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Chapter 464 – My Dear, This Is Your New Wok!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2030 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1098 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

The sharp sound of tapping resonated through the room, like the quick beat of a frantic heart. Vera’s eyes were fixed on the screen as her fingers danced across several keyboards, semi transparent lines swirling around her body. Her mind was a whirlpool of anger and anxiety.

Anger, because her seventeenth clone had been taken. Anxiety, because of the unknown method used to accomplish this theft. If the same could be done to her other clones, she was undoubtedly in peril. The exposure of her personal information could spell her doom.

Besides, her imagination was running wild with other worrying possibilities. She shuddered at the thought of her [Doppelgänger] being used for demeaning purposes, feeling a chill creeping down her spine.

“Before this happened, number seventeen was assigned to assassinate [Princess] in Cathay. Considering the resources we poured into this mission, she should have been taken there,” Vera mused aloud, her voice cold and calculating. “Three AA-ranked powerhouses, along with number seventeen, were sent. They should be returning now. But…”

Her voice trailed off, her eyes narrowing, her pupils contracting.

“The database maintained by number seventeen hasn’t been updated for hours. Before departing to Cathay, I specifically instructed her to update it hourly. The mission has undoubtedly failed!” she exclaimed, her hands ceasing their manipulation of the threads as she brought her palm to her face in bewilderment.

“How could it fail? Princess was a Pinnacle AA-rank, and we dispatched three AA-ranked experts. How could we lose a three versus one? Something unforeseen must have occurred in Roc City!”

Her eyes darted to the screen on the wall, silver threads flailing and slamming into the keyboards.

Three minutes passed.

“Hiss!” Vera inhaled sharply, her eyes widening as she stared at the screen, shock morphing into fury.

“A Grandmaster is protecting her! [Small Sword Group], I’ll annihilate you all!” she shrieked.

In an instant, embarrassment became rage. This was a first for her, a failure nothing short of humiliating.

‘Careless, so careless! I should have investigated further!’ she thought, clenching her small fists in regret.

But perhaps it wasn’t surprising. Managing assassin forums and gathering information globally to sell was her main focus, leaving her clones to handle tasks like dealing with [Princess]. However, this oversight had led to an absolute disaster.

Spite. Immense hatred. These emotions welled within her, reaching a crescendo.

Her spite for [Princess].
Her hatred for [Small Sword Group].
But above all, her loathing was directed at one individual.

“Ronald Tian, you dare steal my [Doppelgänger], you old fiend? I will end you!” Her voice, filled with malice, echoed through the room.

With a determined effort to regain her composure, Vera quickly turned her attention to the forms on her screen and promptly canceled the bounty posted by [Small Sword Group], hoping to halt any further losses.

“[Small Sword Group], our battle is far from over, and Ronald Tian, your head will be mine!” she vowed, her voice seething with anger. Naturally, she couldn’t help but curse [Princess] as well, since all of this chaos had been triggered by her.

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“Huh…” Suddenly, something caught Vera’s eye: a bounty post on the forums.

«High price bounty on information about [Princess]!»

Her curiosity piqued, Vera discovered that the reward was substantial and was offered by a user named [Ye]. A quick examination of the backend revealed that this user was Jordan, a quasi-Grandmaster from the illustrious Ye Family.

“If I’m not mistaken, the Ye Family is one of the Four Major Families,” Vera mused, her lips curling into a smile. “Perfect. If they are the ones acting, Ronald Tian wouldn’t dare to intervene. Jordan, one step away from the Grandmaster Realm, you’ll do nicely. I choose you!”

Since he was willing to offer such a hefty bounty for information on [Princess], it was evident that she had crossed the Ye Family. Vera decided to exploit this situation, making Jordan do the legwork. Whether he succeeded or failed, it was all the same to her.

“Now that I think of it, number seventeen did upload some information, including [Princess]’s hiding place. I’ll sell that to him too,” she thought, finalizing her plan.

In Jade Flower Garden, Yaeger sank onto the bed, exhaustion evident in her voice. “I used up a third of my Mana? How taxing. But it worked. Vera 17’s life is in my hands now. A few more days of training, and she’ll be mine.”

As Yaeger’s words hung in the air, her eyes were fixed on Vera 17, lying on the ground, a broken figure bathed in a mysterious green glow. This new light, created by Yaeger, was now the source of Vera 17’s life force, completely replacing the original energy that had once been a part of Vera. Rich and vibrant, the green energy pulsated with pure vitality, exhibiting a strength far surpassing what Vera herself had once provided.

Through her experiments on Vera 17, Yaeger had come to understand her medical capabilities profoundly.

“I still can’t wrap my head around it,” she murmured, a hint of disbelief in her voice. “I’ve become a doctor, and not just an ordinary one. My skills are near miraculous, capable of virtually raising the dead. Who would have thought it possible?”

Her face broke into a satisfied smirk.

“I’ve earned this,” she declared, reflecting on the harrowing crisis she faced in the underground maze, a memory that still sent shivers down her spine.

To most, dying in this game was trivial. But to Yaeger, it was not merely a game.

“I must never falter in my ascent to the top. Failure is not an option!” she affirmed, eyes filled with determination. This game was her single path to greatness.

Her joy was fleeting, replaced quickly by calm resolve. Yaeger knew that she was still far from her ultimate goal, and patience was vital.

“As similar as Vera 17 might appear, she’s not a regular human,” she pondered. “It would be more fitting to test on a genuine human. But where could I find an appropriate subject so quickly? Abduction is out of the question.”

She shook her head, dismissing the thought. “No, I’m not that monstrous.”

With Rakshasa’s sickness and Little Fairy’s condition not demanding urgent care, Yaeger had time on her side.

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“Vera must be aware of what befell the hitmen and Vera 17 by now,” she mused. “She might have already retaliated. Still, before the next wave arrives, there’s plenty of time for me in the game.”

After a satisfying stretch, she reclined slowly and closed her eyes, transitioning into the virtual world.


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