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Chapter 463 – Green, Vera Became Green!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2120 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1185 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

As Yaeger was deeply engrossed in studying human anatomy, an unexpected visitor appeared in the Ability Management Department.

“Print me a copy of all information regarding [Princess], right now,” demanded a strong young man with a buzz cut and ordinary appearance, his voice dripping with arrogance. This was Jordan Ye of the Ye Family, a quasi-Grandmaster.

Hearing this, Xina’s brow furrowed in annoyance. She was no underling of his, and his command rankled her. Especially since [Princess] was a significant figure protected by the Ability Management Department. She would have to be mad to hand over such information to him.

“Don’t you hear what I said?” Jordan’s voice hardened with displeasure as Xina remained motionless. As a member of the esteemed Ye Family, he had grown accustomed to treating outsiders with a certain haughtiness.

Being only a step away from the Grandmaster Realm lent him an air of authority, even though he had yet to achieve that status. His attitude was apparent, especially when dealing with someone he perceived as a weaker Martial Artist like Xina. Humble and respectful behavior was out of the question.

As he spoke, the aura of a quasi-Grandmaster surged forth, filling the room with an intense pressure that weighed on Xina like a crushing mountain. The sensation was immediate, and pain washed over her.

She could never have expected him to be so abrupt and insolent.

“What’s going on?” A wise and wizened voice cut through the tension. Suddenly, an even more powerful aura was unleashed, effortlessly suppressing Jordan’s.

“Elder Tian!” The pressure lifted, and Xina turned toward the entrance to see a scraggly old man in a white tank top, gray shorts, and slippers. It was Old Man Tian.

Jordan’s head whipped around, his anger turning to respect as he recognized the approaching figure. He bowed in a martial artist’s salute, his voice filled with deference. “I’m Jordan Ye from the Ye Family. Greetings to you, Grandmaster Tian!”

He could be contemptuous with Xina, but before a true Grandmaster, arrogance had no place. Not if he wanted to avoid a senseless death. This was no ordinary Grandmaster but a hero to the people. If not for an injury sustained in a battle with Silver Wolf Lucia in the Himalaya Mountains, he might have been the strongest person in Cathay, a pillar of the martial arts world. Despite his injury, his strength still commanded immense respect.

As a quasi-Grandmaster, Jordan knew this. When he entered the Ability Management Department, he only ventured to display his aura in such a bold manner because Ronald Tian’s presence was undetectable to him. Unbeknownst to Jordan, Tian had simply hidden his aura, a subtlety that escaped his notice.

“The Ye Family is really filled with prodigies,” Old Man Tian remarked, his slippers clacking as he approached, an irritating sound that no one dared mention.

“Of course not. I still have much to learn,” Jordan replied, feigning modesty.

“I’m not talking about you,” Old Man Tian retorted indifferently.

Hearing this, Jordan’s face fell, and anger flickered in his eyes.

‘Is this old man trying to humiliate me?’ Jordan wondered internally. Meanwhile, Xina covered her mouth, chuckling with gratitude. She was clearly aware that Old Man Tian was attempting to comfort her.

“Why are you here?” Old Man Tian inquired nonchalantly, taking a seat on the sofa. He barely gave Jordan a glance, infuriating the young man. Jordan managed to maintain a veneer of respect as he explained, “Grandmaster Tian, here’s the situation…” He swiftly outlined his intentions.

“You want all the information about [Princess]?” Old Man Tian looked up, locking eyes with Jordan, who quickly nodded. “Yes! I beg your assistance, Grandmaster Tian!”

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“I see what you’re after. Normally, I would aid you,” Old Man Tian said, his voice dripping with indifference. Jordan began to thank him, joy in his eyes, but his happiness was short-lived. “But I refuse,” Old Man Tian stated, his words hitting Jordan like a splash of cold water.

“Grandmaster Tian, what do you mean by that?” Jordan questioned, struggling to contain his anger.

“Xina, show the guest out,” Old Man Tian instructed, waving his hand dismissively.

“Please.” Xina moved forward, gesturing for Jordan to leave.

“You!” Jordan’s fury surged, his face reddening. He could stomach a lack of respect from a Grandmaster, but to be treated thus by a mere Martial Artist like Xina was too much to bear. His anger bubbled and seethed, yet he dared not unleash it here. He departed abruptly.

Outside, his face twisted with rage, his fists cracking with tension. His family had sent him to Roc City to eliminate [Princess], leaving him to gather the information he needed. “Damn! If my family had given me useful information, I wouldn’t have been treated this way!” he fumed. Shaking off his anger, he resolved, “I’ll buy the information from [Assassin’s Alliance].” With that, he left the premises.

Back inside, Xina remarked, “The Ye Family really lacks manners.”

“Young people can be overly arrogant,” Old Man Tian replied, sipping his tea. “Don’t take it to heart. In our world, power dictates respect.”

“Is it too late for me to improve now?” Xina asked, frustration in her voice. She felt regret for not pursuing her martial arts training earlier.

“As long as you’re willing, it’s never too late,” Old Man Tian reassured her with a smile. Xina bit her lip, feeling a sense of hopelessness.

‘These comforting words could be a trap,’ she thought. Her prime years for training were behind her. Without luck or opportunity, her current efforts might be fruitless.

“Forget about that, Xina. I’m on the verge of reaching Level ten!” Old Man Tian suddenly announced, his face lighting up with excitement.


“In the game. I’m almost Level ten in the game!” he clarified, his eyes sparkling with childlike enthusiasm.

“C-congratulations,” Xina responded, a slight twitch in her eyelids betraying her surprise.

“I’ll soon be able to enter Jade City, take on higher-level missions, and progress further! I truly believe this game is the key to my breakthrough!” Old Man Tian’s voice rose with anticipation.

‘Breakthrough with a game? What nonsense! He’s clearly just obsessed with it,’ Xina thought to herself, hiding her skepticism.

Meanwhile, in Yaeger’s room at Jade Flower Garden, Vera 17 lay motionless on the floor, her eyes empty and her mouth frothing, looking utterly defeated.

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“Phew!” Yaeger exhaled, visibly relieved. “The replacement is done. Everything inside you is now mine.”

As if sensing the words, Vera 17 stretched her legs and collapsed into unconsciousness.

Simultaneously, on a distant island, Vera’s eyes widened, and her pupils contracted.

“Seventeen!” She let out a scream, overcome with shock. She had just lost her vague connection with her [Doppelgänger] in Cathay, Vera 17. The link had not been severed; it had simply vanished.

Vera 17 was unmistakably alive, but the connection was gone. The sensation was unsettling, like a personal violation.

“Who? Who took my [Doppelgänger]?” Vera cried out, her voice tinged with hysteria. It felt as if someone had stolen something dear to her, causing her to lose control and wail in distress.


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