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Chapter 239 – I Want a Princess as A Sister

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2146 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1521 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

“This, this is…” The man saw the black man in the military uniform trembling and his pants half wet, and then Mira holding the gun, he was instantly shocked.
“Let’s go out and talk.” Mira retracted her Desert Eagle and spoke without emotion.

As if her change in emotions just now was nothing but an illusion. Outside, Mira leaned against the wall and looked at this colleague, “Tell me the details.”

“It’s like this…” After sorting out what he wanted to say in his mind, the man repeated the contents of that post on the forums of the Assassin’s Alliance.

“I see, I guess the [Small Sword Group] has a bone to pick with her.” Mira was pondering. “Since the [Brotherhood Association] had posted a bounty, then let us add oil to the fire. Let it burn brighter.”

According to previous reports, she already knew that [Princess] was being protected by the Grandmaster level Ronald Tian. If they wanted to take action against [Princess] now, they would pay a high price. It was all because that a grandmaster was equivalent to an S-ranked Transcendent, their lethality is extremely terrifying!

“Lucia’s Skywolf Tribe has been misbehaving lately, our S-ranked combat personnel can’t be sent to Cathay yet. Then let those killers eliminate [Princess] for us.”

Since there was no hope in capturing her alive, it would be best if she could be killed this way.

“What you mean is…”
“Sell all the non-confidential information we have about [Princess] to those killers.”

Mira said, her light voice emanating through the corridor.

Yaeger didn’t know that a horde of hitmen was about to come and kill her. Even if she did, she wouldn’t be able to stop it. She stretched her body, feeling refreshed.

It was 2:30 AM in the morning, most people would’ve been dreaming by now. Yet, Yaeger did not feel tired at the slightest. As long as she had plenty of energy, she wouldn’t feel sleepy and tired.

“I’m becoming less and less like a human being. No wonder it is called the Celestial Race Bloodline, it is truly unbelievable.”

Instead, if it was her male body who couldn’t stay up late at night—at this time—her brain would most likely turn into a bucket of glue and her eyelids would battle one another if she didn’t drink any stimulants or energy drinks.

“At this point in time, the Jade Flower Garden should be quiet.” Standing up straight, Yaeger looked into the distance. “It’s time to go home.”

As she spoke, she stomped on the floor, which then cracked while spewing lots of fragments. Waving her hand to suck up the fragments, Yaeger’s toes touched the ground. She surged from the rooftop, she then stepped on the fragments and quickly rushed to her destination.

If someone had seen this figure in midair at this time, they would definitely be shocked and assume that they had seen a ghost.

The Emerald Garden was tightly secured, with a lot of surveillance installed around it. Although it was in the middle of the night, there were numerous security guards patrolling the premises.

This kind of place was the last thing that thieves would wish to visit. Of course, it only referred to the thieves with inadequate abilities. If it was someone like this girl, it was a different story.


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The young girl’s body was elegant. She appeared outside of the garden’s woody patches within a few flashed. She then evaded the surveillance points like a phantom, dashing past behind those security guards.

“Woo! It’s so cold!” A security guard suddenly shrank his neck.
“Why do I feel like the winds are ominous.” The security guard beside him hugged his arms and said anxiously.
“Behind us, is there something there?” Some people felt chills down their spines.
“Huhuhu, it’s just a brain trickt. Stop talking nonsense, let’s have some food after our patrol!”

The security captain smiled, the group continued to patrol. At this moment, a hand suddenly stretched out from a dark corner!

“They’re finally gone.” Immediately after, someone came out. She was as dazzling as a flower and had unparalleled beauty. Who else could it be if it wasn’t Yaeger?

“Well, this location happens to be a blind spot for the security cameras.” Not feeling any scrying from the surrounding areas, Yaeger nodded. Then, some aura emanated from her body which formed into 5 tentacles.

They were about five meters long and barely materialized.

“Go up.” Next, an astonishing scene appeared. Yaeger’s tentacles actually grabbed the wall and scaled it quickly. In a few seconds, she was already sent up onto the top floor.

