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Episode 41 Gon’s Depression

The snow finally melted and spring arrived.

My surroundings were wrapped in cheers, that being said, those were monster’s cheers.

Should I call them as subordinates? The harpies brought me already hatched eggs. 84 harpies below the general harpy have gathered in the stables, big things are happening here. [1] Harpies hatching period is long. It takes about 1 month. After the end of the year, I was asked by a general harpy (I named her Jeneha) for a permission to increase her family and I accepted. The four mother harpies lived in the stables during that period.

They will take care of the baby harpies until they would be able to join the flock. Their meals were taken care of by the rest of the flock. It is said that they increased their camaraderie spirit this way.

Every chick was healthy and they would stay here until they can fly.

Harpies, of course, weren’t slacking with their work. They hunt monsters in the forest every day. They bring a lot of tasty monsters, but they also bring fruits back. Thanks to them, we have an abundance of food in our mansion. I bring the surplus meat to the hotel that has that beef stew.

From time to time, I make food for the harpies. Zenzai, tempura, karaage were present, all of them were popular. When I make their meals, they always take it with great delight.

「All right, as a gratitude for increasing your comrades, I will make ohagi!」


I spent a whole day to make a ridiculously big hundred-portion ohagi. It goes without saying that everyone was delighted by the taste.

While everyone enjoyed their meal, I discovered a shrine in the back of the kitchen. Shrine? Was there such a thing……..? I wondered and tried to appraise

「The shrine of the Fox God. Has the power to communicate with the Fox God. Has a divine blessing」

and this appeared. Since it is under the divine protection, it shouldn’t be something evil. Since it is in the name of the Fox God, I’m pretty sure that it is Gon’s handiwork. I left the leftover ohagi as an offering and left. [1]

During the night, he used it to communicate, undid his human form and started trembling.

「This time has finally come. They won’t let me be after all」

Gon started crying. This is something unusual. When I asked him,

「We, apostles of the Fox God, Ohi-sama, are checked on every three years. She investigates your life in these three years and as a result, your position in the family may rise or fall」

Oh, so you had such a system.

「I converted a Great Demon King and participated in Paoran’s subjugation, but after that, I ditched my duties and peacefully lived without contacting anyone, they will surely blame me. I’m scared. The supervisors under Ohi-sama are all mean people. When I think about what they would say to me, I feel my soul wilting」

Aah, the so called「deadline」. However, Gon achieved a lot as a farmer in this mansion. He also succeeded in making the sweet tomatoes. Moreover, he served an excellent interpreter and mediator between various monsters. You can say that a lot of what I have right now is because of Gon.

「I’m happy to hear it, but lies won’t work against Ohi-sama. Since we have the power to look through the memory, they will definitely be angry」

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Hey, Gon. What did you do while I wasn’t looking? No no, just say it, I won’t be angry. Maybe we can work out a countermeasure against it. How about it? Since I won’t be angry, you can just say it.


I heard him out and became exasperated. This idiot fox took out my free card, sneaked out while I wasn’t around, and went in「Miraya」to play around with a prostitute. The person in question tried to brush it off as a human transformation practice, but such excuses aren’t going to work on a male, which is I. You climbed the stairs of adulthood ahead of me. Nuuuu…..How was it?

「Girls in Miraya have all kinds of skill, you know. I can’t count how many times I was sent on a cloud nine. When they gently traced my back with their hands……How about going together to Miraya for a change of pace? Guhehehe」

This ero-fox. How many times did you go?! Miraya’s girls are dreadful existences. For them to be able to satisfy a transformed white fox……I silently confiscated the card.

With thing as they are, Gon is in for a divine punishment. Originally, he should spread his blessings around, but he was enjoying life all on his own. Extreme disregard of his duty.

However, if he receives such a punishment, all his abilities will vanish. That would be troubling for me. Until now, Gon told me a lot of other monster’s common sense and traits, while also being an interpreter, a walking encyclopedia. Suddenly becoming a normal fox would be pretty devastating.

「Do you need to go to this Ohi-sama’s place alone? If not, I can accompany you to try to make some follow-ups……」

「There were such cases in the past, so it shouldn’t be a problem, but….」

「But what?」

「Ohi-sama’s aides will pick on you since you would be there for the first time. They said a lot of harsh things about me, I don’t want another person to experience it」

「Well, aren’t superiors always like that? How much did they tell you? 」

「The told that I can’t even greet people properly. Even like that, I lived for 200 years in human society, I was pretty confident in my etiquette. They laughed at me while calling me a bad-mannered fox. I didn’t forget that frustration even until now」

「How horrible. Just what kind of greeting did you make? Show it to me for a reference」

Gon agreed and straightened his posture with a light cough.

「On this bright day, I present you my sincerest congratulations. From the old days, there were three kinds of bags you should never forget: a bag for money……」

……Isn’t it a greeting for the wedding ceremony? No wonder you superiors couldn’t help but retort.


  1. Made a mistake in a previous chapter, they do not care about the eggs after hatching, my bad. 

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