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Chapter 278 – It’s the Dump Truck! Wryyyyyy!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2024 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1370 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

“Xina, how’s Melvin now?” In a speeding black SUV, Mylene asked suddenly.

“The surgery is successful but he will have to recover for several months.” Xina said.

“Well, it’s fine as long as he’s safe. Any information regarding those hitmen?” Mylene’s eyes became grim. Although she might not feel any loyalty towards the Ability Management Department, she still wanted to settle her scores with them since they had grievously injured her subordinate.

Furthermore, Mylene had also made the preparations to eliminate these annoying flies even if that didn’t happen. After all, they came to Cathay in order to kill the person that she wanted to protect—her sister!

‘I won’t let you people die too quickly.’

“Someone caused trouble in the Jade Flower Garden’s area half an hour ago. There were witnesses who saw the foreigner in the blue suit that Melvin had mentioned, and a Chinese person in a black suit. However, they quickly got into two white SUVs with concealed license plates and left the scene. Their whereabouts are currently unknown.” Xina said.

“Aren’t there surveillance cameras on the main road?”
“They abandoned the car halfway.”

“How cunning.” Mylene clenched her fists tightly. She had been working hard all along ever since knowing that there was a hefty bounty on [Princess]. A hint of exhaustion could be seen on her cute little face.

“Now that all the patrol agents in the city are dispatched, I’m sure that they will be located very soon.” Xina said.

“Yes. We must deal with them as soon as possible.” Mylene closed her eyes after speaking, she was taking a brief nap.

Outside of the Easthill Scrapyard’s parking area.

“This is the place. I can’t be wrong.” Bunke spoke in excitement.
“Will it be a trap?” Steven Zhou asked uneasily.

This area was desolate and overgrown with weeds. Only piles of abandoned vehicles could be seen under the streetlamps’ illumination.

“Just be careful.” Jin Junmin put on his gloves and spoke with a serious expression.

A black luxury sedan was parked not far away from them. They had boarded this vehicle not long after abandoning the other cars halfway. They relied on Bunke’s ability to find this location.

Vera pulled out an exquisite-looking box in the car and gently opened it—it contained a bee. No, upon closer inspection, the bee had a metallic texture.

“Little bee, you will be my eyes in what happens next. You’ll need to record the tragic outcome of her highness, [Princess], for me.” Vera smiled as she took out the bee and placed it on the palm of her hand.

As if it could understand her words, the bee blinked and slightly trembled its body. It flew into the air while repeatedly flapping its wings.

Then, it flew out of the car’s window.

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“Although I would like to see how her highness, [Princess], will die tragically with my own eyes, my body is not suitable for battle. It will be bad if I am accidentally struck by a stray attack.

Vera closed the window as she whispered.

“Rest assured, that woman is the only smell that I can sense in the surroundings.” Bunke took a few deep breaths and spoke in conviction.

Although his strength could not reach the A-rank, he was definitely an A+ ranked individual when it came to identifying people’s scents.

If he said that there was only one person in this place, there wouldn’t be any more than that.

“Very good. Let us go together.” [Tank]—Orpheum—smacked his palm with his fist and spoke in excitement.

For him, eating, sleeping, sleeping with men, and fighting was all that mattered.

“Let’s resolve it quickly.” The middle-aged man—Luca—spoke calmly.

Steven Zhou was silent, he was in deliberation.

“Let’s start the hunting operation.” Jin Junmin walked forward with his long legs. His expression was serious as grim killing intent flashed in his eyes.

In the scrapyard’s parking lot, Yaeger stood in the middle of a relatively empty concrete field. She seemed quite impatient.

She could sense several powerful presences outside a few minutes ago. Hence, she concentrated her mind and waited for them to come over.


Whoom whoom~

Until this very moment, the only thing that arrived was the occasional northwesterly wind that blew over.

“Why are they lollygagging outside? Hurry up and come in. You guys might not be in a hurry but I am!”

She did not wish to waste any time in vain since her time was incredibly precious to her.

“Forget it, I will come out and kill…” Halfway through her sentence, she could see 5 figures appearing in front of her.

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All of them exuded a powerful aura. Moreover, they also had a strong murderous intent.

“You people are finally here.” Yaeger rubbed her hands as she smiled radiantly.

Upon seeing such a beautiful smiling face, Jin Junmin, Bunke, and Steven Zhou instantly felt like she was about to hook their souls out of their bodies—their heartbeats uncontrollably accelerated.

Orpheum and Luca did not change their expressions, as if they weren’t affected at all.

“Tch! Don’t you try to seduce us, succubus!” Just as Jin Junmin was about to lose his willpower, he bit his tongue and shouted loudly. It was a veritable stick that smacked Bunke’s and Steven Zhou’s heads. They instantly regained composure while feeling shocked.

[Princess] was even more captivating in the flesh than in the pictures. A smile alone was nearly enough to make them descend into a state of no return. She was absolutely horrifying!

“That is too much. I clearly didn’t do anything at all.” Yaeger instantly became displeased after hearing the word ‘succubus’. “Also, I am a goddess, not a succubus. Don’t refer to me wrongly. Otherwise, I might flay you alive.”

Everyone was dazed after hearing her words.

‘At this point in time, this trivial little thing doesn’t matter at all, alright?’
‘I don’t understand women at all!’

“Cut the crap. [Princess], we need your head for something!” Jin Junmin pointed at Yaeger. He was here to take her head, not to chit chat.

As soon as he finished speaking, the group instantly dispersed and started to surround Yaeger.

Orpheum was the first to strike. He instantly charged her like a T29 heavy tank.

“You are courting death!” Yaeger frowned slightly and extended her arm.

Just as she was about to form tentacles and attack the opponent, she suddenly felt a gust of strong wind coming from the left.

Upon closer inspection, she saw Steven Zhou punching out—his violent aura seemed to have almost shattered space time itself!

Yaeger’s expression changed as she was dealing with a pincer attack from 2 experts. She was about to dodge by tapping her left foot on the ground. Yet, a sharp blade-like aura assaulted her from behind.

There was no need to turn around for verification as she already knew that it came from Jin Junmin’s whip kick.

‘These people are not temporarily assembled as a team. They have practiced it!’ Yaeger felt chills in her heart after seeing such tactful coordination among her opponents.

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At the same time, she realized that these people might not be master-ranked martial experts, but they were already close to that level—they were only one step away!

They were strong, exceptionally strong!

In the instant, Yaeger felt tremendous pressure.


As she spun her body like wind elemental, she turned her emanated aura into a storm that bounced off all the 3 attackers.

“It is my fault to have any expectations of you people.” Yaeger instantly understood their exact capabilities after that slight confrontation. She could not help but feel disappointed.


“Hahahahaha. [Princess], you are fooled! This is our real trump card!” Jin Junmin—who was bounced away—suddenly laughed out loud.

The next moment, Yaeger felt something and instantly raised her head—only to see Bunke raising a scrapped dump truck and slamming it down onto her from high above.

Not far away, Luca’s face was slightly pale and his arms were trembling. Yet, he seemed happy.

“Go to hell!” At this moment, Bunke was quite happy as well.

It was because they were about to earn 100 million!


A deafening noise was heard as the dump truck impacted the ground.


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