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Chapter 218 – Ah, It’s Happiness Knocking On The Door

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2263 characters
Translator: Raltzero English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1612 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

The streets were empty, making it seem a little deserted.

“It’s a very different atmosphere than the shantytown.” Yunuen Lin mumbled as she looked at the convenience store not too far away.

During mealtime, this same street would be bustling with noise and excitement.

Lixin District didn’t have too many people passing by and not that many vehicles either.

“Feels like it’s always quiet and peaceful.” Holding her hands behind her, Yunuen Lin showed a cheerful expression.

When she was still living in Huadu District’s shantytown, it was very lively as well, but it had a unique muddy aura and the living environment with a mix of good people and scumbags. It was the type of atmosphere that was hard to like.

(Big sister Nangong is really good.)

When they first came to Roc City, Yunuen Lin’s family was in a place without friends or family, so they had no choice but to temporarily stay in a hotel. Just when they were worried about finding a house to live in, Nangong Lin contacted Yunuen Lin and arranged everything for them.

Furthermore, the rent was very low, not even 4000 for a 120 sq. ft. apartment.

If this were at a normal residence, this price would be outrageously high, but that isn’t the case in Lixin District since it’s a high-end residential area.

For the rent to be less than 4,000 was a conscientious price.

“This is all thanks to Princess’ blessing.” Yunuen Lin was well aware that Nangong Lin and her were neither relatives or friends, nor did they have a good relationship, so there was no reason for her to treat Yunuen so well.

Even if she were to think with her toes, she was sure that it was Princess who requested Nangong Lin to take care of her family.

“I need to work harder to pay back Princess.”

During her most confused and overwhelmed period of her life, Yaeger had pointed out a bright path for her and even took care of her in every possible way. If she didn’t know how to be grateful, then her conscience was truly eaten by a dog.

Arriving at the convenience store’s entrance, Yunuen Lin didn’t go in. Rather, she suddenly turned around to look behind her.

There was nothing in sight.

No, there was a commercial vehicle slowly driving on the traffic lane.

Apart from this, there was indeed nothing else.

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“Was it an illusion?” Yunuen Lin tilted her head slightly. Ever since she came to Lixin District, she felt as if there was something following her from behind every time she went out.

But every time she turned her head, there wasn’t even a ghost behind her, let alone a person.

“Maybe it’s because Princess told me to pay attention to my safety that I’ve become so sensitive.” Yunuen Lin smiled softly, then shook her head and pushed open the convenience store’s glass door.

“Welcome to Majori!” The store’s broadcast rang out.

Once Yunuen Lin entered the convenience store, a low, nearly inaudible voice suddenly rang out from not too far away: “This child’s intuition is really sharp. Every time I get within three meters of her, she senses it.”

This sound came from above.

If someone were to lift their head and look up at this time, they would discover a black-suited person standing on the street lamp!

The commercial vehicle stopped and the doors opened, then two young men in black suits walked out.

Inside the car, there were five young people sitting, male and female, all wearing the same uniform.

“Chief. Why do you always jump onto the street lamp?” A short-haired man laughed.

“It has nothing to do with you.” The black-suited man on the street lamp jumped down and showed his figure. He was a strong-looking young man in his early thirties.

His appearance was average and didn’t have any characteristics, the type that would be hard to find once he walks into a crowd.

But his eyes had signs of vicissitudes that he shouldn’t have at his age.

This person’s name was Tiger Wang, born in Hong Kong. He became a mercenary abroad when he was 18 years old and withdrew from the line of fire at the age of 25. He then became Nangong Conglomerate’s security consultant and is now responsible for the security of the entire conglomerate.

In addition, he is also a Martial Artist. His lateral training kung fu has reached perfection and even if he were to face a first-class internal strength master, he would be able to deal with them.

Tiger Wang not only possessed very high fighting strength but also expert-level tracking skills. He has a top-quality ability in concealing his aura. During the time he was a mercenary, he served as a bodyguard for important foreign government leaders and once fought against 10 assassins. There was no need to mention how he killed them in retaliation since he also followed the clues they left behind to rush to their headquarters and create a bloodbath there.

