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Chapter 294 – Aiyayaya~

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2158 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1411 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Kastina seemed excited and had a radiant smile on her face. It was obvious that she was in a good mood.

The black Edge Leopard stopped while being 2 meters away from Yaeger. It acted so submissively that it seemed just like a cat, which was completely different to how it acted back then.

Because it didn’t want to be kicked a second time, it was too painful!

“Why are you so happy? Did something good happen to you?” Yaeger asked as she watched Kastina jumping off of that black Edge Leopard.

“Mm-hmm!” The seventh princess, Kastina played with her blonde curly hair and raised her head slightly. “I’m not telling you.”

“Oh, forget it.” Yaeger acted like she was about to leave.

“Hey! Don’t go yet!” Kastina instantly felt flustered and grabbed Yaeger’s arm in a hurry. “Lowly slave, you’re actually curious to know, right? Am I right? Since you are so curious about it, I will extend mercy on you and tell you! Yesterday…”

Yaeger smiled in exasperation. Then, she listened to Kastina who explained what happened in the Imperial Chamber of Commerce yesterday.

What happened there was about the same as Yaeger predicted—those merchants wanted to join forces to antagonize her.

If they succeeded, Yaeger would lose her business license and become instantly bankrupt just to pay the penalty for breaching the contracts.

“Indeed, all businessmen are evil.” Yaeger smiled.

“Hmph. As soon as I made an appearance, the situation was completely turned around. Am I not amazing?” Kastina raised her head pridefully, her expectant gaze show that she was waiting to receive praise.

“Yes, you did good. As expected of you.” Yaeger stared at her directly and praised her.

In truth, the matter would not be resolved as easily as it did if it wasn’t for the fact that Kastina was infamous and domineering enough.

After all, Kastina’s standing in the Jade Empire was no different than psychopathic shooters in America—both could kill people and not bear the responsibility for their actions.

Who would dare to offend her?

“Huhu!” Hearing that, Kastina was pleased and her heart was filled with pleasure.

“Thank you very much for what you did this time.” Yaeger continued.

“You’re welcome… No, don’t get me wrong! I didn’t do what I did because of you. Yes! I am your business partner. I only did it out of my own benefit!” Kastina blushed and spoke loudly.

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Looking at her prideful but affectionate (tsundere) demeanor, Yaeger smiled helplessly and changed the topic. “By the way, Kastina, I have a question.”

“What’s the matter?”

“Are there any powerful heirlooms in [Sword Clan]?”

Kastina tapped her smooth chin with her finger while contemplating. “There is a sword, it is named [Sword of Eternity].

“Then is this [Sword of Eternity] powerful?” Yaeger asked.

“Of course it is. The [Sword of Eternity] is the greatest treasure of our royal family. A single slash alone is enough to cleave mountains, devastate armies, and wreck cities!” Kastina said excitedly.

“You people actually gave such a powerful sword to [Sword Clan]?” ‘Aren’t you afraid that they might rebel against you?’ Yaeger didn’t say that out loud.

“The one owned by [Sword Clan] Is just an imitation. At most, it has only one-tenth of the original’s power. Despite that, it’s still very powerful. That’s all. Why are you asking this?”

“Nothing much. I’m just worried that Yasa will use a powerful heirloom against me in the upcoming duel. If that happens, it will make the duel very difficult to handle.” Yaeger said.

As the most valuable heirloom of the clan, the [Sword of Eternity] would not be used without a serious justification. However, she always had a hunch in her heart—telling her that this sword would most likely appear in that upcoming event.

Because this duel was something that [Sword Clan] could never afford to lose.

“How is that possible? Yasa, who is Platinum-ranked, will never be able to unleash that replica’s full power. So, it will be a terrible waste to let him use the [Sword of Eternity].” Kastina shook her head. “I believe it’s unlikely.”

“It doesn’t matter if he uses it or not. It’s already enough as long as the news is spread out.” Yaeger smirked.

“Are you up to no good again?” As a response, Kastina instantly became excited—she always enjoyed doing nefarious things.

“Kastina, are you interested in earning money?” Yaeger asked.

“No, I’m not interested in earning money at all.”

“This time, we should be able to plunder one hundred million gold coins or so.” Yaeger spoke.

“One hundred million?”

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Since she easily earned 25 million under Yaeger’s help back then, she had a lot more money to spare—hence, she really had no desire to earn much money now.

However, it was different when it came to 100 million.

“If you don’t want to make that money, then forget it.” Yaeger said indifferently.

“I do! Who said I don’t want to?” Kastina spoke in a hurry.

“Oh, didn’t you say that you’re uninterested in earning money?” Yaeger’s eyes turned into half moons as she smiled.

Hearing that, Kastina blushed slightly and spoke while fidgeting around. “I… I am really not interested in money. But one hundred million gold coins are just too tempting!”

‘That did it.’

Yaeger and Kastina switch locations and continued their discussion. Half an hour later, they came out of a teahouse.

“Lowly slave, if Yasa really brought the [Sword of Eternity] along with him this time, how confident are you in defeating him?”

Kastina asked suddenly.

“Seventy percent.” When they were in the teahouse, Yaeger asked Kastina about the replica’s lethality. In the end, it turned out to be similar to a Unique weapon that she was familiar with.

Considering that Yasa was only Platinum-ranked and could never unleash the full power of that replica—it was already a conservative estimate for her to say she had a 70% chance of winning.

“Seventy percent? That’s already high enough. Seems like you’re very confident. Alright then. I will do my best to handle this bet!” Kastina spoke seriously.

“Yes, it’s all up to you.” After whispering those words, Yaeger’s expression suddenly turned cold. “Kastina, Imma kill you!”

“Huhuhu, foolish lowly slave, you think you can win against me?” Kastina’s expression changed as well, her face was now filled with mockery.

Many people looked over after hearing the commotion.

They saw [Princess] and the seventh princess staring at each other. By now, all the surrounding guards had unsheathed their weapons.

Killing intent soon permeated the area.

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Kastina pulled out her sword. “Lowly slave, you no longer have any value to me!”

All the bystanders were confused as they heard those words. ‘Aren’t you two besties back then?’

However, the merchants learned something from those words. ‘It turns out that Kastina didn’t do those things yesterday to help [Princess]! She actually transferred all those business contracts into her own possessions! Now, the two of them are arguing because of it!’

Some merchants continuously connected the dots by themselves. ‘I can never expect that the domineering and stubborn seventh princess is actually such a calculative person. She fooled [Princess] left, right, and center, and eventually took everything from her! Scary, so scary! We were all fooled by her! If anyone dares to call Kastina a big-breasted fool in the future, we will mess them up!’

The merchants sighed quietly while feeling terror in their hearts. They wondered what would happen to them if Kastina had targeted them in the future.

Listening to the merchants’ whispers, the players were first stunned and then ecstatic.

‘The person supporting [Princess] is no more!’

Some players remembered seeing them standing together closely in the plaza—they seemed so friendly to one another back then.

Now that their relationship was completely ruined, It would be utterly impossible for [Princess] to do as she pleased in Jade City anymore! As tension on the scene became thicker, physical confrontation was bound to happen.

At this moment, a good number of guards rushed over. Now, there were over 100 people on Kastina’s side.

“You win this time!” Noticing all those guards, Yaeger fiercely glared at Kastina before leaving.

The latter laughed wildly. It was obviously apparent that they were now enemies.

Not long after, a new popular thread appeared in the forums.

«Lesbianism is no more. The seventh princess actually did such a thing to [Princess]—what an absolute joy to see, to experience, to feel!»


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