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Episode 32 Parting

Once we crossed the Runo forest, we saw a peaceful hill. Since it was late autumn, it was already dark. We are approximately 1 day away from the kukulkan tribe. It is difficult to climb at night. Since we weren’t in a hurry, we camped on the hill.

I took out the potatoes, onions, Curse Charole’s meat and some seasoning from the infinite storage. Today’s meal is meat and potatoes. Let’s try adding the mushrooms from the forest. They aren’t poisonous, so it should work. I don’t have the soy sauce, so I will have to go with salt. Although it’s not a Japanese sake, I have something similar on me, let’s add it too. To finish, I added some salt.

Meanwhile, I prepared the bread and the salad. I don’t have many eggs left, let’s finish them today too. I decided to make an omelet.

「Gugugu aguguga」

「Meat too, meat too, he says」

For the meat lover, I took out the leftover meat from the previous meal. I only added some salt, but it is truly delicious. Does mana make the meat delicious? I need to investigate it.

I, Gon and Lars surrounded the dining table. Lars was the most eager. He is not picky and eats everything. Perhaps, there is only 「like」and「like very much」in his dictionary. He ate the meat and potatoes with great delight and asked for another serving. It is certainly tasty, but he will eat everything at this pace. I brought out the fried potatoes, but they vanished in a second. Gon made a grumpy face. Don’t make such a face, he is your little brother after all.

….Let’s make fried potatoes for Gon when I have the chance.

The dessert is university potatoes. It is a big hit with both Gon and Lars, these past days we always have it for the dessert. I tried to make something like roasted sweet potato, but the two always requested the university potatoes. Lars was especially happy to receive it.

As for me, it is zenzai. It is really the best. The beans are used to feed animals in this world, so it is cheap and accessible. If only I could find some rice.

It seems the other’s food is better. Lars flew towards me. Can’t help it, I will share a little. I wonder how his stomach works.

Once full, it was time to sleep. We gathered around Irimo and I created a barrier. It’s the dragon’s territory after all, we need to stay closer to each other.

Lars climbed Irimo and was playing around. During this trip, the two became quite close to each other. She was a little scared at first, but now she looks like a big sister. She splendidly controls him. Lars held onto the reins and rode her, while she run carefully so he didn’t fall. A small dragon riding a unicorn pegasus. Such a surreal scenery. A person could faint due to the lack of common sense upon seeing it. I wish I had a camera to record this.

When I was about to lie down, I caught a presence on my map. They are coming here with an outrageous speed. Their number is 5.It is probably the dragons. Gon and I tensed up.

The dragons are displayed on the map in yellow color. It is the proof of their wariness towards us. Most likely, it is a scout group. While I was thinking that, the dragons showed themselves.

….Huge. A really huge dragon. It’s at least 15 meters. I could see the red scales on it. It should be a kukulkan.

I stood up and created light from the life magic. I illuminated the surroundings. Dragons descended halfway up the hill. I embraced Lars so everyone could see him.

One dragon moved. At that moment, I heard a tremendous roar. A roar that was able to shake the ground. My ears stung.

「Lars! Or so it says!!!!!!」

Gon sure is reliable for translating even in these circumstances.

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It should be his mother. She immediately approached us. She was a dragon with two feathers behind her neck and two more on her back. Let’s try appraising her.

Nakitess (Kukulkan, 304 years old) LV54
HP: 100024
MP: 9654
Wind Magic LV5
Barrier Magic LV3
MP Recovery LV3
Presence Detection LV3
Mana Detection LV3
Body Strengthening LV4
Dragon Magic LV4
Evasion LV4
Liberal Arts LV4
Paralysis Resistance LV3
Poison Resistance LV3
Flight LV4
Weather Ruler

…….As expected of a dragon, strong. All of her skills are high-level. Dragons are rumored to live for 1000 years, so she is still relatively young. In human terms, she is in her thirties.

The dragon named Nakitess lands beside us.


Lars jumped out from my embrace and dashed to his mother. He flew around her head in circles, he looked very happy.


There was a sound like that of a thunder. The mother is probably happy to reunite with Lars too.

Then, she twisted her tail in a shape of a roll. Lars immediately fitted himself in that hole. He was pressing and rubbing his face on his mother’s back.

「Gouuuuu. Gugogegagagaga」

「I’m grateful for saving my child and bringing him home, she says」

Then’ it is good. I’m glad.

「The reward will be presented to you very soon, she says」

「Ah, tell her that I don’t need any」

「She is asking where are going to go from now on」

「If possible…. I want to cross these mountains and arrive at the city of Kushana of the Hideta Empire」

Once you cross the mountains, it will be Kushana. The closest city from here.


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「Understood. Around here, it’s our territory. I will also tell to other clans to let you safely pass」

「It is enough. I appreciate your help」

When I was talking with the mother, Lars flapped his wings and flew to me. When he arrived, he clung to my chest.

「Gurua~, Gurua~」

「I do not want to part, he says」

Lars grasped my hand with a great force. I hugged Lars. I will apologize to the mother later.

「No, it is fine. All kids are like that. Eh, Lars is certainly a crybaby, but he has some strong points too」

While I had such a conversation with the mother dragon, he fell asleep.

However, maybe he was too worried, he opened his eyes again. Once he confirmed it was me, he once again clung to me.

「Ah, it is all right. Lars was great, wasn’t he? He was caught but never surrendered to the enemy. Yes, he didn’t even receive the food and water for the whole week. Not just that, he even tried to desperately escape」

Lars’ eyelids became heavy again. He started snoring soon after. After a while, he awoke once again and looked at my face. He gripped my hand again and I hugged him.

「Yes, when I found him, he had some serious injuries…..I completely healed his wounds and. He wanted to cross the forest alone, but that was, as expected, too dangerous…..No, it was nothing. It was quite educational for us too. On the way, he even hunted a great rat by himself」

Lars relaxed and fell asleep again. After a while, his body became heavier. This time, he is asleep for sure. [1]

I returned Lars to the mother dragon. He looked very happy. I knew. He always muttered「mama, mama」when asleep. In the end, you reunited with your mother. I’m glad for you, Lars.

Irimo licked his happy sleeping face. He was her playing partner and she was his big sister. Irimo was glad for him.

「Well then, it is about time for us to depart」

Gently holding Lars, the mother dragon carefully flew away. The other dragons followed her.

I’m glad for you Lars. You will definitely become an outstanding dragon. While thinking of living long enough to see Lars’ gallant figure, I put Gon on my back and mounted Irimo.

Today I will cross the mountains and reach the Hideta Empire.

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  1. A bit confusing, but they basically bored him to sleep with their conversation. 

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