said, my own talk is nearing 1 hour.  What I wanted to say in the first half was Nagatsuki Tappei’s [referring to himself] sincerest thanks, and the latter half is the insincere, truanting Nezumiiro Neko [Tappei’s full pen name]; please don’t pay attention to that.


とにかく、半年間アニメお付き合いありがとう! ウェブからいる人たちはリゼロに四年以上ありがとう! 書籍からでもすでに二年半以上だ、ありがとう! 四年前から言ってるけど、あと四年ぐらいで終わらすわ!!!

Anyway, thank you for the acquaintances throughout this half a year!  Thank you to the people from the web who have been with Re:Zero for over four years!  It’s already been over two years and a half for the light novel, thanks!  I said this four years ago, but it’ll be about another four years before it ends!!!




Now then, I have volume 11, the two volume special, the alive short, and store special to do.

Good Night.



P.S. I heard Miyata-kun from “Kis-My” [A Japanese boy band, thanks to those who figured it out for me] was [seen] holding an Emilia-tan T-shirt.  I thought it was amazing that the anime had this effect.



As usual, I would appreciate any fixes to the translation mistakes that I”ve made!

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