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Chapter 271 – I Don’t Care About What You Feel, I Only Care About What I Feel

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2038 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1502 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

18 minutes passed.

A figure appeared on the edge of the cliff. It was Yaeger.

“I’m so tired!” As soon as she went up, she disregarded her image and sat down on the floor while complaining. “This damned place is so deep!”

She drank a total of 9 bottles of High-Grade Mana recovery potion as she ascended. She had even stopped halfway and took a break while standing on the scattered rocks.

Otherwise, she would not be able to make her way up.

“Luckily, I have gained quite some benefits. I didn’t do this all in vain.” Yaeger opened her character panel and looked at her experience bar. Then, her slender fingers clicked on [Level Up].

Immediately after, she expended almost all of her experience points.

Ding! You have reached Level 28.

At the same time, the system’s notification was heard.

“One more level than I expected, not bad at all.”

Lightly clenching her fists, Yaeger felt an unending stream of energy surging from her body. Soon, her body was completely saturated and it was about to explode.

However, the surge of energy seemed to be stuck by something at the critical moment, making it unable to be released.

“Did I encounter a bottleneck?” Yaeger frowned slightly with a puzzled expression.

In theory, there was no so-called bottleneck in this game. Anyone would be able to level up if they had enough experience points.

However, it was different for her. She could clearly feel the existence of a bottleneck within her.

“It’s probably because my actual strength is far beyond the norm at this point in time.” Yaeger spoke after pondering.

Yet, she had no idea about the specific reasons. She was only making random assumptions by now. Of course, it was also the truth that her current strength had far surpassed her peers.

“I need just a little bit more to truly break through into the Grandmaster Realm.

However, with my current strength in mind, it’s really hard to tell who would win if I were to fight a typical expert on the Grandmaster Realm.”

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Yaeger stood up after stretching her body with a blooming smile on her face—like a flower blooming in summer, breathtaking and beautiful.

In her opinion, the present threat was the biggest problem she was currently facing. But now, she felt a lot more relieved after realizing that her strength was comparable to an expert on the Grandmaster Realm.

As long as she could achieve a breakthrough and reach the Grandmaster Realm, she would be able to do whatever she pleased from then on. By then, her opponents would need to use missiles if they wanted to do anything against her.

“After hiding myself for a while longer, I’ll be able to move around normally in the real world.”

She was 2 Levels away from reaching the Grandmaster Realm. She would have all the time she needed to level up after dealing with Yasa.

“I don’t know what [Sword Clan] might do when it happens. Also, that damned Emperor might cause trouble to me as well. I must be cautious about it.”

Yaeger felt hesitation after opening the inventory panel and looking at the Epic Random Equipment Crate.

In Jade City’s Imperial Chamber of Commerce. At this moment, it was filled with merchants of the Empire.

They were discussing about breaking their contracts with [Princess].

According to the contract, they would have to compensate her with a large sum of money if they forcefully terminated the contract. That was a price that no one wanted to pay.

However, she had taught Yasa the lesson and then harshly humiliated [Sword Clan], her actions had already displeased the Emperor. She even disobeyed the Imperial decree as well. Hence, she was definitely rushing to her own demise.

They would definitely suffer a lot of losses if they shared a business relationship with someone like her.

If it weren’t for the fact that there was no evidence to prove that [Princess] really actually forced Yasa to eat feces—the Emperor would have already imprisoned her and scheduled a date for her execution.

Yet, regardless if [Princess] had done it, nothing could change the fact that she had already irked the Emperor. Moreover, they also perceived her as a cheater. They felt that she had no integrity at all and was not worth cooperating with.

There was a massive ruckus inside the room. They had discussed for a long time but could not come to a conclusion.

“I have a suggestion!” Suddenly, someone slammed the table hard and said loudly.

The scene was quiet, everyone looked over. They saw an obese middle-aged man wearing flamboyant clothing standing there.

“I suggest that we should strip [Princess] of her business license, in accordance with the Imperial Chamber of Commerce’s final ordinance.”

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After hearing his words, the scene became so quiet that the sound of a dropped needle could be heard.

Then, thunderous commotion.

“Isn’t this a little too harsh?”

“The final ordinance is used against untrustworthy merchants. It shouldn’t be too extreme.” Someone laughed.

In fact, that ordinance was only effective towards merchants with terrible reputation.

Once they were stripped of their business license, they would never be able to do any business inside the Jade Empire.

Not only that, they would also be fined a large amount of money by the Chamber of Commerce.

“Yes, that’s right. An untrustworthy person should receive the harshest punishments in order to protect the interests of us businessmen. Otherwise, who would dare to do business by staking their integrity in the future?”
“I agree.”
“The integrity of a merchant in the Empire is much more valuable than gold!”
“It must not be tarnished!”
“The violators of our trust must be severely punished.”

The chairman of the Chamber of Commerce was a thin man in his fifties with gray hair. At this time, the corners of his eyes twitched slightly and he shouted in his heart, ‘Are any of you businessmen squeaky clean to begin with? Do you people actually have integrity?’

Integrity—did they have any?

Of course, he wouldn’t say these words unless he wished to be beaten. Birds of a feather flock together, and all crows are equally as black. Therefore, it would be impossible for white crows to survive. At the very least, the black crows would never allow them to survive.

The crowd was rowdy. They all eagerly wished to execute her on the spot, as if [Princess] was truly a notorious monster beyond any redemption.

In truth, they just wanted to get rid of this problem and earn some compensation money along the way. Everyone knew exactly what they wanted. Naturally, the chairman would not expose them as well.

After all, it would take a certain amount of intelligence and grit for someone to achieve the position as the chairman.

“[Princess], this outsider, is treacherous and cunning. Her cheating actions had tarnished the sacredness of the Empire’s events, creating resentment within the people AND causing massive controversy. She is truly a terrible person. This person is definitely a disgrace to the merchants. I hereby declare…”


Before the chairman could finish his words, the door to the conference room was kicked open.

“I have an objection.” Immediately, everyone noticed a woman walking into the hall with large strides. She wore a gorgeous dress, with a graceful figure and a delicate face.

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She was none other than the seventh princess—Kastina.

Several guards followed behind her, while 2 of them carried stacks of papers that were half a person’s height.

“Your royal highness, seventh princess.” The chairman stood up and greeted respectfully.

“Your royal highness, seventh princess.” Everyone else also stood up and bowed as they spoke in unison.

Since it was not a formal occasion, they did not need to kneel down.

“Your royal highness, seventh princess. What did you mean just now?” The chairman stood up straight and asked Kastina.

“All of the business contracts signed by the lowly slave, [Princess], have been transferred to my name. She has already officially terminated all business corporations with you people! Now, it’s time for me to renew these contracts with you all. So, line up properly!” Kastina said arrogantly.

By now, those 2 guards already placed the contracts on their hands onto the desk.

Everyone was completely dumbfounded with their eyes and mouths agape and their minds were blanked. ‘What the hell is this!?’

“Your royal highness, seventh princess, I feel like this matter…” The chairman came back to his senses and spoke urgently.

Kastina waved her hand and interrupted him, “I don’t care about how you feel, I only care about what I feel. All of you will listen to me!”

She took a large step forward with her left leg and placed her hands on her hips. She seemed domineering and awe-inspiring.

At this moment, the entire conference room was suppressed by her presence.

On the edge of the cliff.

Yaeger finally made up her mind. “I will open an Epic Crate.”


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