Episode 56 Sibling’s Fight

「However, we don’t have any proof」

「No, the evidence will be easy to arrange. It’s not that difficult once you know the name of the mastermind」

After saying so, the prime minister quickly left the basement. When the door closed, I heard someone saying

「Kurumfar-sama is unrelated! Unrelated…..gufu! 」

from behind, but I pretended not to hear.

When I left the mansion, it was nearly morning. The prime minister returned to the royal palace for an all-nighter. I went to my store and teleported home. Once Inside, I saw Peris and Merias waiting for me. Irimo and Jeneha have already awoken. I told everyone to rest and slumped onto my bed without bathing.

I awoke in the evening. I ate early breakfast and reported to the prime minister. No one was worried about me. Apparently, they thought I would manage somehow however difficult it would be.

「Even so, to punish the princess by execution is a bit overboard」

「It can’t be helped. It is their best chance to crush the princess’ faction. This will also remove the possibility of the future power struggles」

While thinking about such things, I enjoyed the long-awaited bath and fell asleep early.

I opened my eyes again at the dawn. Because my map displayed a presence. The mark was yellow. It cautiously approached my mansion. There were three of them. First thing first, I got out of the bed and changed my clothes. I fell asleep early, so I had enough sleep.

At the same time as I descended to the first floor, I heard a knocking sound.

「I apologize for the sudden visit! I’m Seono of the imperial knights! Is Rinos-dono present? I wish to see him! 」

「It’s been a long time, Seono-san. What can I help you with? 」

「I apologize for the inconvenience, but I want to escort you to the imperial palace」

「The imperial palace?」

I didn’t expect myself being summoned to the imperial palace. I stared at Seono’s face. I was able to discern his tiredness. I called out to Gon, who was sleeping in the dining room, mounted Irimo and followed after Seono.

When the sky began to brighten, we arrived at the imperial palace. Once I entered inside, I was guided to the area where I have never been before. The corridor was creepy and quiet. We arrived at the room behind a giant door.

Inside, there was the prime minister, Prince Viras, and another man. His eyes were running around as he was muttering something. Since he is wearing a fancy costume, is he someone from the royal family too?

「Oh, Rinos-dono, I was waiting for you. Please come closer」

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After the prime minister urged me, I entered inside.

「I was wondering why I was summoned to the imperial palace, so it was your excellency」

「No, I know that it was too sudden. You worked hard, but I want to entrust you with something」

「If it is something I’m able to do」

「I want you to cast a barrier on His Highness, no, since he will be crowned soon, His Majesty」

Is this man the next emperor? I didn’t hide my surprise.

「Brother, this is Rinos-dono I told you about. His barriers are quite sturdy. I don’t know how many times the life of the prime minister Guremont was saved by it. Brother should follow suit! 」

「Why did Ricolette do that she said that she will help me before no and she did that no that can’t be happening but the prime minister says otherwise there is also father but he treated her well……」

His Majesty is having a conversation with himself. For the time being, I laid out the barrier. It should be enough to prevent an assassination.

「You are my saver, Rinos-dono」

「Did the princess’ faction draw the bowstring?」 [1]

「Ricolette-sama is currently confined in her room. The problem lies in her faction that wishes to see her released. Yesterday, when I tried to apprehend Kurumfar, his house was already empty. Most likely, he retreated to his own territory. However, when I questioned Madam Kurumfar’s students, I learned about their plan to assassinate His Majesty」

And that’s why I was summoned.

「The Kurumfar couple is currently on the run. It shouldn’t take too long for us to capture them. But I have no way to predict what kind of commotion those, who are yet to give up, could cause. For that purpose, I need to provide His Majesty with enough security」

「Call Ricolette! I will hear her personally! 」

His Highness, who was mumbling to himself a moment ago, suddenly raised his voice. Don’t startle me.

