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Chapter 176 – Hey, You All Look Quite Alluring

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2046 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1388 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Ding! Zamas’ favorability rating towards you has decreased by 2000 points.

Right when Yaeger arrived at the adventurers guild’s entrance, she received a new system report that caused her to stop and open her favorability rating interface. She saw that the guard captain [Zamas] now had -12000 favorability rating towards her.

“I don’t think I antagonized him?”

Ding! Zamas’ favorability rating towards you has decreased by 3000 points.

“Again!?” Yaeger was rather confused. The two of them had only been around each other for a few minutes, and there was no great grudge between them, so why was his favorability rating decreasing so quickly?

Outside the door to the inner city district, Kastina was currently beating Zamas viciously with a leather whip. His facial expression was slightly distorted. It seemed as if his eyes were about to spit fire with the fury in his heart about to burst.

The physical pain on his body wasn’t much, but he absolutely couldn’t stand being humiliated in public like this!

(Damn it! It’s all that woman’s fault!)

Yaeger’s beautiful appearance suddenly popped up in Zamas’ mind, causing his hatred of her to rapidly grow.

(I won’t forgive her, I absolutely won’t forgive her!)

Ding! Zamas’ favorability rating towards you has decreased by 2000 points.

Ding! Zamas…

Ding! Zamas’ favorability rating towards you has decreased by 2000 points. Your relationship status has changed to mortal enemies.

Yaeger’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch as she continuously heard reports from her system. ‘I clearly didn’t do anything, so why did he start hating me?’

It really seemed so random and made her feel so wronged.

Being hated by a special NPC was no laughing matter. Even if the NPC only attacked you occasionally, that would still be tons of trouble.

“He thinks I’m not annoying enough, is that it?” Yaeger was angry but also wanted to laugh. She also decided in her mind that if Zamas really came to give her trouble, then she would definitely make him pay.

No, at the very least, he would need to leave something behind before he could leave.

Yaeger set aside the issue of Zamas and walked into the adventurers guild. She instantly attracted a lot of attention. That was simply how brilliant she was.

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However, everyone’s gazes were just as complex as before. There was idolization as well as loathing.

Yaeger ignored them as she swiftly went up to the front desk.

“Hello, I’d like to take the ranking up exam.”

“Okay, please register your information here while I help schedule it for you.” The front desk clerk handed her a booklet and spoke politely.

Yaeger was currently only at iron rank. If she wanted to get higher level quests, she needed to rank up to bronze rank first.

Actually, with her power level, and the countless walkthroughs in her mind, she didn’t actually need to accept quests from the adventurers guild. She could simply level by herself, but doing adventurer guild quests would reward her with contribution points.

She could exchange the contribution points for many useful items in the adventurers guild shop. Most of these items were very hard to purchase with money.

“Please wait a moment.” The clerk took her information and left the front desk.

Yaeger stood where she was and looked in front while muttering to herself, “After I rank up, I’ll be able to challenge the guild’s [Bronze Trial] and if I succeed, I can choose a purple equipment from the guild’s treasury. To me, the [Bronze Trial] is ridiculously easy and just like getting a free item.”

If other players heard her words right now, they would surely be angered half to death. That was because up until now, the number of players with blue equipment were still incredibly few, while purple equipment would be even rarer. In some Newbie Villages, blue equipment was still on the equipment rankings, while there wasn’t a single purple piece of equipment to be seen. Meanwhile, Yaeger could simply come to pick up purple equipment for free.

It really would make others angry if they compared themselves to Yaeger!

One minute passed. The clerk hadn’t returned yet, and Yaeger was feeling bored, so she opened the forum to browse the latest information.

[Major news, someone on the American server has completed the second slaying of the Wind Wolf King!] 

This was the hottest topic on the forums. Yaeger read it and wasn’t surprised at all to see that the second person to complete the Newbie Village’s final quest was Mira.

This was because Mira was the person in Yaeger’s past life who completed the world’s first kill of the Wind Wolf King.

“You had a nice first kill, but unfortunately, it belongs to me now.” Yaeger’s mouth curved upwards slightly as she said something rather taunting.

She closed the topic and looked at the second hottest topic.

[Astonishing! The blackhearted princess is actually showing off publicly in Jade City!] 

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Yaeger’s eyes twitched as she opened it up to take a look. This was such a clickbait title.

The content was simply about how her level had rapidly gone up to 23 and that she had obtained some purple equipment.

Additionally, this topic creator was apparently trying to convince other players to attack rich players and split the spoils together, but it didn’t seem very effective.

“I quite welcome you all to try and attack me to split the spoils.” Yaeger smiled slightly, but there was no sign of any smile in her eyes.

She closed this topic and looked at the third hottest topic.

[Jade City, a beautiful new world!] 

Yaeger opened the topic and read it carefully. She then summed it up with a single sentence: Jade City was so beautiful and amazing!

The topic contained many pictures that really did look exquisite and beautiful. This completely satisfied everyone’s fantasies about an alternate world.

“All of these green chives look so alluring.” Yaeger licked her lips with an eager itch in her heart. She suppressed her desire to harvest the chives as she looked at the fourth hottest topic.

[She’s appeared! The blackhearted princess’ powerful rival!] 

When she opened the topic, she saw that the powerful rival was Honda Yu, as she had expected.

The topic creator had analyzed and compared Yaeger with Honda Yu, and came to the conclusion that Yaeger was at a slight advantage. The advantage was the [Chaos God Ring].

“Yep, a pretty good analysis. The difference between me and Honda Yu really is just a little.” As Yaeger said this, she reached out with her right hand and made a gesture. Her two fingers were almost stuck together, with only a little distance between them.

“You’re Princess?” At this moment, a loud voice spoke up from nearby.

Yaeger swiftly closed the forum when she heard someone calling out to her. She turned around and saw a female warrior who had slightly dark skin, a strong physique, white plate armor, short blonde hair, and appeared to be around 30 years old.

“That’s me.” Yaeger recognized this woman. She was Coco, who was the bronze rank examiner at the adventurers guild. She was responsible for training and teaching newbies.

Unlike her cute name, Coco had a really sturdy appearance. If you didn’t look at her closely, you might even think that she was a man.

“Look at your skinny arms and legs. You don’t look like an adventurer at all. Tsk tsk tsk, the requirements for being an adventurer are so low these days. Forget it, just come with me!” Coro spoke with displeasure. When she looked at Yaeger, there was loathing as well as some other special emotions in her eyes.

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Yaeger didn’t mind at all about Coco’s attitude. She felt it was meaningless to care what an NPC thought, so she simply nodded and followed Coco.

At this moment.

“That person is here for the ranking examination?” An adventurer commented.

“I suppose so. Don’t you see that Coco has come out? She’s the one in charge of the bronze ranking examination.”
“Haha, Coco is famous for hating beautiful girls. That girl is going to suffer!”
“I don’t have anything to do anyways, so let’s go watch the show.”
“I agree!”

It seemed that these adventurers really did have a lot of free time.


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