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Episode 3 Slave Dealer

We finally reached the capital.

The capital is protected by the high rampart wall, so we will enter from one of the checkpoints situated in the north, east, south and west side of the city. It seems we will enter the capital from the「West Gate」, the Beard is talking with an armored gatekeeper about something.

「I’m a slave merchant! Here is the proof!」

「Umu, I see. Let me check the cargo…….Oh, only kids? All right, you can pass」

The soldier was wearing a western style armor, he also was handsome and had a blonde hair. For some reason, I felt a little irritated.

Our rattling carriage proceeded through the streets of the capital. Looking outside, I can see the variety of different people and attires. This look like a cosplay site. Soldiers in armor, ladies in dresses, priests in robes…..and so on and so forth. And I’m currently wearing a shirt and half pants made out of hard fabric, quite shabby if I say so myself. I’m really a slave isn’t it.

Apparently, this world is of the western style, there are plenty of people with blond and silver hair. By the way, my hair is black. This is the only thing that resembles my previous self.

After some time the carriage stopped and we were taken out. I can see a big building with businesslike atmosphere. It’s probably the slave store. A neat middle-aged man came from the inside of the store. He seemed to be the owner of this place.

「So it’s Gaim, you have returned. Good work. The female slaves are to do the washing. Take them to a well. The guy is……I will sell him on the market」

「All right then, I will transfer you the ownership rights right away 」

Gaim (the Beard) gripped my hand and muttered something.

「With this, this kid is in your possession. I will take the rest away. Oi! Don’t dawdle! Follow me!!」

The girls started moving. The girl who took my portion of that terrible meal didn’t look back and quietly followed after Gaim.

「Well then, come with me」

The owner started walking away and I followed after him.

Is this my chance to escape? There are plenty of people around. The owner doesn’t look like he has a lot of fighting power too. All right, let’s do it.

The owner doesn’t look back at all. This will work. I slowly increased the distance between us. This much distance should do. But the moment I thought I had a chance, an electric current assaulted my body, bringing the intense pain with it.

「Ah, the slave magic can shock you, so be careful. If will bring you pain if you are far away from me. If you think of killing me or running away, you will suffer tremendously and won’t be able to move for a while. If you don’t believe me, you can try」

I shook my head vigorously. I can’t possibly tolerate even more than this. It was already too strong.

I desperately tried to keep up with the owner. He seemed to be walking relatively slowly, but I was a child. As our strides are totally different, I had to walk quite fast. It was really hard.

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While I was about to fall into a dangerous situation, the owner’s feet stopped. Apparently, we arrived at the「Market」.

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