In less than a minute, Yaeger opened the door with her room keycard and entered her new home. There were simple furniture and all kinds of electrical appliances already stocked on-site.

“It’s been a long day.” When she got home, Yaeger couldn’t help but let out a sigh. It was already the sixth day where she was reborn. Every single day was like a roller coaster ride to her, it was both thrilling and exciting. At the same time, it’s a bit tiring as well.

After taking a shower in the bathroom, Yaeger laid on the large, soft bed. Extending all her limbs outwards, she instantly felt relieved, physically and mentally.

At her current state, she could remain fragrant and very hygienic even if she didn’t shower at all. Yet, she always felt somewhat unacceptable to lie on the bed before taking a shower.

“I’m really not used to not wearing female attire with a female body.” She stretched out her hand, spread her fingers apart, and grabbed the air. “It’s so uncomfortable to be empty like this… All thanks to that damned snake. If he didn’t say that he would do things to my skirt and underwear, I wouldn’t burn all of my female attire and underwear.”

Since Mylene Tian was watching over the Ability Management Department, they wouldn’t cause her trouble anytime soon. Yet, there were still other influences seeking her out. If she had used the identity of [Princess] to head out and buy clothes, it would definitely cause a lot of trouble.

Yaeger pursed her lips, suddenly feeling chills all over her body.

“Tch! What do I mean by feeling uncomfortable for not wearing women’s clothing? I’m a boy! To heck with wearing female clothing, to heck with wearing underwear!”

I’d rather die than wear it! That’s what she wanted to say. Yet, if she didn’t wear underwear, it might be exposed when she was in battle…

Thinking of this, the corners of Yaeger’s mouth and eyes twitched at the same time.

“No, I have to wear it! Forget it, I’ll ask Nangong Lin to buy some clothing for me later.”

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Rosen Hotel was not far from the Jade Flower Garden, it won’t take long for her to sneak over there by then.

Disregarding these trivial matters, Yaeger checked her phone. She realized that her phone’s mailbox was about to be filled to the brim. There were messages from Sachiel Luo, Nangong Lin, Pixie Qin, and ones with the word ‘Mylene’ at the front.

“Wait, how did Mylene send messages to me? Did she get someone else to send it?”

Thinking of Mylene Tian’s hard to control abilities, Yaeger tilted her head slightly indicating her confusion. However, she didn’t bother much about it.

First, she checked out Sachiel Luo’s messages. She counted them and realized there were 35 messages.

“They all talk about games. How much do you like playing games really.” Yaeger had already comforted her inside the game. Thus, she could only be perfunctory about it now.

Looking at Nangong Lin’s, the messages mainly inquired where the hell was Yaeger’s male identity. Ignored.

Meanwhile, Pixie Qin’s messages were all kinds of questions. They could be summed up as: Yaeger, I want to know everything about you. She ignored it for now.

She looked at Mylene Tian’s message again. It was about [Princess].

“Do you want a sister who is as gentle as [Princess]?” After reading it, Yaeger held her forehead, feeling an ache in her skull.

How am I gentle!? No, I’m not a sister at all!

Just when Yaeger was depressed, in the Ability Management Department.

“Chief Captain, the Dragon Family has issued a formal protest to you,” Xina said.
“Oh, I see, ignore that.” Mylene sat on the sofa, holding a special mobile phone in her left hand, and tapping on the screen with a stylus in her right hand.

“…” Xina was speechless. ‘They are still the Dragon Family after all, can you not show some face?’

“By the way, Xina, it’s time for the [Small Sword Group] to be cleaned up.” Mylene suddenly raised her head and said.
“Do you want to target the [Small Sword Group]?”
“Those foreign underground forces are doing too well in Cathay as of recent. If we don’t sweep it a little, they will eventually turn into major problems.”

Mylene spoke without emotion. Yet, this was what she thought in her heart: ‘You dare to bully my brother, I will squash you all!’


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