“Chief, isn’t it overkill for the eldest young lady to send our “Black Tiger” team to protect this ordinary person?”

The short-haired man asked with doubt.

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The security company under the banner of Nangong Conglomerate had twelve teams with astonishing fighting power and all of the teams were named after animals. Black Tiger ranked third.

When Tiger Wang led the team, it ranked first.

“Don’t know.” Tiger Wang shook his head, “Regardless of who the target is, we must always do our best to protect them. We cannot slack off even a tiny bit! Otherwise, I’ll send you back to the countryside to plant sweet potatoes if it happens!”

Recently, Snowy poured a torrent of abuse onto the security consultant Tiger Wang because of that matter with Nancheng Department Store’s general merchandise safety director, causing him to nearly cry from being cursed at.

If anything went wrong in this important mission that the eldest young lady tasked them with, then he, the security consultant, would likely be hung up and beaten by Snowy.

“Hua, you and Little Blue enter the store. If you discover a suspicious person approaching Yunuen Lin, then drag them out immediately.” Tiger Wang ordered.

“Yes!” Inside the car, two young girls responded.

Shortly after, they took off the uniform on their upper body to reveal white short-sleeved shirts with flower prints. Then they took a cute handbag and appeared like two fashionable girls.

At this time, five gangsters walked over from across the street. The leader of the group was a vicious-looking young man with short hair dyed gold and three studs in his left ear.

He looked about 23 or 24 and was neither fat nor thin. He had no eyebrows on his face and his eyes drooped downwards.

“Brother Monkey! Discovery!” Suddenly, one of the gangsters shouted.

“What discovery?” The droopy-eyed gangster stopped in his steps and looked at the one who shouted.

“Look at the girl in the convenience store across the street, she looks like the person we’re looking for!” The gangster stretched out his hand and pointed across the street.

The droopy-eyed gangster followed the finger and looked at Majori convenience store’s glass door and saw a cute girl shopping for goods.

He had very good vision and could see that this girl was most likely the girl they were looking for.

Taking out the photo to compare, he found a 90% resemblance.


Excitement dyed the droopy-eyed gangster’s mind as a feeling of happiness emerged from the bottom of his heart.

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After all, there was a 200,000 reward for catching Yunuen Lin.

But when two perfect statured girls with cold gazes appeared in his line of sight, an ominous premonition spontaneously arose, suppressing this feeling of happiness.

As a low-level manager in the Small Sword Group, as one of society’s lowest rung trash, he had seen too many people and come across too many dangerous things, so his intuition was much keener than an ordinary person’s and observation ability was much stronger.

These two girls gave him the feeling that they weren’t ordinary people!

“How strange.” Seeing them enter the store, the droopy-eyed gangster looked in the direction they came from and his pupils suddenly shrunk. In a place not too far away, he saw a commercial vehicle and three black-suited men standing on the side.

Tiger Wang sensed this line of sight and immediately looked over. When he discovered that the other party was gangsters, he took back his gaze and concentrated on paying attention to the situation in the surroundings.

What they were on guard against were some extraordinarily skilled people. A small bandit like the droopy-eyed gangster could be easily beaten even if there were five or six of him.

Simply not a threat.

(These people give me a very bad feeling!) The droopy-eyed gangster was someone who had seen the world and instantly felt something wrong.

“Go into the store and figure out the situation.” But in the face of the allure of the 200,000 reward, he chose to not retreat.

After the gangster crossed the street and entered the store, the droopy-eyed gangster called a number.

“Angel, I found Yunuen Lin, her location is Majori Convenience Store near Lixin District……”

Before he finished speaking, he saw the gangster who he just sent being dragged out by the two girls and his expression changed, “But we’re run into trouble, she has people protecting her, a lot of them!”

In the next moment, five people in black uniforms rushed over at them, each one of them fiend-like, as if they were tigers coming out of their cages!


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