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Chapter 302 – The Holy Sword Pierces the Heavens, Victory or Defeat?

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2155 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1374 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Trample! Crush! Destroy!

Yasa’s violent heart would only calm down if he destroyed Yaeger.

By now, he had used 50% of his Forbidden Strength. This was already his limit. If he exceeded 50%, it would cause unforeseen consequences.

This meant that Yasa was currently at his strongest state ever.

Among the spectators, Wild Arrogance’s expression changed rapidly as he mumbled to himself, “how could this be… Why is she so strong… There’s no way. Our calculations then shouldn’t be wrong! Unfortunately, I cannot deny reality when it’s happening in front of me. There must be something weird happening. Even if she’s a Closed Beta player and has an Artifact, it’s just impossible for her to become this strong!”

He felt unnerved, as if a massive beast was about to appear from the depths of his heart and consume him.

However, he finally settled down after seeing Yasa using all his strength.

“Such a powerful aura. I see, this is the true Yasa! Come on, get rid of Black-hearted Princess for me!” He clenched his fists and said excitedly.

The excitement he felt now was not entirely because of the 81 million that he spent.

Aside from that, he knew that his plan that targeted her would need to undergo a massive overhaul if Yaeger turned out to be too strong.

When that happened, the resources that he needed to spend would be astronomical.

Of course, he didn’t wish to lose 81 million as well.

It was very painful to lose that much money.

Meanwhile, not a single person noticed that there was a masked man wearing black robes standing at the highest point among the spectators.

“Make it quick, Yasa. Do not use too much of that strength.” He whispered to himself as his hands, which were covered in black gloves, were slightly trembling.

In the arena.

Yaeger looked at Yasa and suddenly felt a weird flash of inspiration—as if she had seen these weird patterns somewhere before. Yet, she couldn’t recall it within that moment.

At the same time.

“A million pieces… I will shred you into a million pieces!” Yasa looked over with a grim expression and bloodshot eyes. His widely opened mouth let out a terrible and spiteful roar.

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“Come at me, if you can.” Yaeger extended her dainty hand and beckoned, taunting him.

At present, the [Sword of Eternity] only displayed its Special Effect imbued with Spatial Attribute. Yet, the Special Effect that would slaughter armies said by Kastina was nowhere to be seen.

Yaeger had no choice but to be wary against that terrifying Special Effect, as well as other Special Effects that she didn’t know of yet.

“Die!” Squinting his eyes, Yasa stomped on the floor and shattered the flooring. Then, he launched out like a cannonball and instantly approached Yaeger, swinging his sword.

He unleashed 7 slashes in an instant!

‘So fast!’ After seeing 7 blades of silver in front of her, Yaeger instantly used [Sphere] to defend herself.

However, those blades of energy sliced through her shield like tofu and continued the assault!

“Multi Slash!” Yaeger reacted instantly. She waved [Sunscorch] and created countless flaming blades that clashed with the silver blades.

Yaeger had an advantage in terms of quantity. However, her quality was inferior!

Countless flaming blades of energy shattered like glass and scattered across the floor.

Naturally, Yaeger was never convinced that a single ability was enough to nullify Yasa’s attack. She was just trying to earn some time to dodge.

The moment she used that ability, she had flashed away and instantly dodged it.

However, while she was dodging, she saw Yasa’s ominous smile at the corner of her vision.

The next moment.

Yasa thrusted into the empty air in front of him.

“Oh no!” Upon seeing this, Yaeger suddenly remembered something. Sadly, she reacted just a little too late.

With a flash, a silver blade appeared out of thin air and instantly stabbed into her stomach!


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Her clothes were damaged and blood sprayed everywhere!

Just as the [Sword of Eternity] had pierced her skin, went into her flesh, and was about to reach her organs—Yaeger endured the excruciating pain and flew backwards by stomping on a piece of debris.

“Tsk!” Seeing that Yaeger had narrowly avoided critical damage, Yasa was displeased and instantly charged.

On the other side, Yaeger landed unceremoniously and realized that she had lost 20% of her health points.

‘What a powerful move. If that blade had pierced into my innards, I’d definitely lose half my health!’ She felt lingering fear the moment she thought about that.

Based on her predictions, Yasa’s Attack Power and Attack Speed were at least twice as much when compared to his previous self.

‘What did he do to strengthen himself? Why is it so effective? Wait a minute, I seem to have seen it somewhere else…’

“Hahaha. Does it hurt, w̲h̲o̲r̲e̲? There’s a lot more pain waiting for you!” Yasa pounced over and did an overhead slash towards Yaeger, leaving her with zero time to think.

With a flash, Yaeger narrowly avoided the attack. Yet, her stance was unstable.

From her bleeding wound, her HP and stamina were continuously being drained.

Since it was forbidden to drink any potions during the duel, and she had no time to treat her wound—she could only wait for it to recover naturally.

Fortunately, at Level 28, her regeneration abilities were good enough—that wound would regenerate within several minutes even if she ignored it.

However, the problem was that this duel might be concluded within the next few minutes. By then, it wouldn’t matter if her wound had recovered or not.

Yasa’s eyes were bloodshot as he felt zero intentions to spare Yaeger at all. He approached by hacking and slashing like a lunatic.

‘This is weird. Why does it look like his sword is constantly absorbing energy?’ Yaeger realized something was amiss while she was dodging those brutal attacks. Hence, she started paying attention.

When the spectators saw that Yaeger was being utterly suppressed and was about to lose, they were utterly joyful and pleased with that result!

‘Black-hearted Princess, the scourge of the Empire, is finally about to die!’ Wild Arrogance gestured to the guild members around him—telling them to prepare to rush into the arena and snatch the item.

In his opinion, he felt that this battle would be concluded within the next minute or so.

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Yunuen was worried since it was the first time for her to see Yaeger in such a sorry state—she had a tense expression on her face.

In comparison, Kastina was much calmer.


Her fists were tightly clenched to the point of creaking, and her right foot was tapping the ground in anxiety. ‘Lowly slave, didn’t you say that you have a 70% chance? Why are you being smacked left and right now?’

In the private broadcast.

It was very quiet. No one made any comments. Everyone stared at the livestream with bated breath as they felt intense anxiety.

“Games over, w̲h̲o̲r̲e̲. Farewell!” In the arena, Yasa suddenly halted and held the sword with both hands. “[Pierce The Heavens]!”

As he shouted, silver light surged from [Sword of Eternity] and terrifying power erupted from it. Immediately after, Yasa slashed towards Yaeger.


Silver. The entire place was enveloped with silver. It was a ray of silver: dazzling, and carried the stench of death!

“No!” Someone shouted out loud.

Because, like a tidal wave, the silver light continued surging towards the spectators after completely swallowing Yaeger.

With such speed and momentum, it was impossible for them to escape.


A pungent stench of death instantly enveloped the scene.


Just as everyone thought that the terrifying wave of silver was about to overwhelm them, a circular shield suddenly appeared around the arena and intercepted the attack. Moreover, it swiftly absorbed the wave.

At this moment, a gust of wind blew over and swept away the dust—revealing the nearly-ruined arena.

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Yasa kept his sword-waving stance and looked in front. He couldn’t find Yaeger anywhere.

“Did I disintegrate her completely? I guess that w̲h̲o̲r̲e̲ got lucky.” He said.


Soon after, a wonderful sound was heard.

Looking over, Yasa realized that a metallic object had suddenly appeared on his stomach.


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