「You can’t, Your Majesty」

「Why? Didn’t this barrier master cast a barrier on me? Ricolette won’t be able to do anything to me. There is no problem with hearing everything personally! 」

「Older brother, I’m also against you meeting older sister. She has an unrestrained temper. I can’t predict what she will say when it comes to it. She might even touch on the subject of your body. That’s why I urge you to reconsider」

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「I want to follow my father’s wishes and listen to people. Besides, I want to know that caused my younger sister to aim for my life. With these ears of mine」


「Isn’t my life safe as long as this barrier master present? There shouldn’t be any problems with him here, right? 」

This Majesty is emotionally unstable. Pushing him will only bring the opposite effect.

The prime minister whispered something to His Highness Viras. Apparently, His Highness complied. The prime minister ordered to his subordinate.

「Rinos-dono, I want you to promise me something. I want you to not disclose anything you are about to hear in this room」

「I think that it is better for me to leave. I might be too late when I hear something I shouldn’t have」

「You should stay here! Leaving isn’t permitted! 」

「No, the barrier I cast on Your Majesty can function even without my presence」

「No means no! You need to recast it again in case it would be broken! What? You aren’t worried that it will be breached? Why so? Absolutely? Is it really absolute? See, you can’t give me an immediate answer! Stay here! Don’t leave me alone! 」

Intimidation won’t produce any good will. I have doubts about his capability as an emperor.

After a while, Princess Ricolette arrived while being surrounded by soldiers. Upon entering the room, she immediately discovered me.

「You again? Why are you even here!?」

「He cast a barrier on me. I gave him my permission to be here」

「I won’t question older brother’s decisions」

「Why did Kurumfar act against me, against the empire!? It even happened right after my father’s death! 」

「That……I didn’t know myself」

I peeked into her past and it seems to be true.

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「Well, I thought you’d say that! However, what did Kurumfar try to achieve by that? What was he dissatisfied with!?」

His Majesty shouted discarding the courtesy.

「Most likely, Kurumfar was dissatisfied with the empire’s structure. Every influential position is monopolized by the nobility, without considering their actual skill. There are plenty of talents of common birth. But those talents hold no power in the empire」

「But older sister, didn’t the empire built a university that gives people of low status an opportunity to learn thus securing the talents?」

「Then answer me Viras. The prime minister, general, minister of finance, minister of agriculture……and others, just how many of them do not belong to the nobility?」

「This is….」

His Highness faltered.

「None. There are none. Even if you rise all the way to become an official, you won’t be given any serious positions. For the sake of the empire’s future, these positions should belong to the people of actual ability, whatever their status or gender might be. It is wrong to give the full power to the nobility」

「Does order sister want to change the organization of the whole empire?」

「Ricolette! Are you implying my incompetence? Are you proposing to pick the emperor from the commoners? 」

「No, not to this extent…..」

「Silence! From my youngest days, I strived to become an excellent emperor! It wasn’t all fun. It absolutely wasn’t! Ricolette and Viras, you spent your days in the same manner! I and the nobility didn’t slack in our duties, I believe it to be true. Our subjects certainly suffer. However, we, the royalty and the nobility, suffer much more than our subjects do. Our subjects can just work hard, earn money and live a free life. However, no amount of hard work can grant us freedom. We have to live our whole lives constricted. But why do we keep doing that? Isn’t it for the sake of the empire and our subjects!?」[2] Taking a deep breath, His Majesty slumped onto his chair. No one spoke. At that time, a soldier entered the room and whispered something to the prime minister.

「A while ago, the Kurumfar couple was discovered near their territory, they resisted and a fight occurred. The imperial army suffered some losses but successfully cut down their subordinates. As for the Kurumfar couple, they committed suicide」

The prime minister calmly reported to His Majesty.

「Capture everyone who supported them. The issue with Ricolette will be addressed afterwards. Ricolette, you aren’t permitted to take even a single step outside of your room! Bring her out! 」

His majesty squeezed the remaining energy in his body and loudly ordered the guards. When I looked at Ricolette’s face, I saw tears in her eyes.


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