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Episode 52 Welcome Boy, Big Sister Will Play-with-You

When we arrived home together with Merias, Gon greeted us.

「Oh? This person…….has some considerable skills. Un? 「Self-concealment」? It is the first time I saw such a title」

Well, we couldn’t just stay before the mansion forever so we went inside. While being nervous, Merias sat down as I ordered.

「As I said earlier, you are a slave, but I intend to release you. It seems to take quite some time so you will be staying here until that moment. Feel free to use this house as your own. Your room will be the same as Peris’」

「Um……..You said you will release me, but why did you buy me in the first place? 」

「Un, if I’m to voice it out, It was a whim. There is no particular reason. It’s just, the status of a slave is insecure, right? I was also a slave in the past, I can relate to these feelings. Although, I still want to hear why you became a crime slave. If it is not that big of a deal, I intend to release you」

「I……killed a lot of people. For the sake of the dead, I need to die too」 [1]

She looked at me with strong determination. It doesn’t seem likely for me to hear the whole story. Without any other choice, I peeked into her past myself.

Merias was born between her sheep beastwoman mother and her dwarf father. Her mother was a good pharmacist and her father was an excellent blacksmith. The stubborn father and the gentle mother raised her with love. She was interested in her parents’ trades since her young days and spent her days learning from them.

She had the talent in the first place so she was able to master both of the skills. She dreamed about inheriting their job and making their life easier.

The turning point in her life happened when she was 10 years old. A plague rapidly spread throughout the country, it started with sudden a high fever and led to the death in a few days. The death toll was exceptionally high amongst the children. The King ordered to start development of the cure to every competent person. Of course, this order reached her household too. The family poured all their effort into the development of the cure. And they successfully completed it. The King was overjoyed, and while promising a reward to them, distributed the cure for free amongst the populace.

Then, a tragedy occurred.

The children, who used the cure, died in large numbers. The distribution of the cure was stopped and the cause was investigated. The report stated that the cause was in the magic grass. A grass that acts like the poison in high concentrations. They concluded that the proportions of ingredients were flawed. [2]

Merias’ parents were executed to atone for their mistake. The father, who was harvesting the grass, and the mother, who made the cure, were charged with serious crimes.

Originally, they planned to execute Merias too. However, with her young age as a reason, she was taken care of by the court magician. There, she was ordered to develop and produce magic tools. Such work was very taxing on MP. The work that continued every day until she fainted put a serious burden on her body. However, this work, which was said to improve the lives of the citizens, was a form of atonement for her. She ignored the condition of her body and continued her work.

When she turned 16, she wasn’t able to complete the ordered work anymore. She wasn’t able to create much. While being aware of her own limits, she nevertheless tried harder than anyone else did. However, in the end, she was abandoned by him and sold off as a crime slave.

「It seems you did all kinds of work, but I can’t understand the details very well. Can you explain it to me in layman terms? 」

「!? How did you!?」

「Ah, I can somehow understand some things about people」

「…….It was mostly three things. Creating an edged tool with maximum sharpness and hardness, a material that can negate magic, and a medicine of immortality」

「Quite the ambitious projects you had there. Did any of those succeed? 」

「I achieved some minor things, but it didn’t come into reality in the end」

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「Then what did you create?」

「A medicine that can unleash the whole power of a person. He won’t feel any pain or fatigue and will be able to act with his full power」

「Are there any side effects?」

「When it runs out, you won’t be able to move for several days. In the worst case, you will die」

……..Sounds like a failed product. I see, she was magnificently used. The death of her parents also seems suspicious. Merias herself doesn’t seem particularly evil.

「All right, for the time being, it is better to deal with your curse. Gon, can I ask you? 」

「You can do it yourself, though」

「Is that so?」

As if being inspired by Gon, I decided to remove it myself. A concentrated on Merias and imagined myself removing the curse. Curse LV3 was displayed inside my head. I poured my MP in it. After a while, it was reduced to LV2 and gradually disappeared.

「Fuu. The curse was removed. The status is still that of a crime slave. It seems we still need to visit a priest」

However, the title「Self-concealment」was still there.

「How do you erase this title?」

「I never tried this before so I don’t know. Ohi-sama is knowledgeable about this topic」

「I will ask when I have an opportunity」

While I was discussing these things, my map showed a reaction. It is moving in this direction at considerable speed. The color is red. It is definitely hostile.

I gathered everyone and went outside to meet it. And at the same time, it showed its appearance.

「Geez, you just had to complicate everything. Thanks to you, I need to cut the loose ends」

The one who appeared was a black rabbit beastwoman surrounded by the evil aura.

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「Pohasei? How bothersome」

Gon muttered unintentionally.

「Pohasei is a tribe skilled in illusions. They often move and attack in groups. Very hard to deal with 」

「Ara, today I’m alone, you can relax. I’m here for the sheep girl. Her being alive is rather inconvenient for us. Don’t think bad of me」

「Are you the ones, who conspired against Merias and her parents?」

「Ara, she told you to this extent? Loose-lipped women are no good. Sorry, but is seems that you need to die too. But you are so young and cute. Should we play before I kill you? 」

「Before that, let me confirm something. Her skills are quite high, did you raise it with some kind of medicine? 」

「Such a perceptive boy. No, I forced her to commit crimes」


「By killing her family, although she closed herself from everyone, her learning speed has increased. She deprived the lives of many people with her own medicine」

「Do you want to obtain the world? Or are you just enjoying the slaughter? 」

「Both. I tried to force her to create an impenetrable material of a medicine of immortality, but it seems that I aimed too high. Well, she did create the semi-immortal soldiers so it’s not as if she was completely useless. But I can’t expect any further growth from her, there is no reason to let her live any longer. I thought she would die once she became a crime slave, but I never expected from her to immediately tell you everything」

「One more thing. What’s up with this self-concealment? 」

「Self-concealment? What’s that? 」

「I see, an idiot. Yeah, right, the last question. Are you a woman or just crossdressing? 」

「……..I thought about playing with you, but it seems I will discard this notion」

「Understood. Oi, Peris」

Peris, who was by my side, silently gazed at me.

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「Sorry, but go ahead of me and prepare dinner. Let’s have dinner right after I finish here. I’m expecting a lot of you」

Peris affirmed and went inside the mansion. I turned towards Merias.

「Sorry, Merias. I forgot to buy the clothes for you. Let’s buy some in the capital tomorrow. Today, you have to do with my clothes」

「What’s up with this demonstration of composure? Are you trying to make me relax my guard? Fufufufufu」

The pohasei released bloodlust and evil aura from her body. I faced her with a demonic smile.

「I hate women like you. The moment you were hated by me, death became your only destiny. I will let you taste the suffering, which will make you wish for an easy death. All right then, where should I start from~? 」


  1. A lot? Pff, just a puny Curse LV3. 
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