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Chapter 157 – I’m Different From All of You!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1989 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1284 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

In the past, Honda Yu had believed that she was different from all the millions of ordinary people out there, that she was a little princess high above all others, who could enjoy countless amounts of praise and jealousy from others.

However, only now did she understand that she was just another sheep in the herd.

The laughable part was that previously, she had always intentionally shown off to her social circle because she thought that her family had an intimate relationship with the local American army’s higher-ups.

How ironic.

“Elizabeth!!!” Honda couldn’t help but shout out loudly when she recalled the woman who had tortured her both physically and mentally for almost three hours. The traces of blood on her face mixed together with her tears, making her face seem even more distorted.

The icy floor, the black military boots that stomped on her head, the repeated personal humiliation, the white hand that slapped her face, the syringes that flashed under the light, and other such tattered memories kept playing over and over again in her mind.

Honda felt endless humiliation as well as pitch-black flames that kept emerging.

“I’m going to kill you, kill you! No no no no no! Not only will I kill you, I’m going to kill every single American b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲! …Ahhhhh!!!”

She felt a splitting headache again, which caused her to clutch her head and roll around on her bed as she screamed pathetically.

After an unknown period of time passed, her head finally stopped hurting, but she felt as weak as if she was about to die.

Honda finally calmed down at this time.

She suddenly realized that she didn’t possess the power to take revenge!

“No, this won’t do, I won’t accept this…” Honda felt quite downcast when she realized her powerlessness. However, she then suddenly realized something.

“Since those American b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲s̲ care so much about the game, there really must be some huge secret in the game, just as I previously expected! Hahahaha, even if I can’t deal with you guys right now in reality, I’m going to teach you all what cruelty is in the game!”

Currently, the Okinawa server had tens of thousands of American players from the American army. These Americans would all become her prey as sacrifices for her revenge!

Honda smiled in a pale and listless manner as she laid on her bed which was covered in her own vomit. It seemed like a pitch-black flame was raging in her eyes.

“But before that, I need to leave here and hide someplace where nobody can find me.”

Honda no longer trusted the JSDF one bit. The American soldiers had forcibly taken her away right under the watch of the JSDF members in charge of protecting her, after all.

Ring ring ring.

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Honda dialed a number. The other party soon picked up.

“It’s me…”

Currently, ten men clad in military attire were sitting together in a circle in a mansion not far away from Honda’s mansion.


“Humiliation! This is complete humiliation for us!” Major Nakajima, who had just turned 40 years old this year and was slightly pudgy, was roaring as he slammed the round table with his fist.

Not long ago, these Japanese soldiers had witnessed a group of American soldiers breaking into Honda Yu’s home and forcibly knocking her unconscious and taking her away, while they weren’t able to do anything at all.

Major Nakajima felt like he was about to explode from the strong humiliation.

Honda was the person they were supposed to protect, yet she had been taken away just like that, without even so much as a notification!

How domineering and how humiliating this was!

Everyone present remained silent.

Major Nakajima glanced at everyone and felt a mysterious sadness coming from his heart.

These people all had their edges smoothed out and didn’t have any passion left at all!

At this moment.

“It’s Miku, Master, you have a message!”

A jarring voice broke the silence.

Major Nakajima’s eyebrow twitched as his expression instantly distorted. “Whose cell phone is that!?”

It was currently meeting time. Someone actually didn’t turn their cell phone off? How undisciplined and lacking in self-awareness!

“I’m sorry, Major, it was my cell phone.” A youth who wore glasses slowly raised his hand. “I forgot to turn it off.”

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“Arata, you’re a sergeant, so you should act as an example to others as a leader! Look at you, and how much of an otaku you are! Do you seem like a warrior protecting your country at all!?”

Major Nakajima angrily shouted while pointing at Sergeant Arata.

‘I’m sorry, we’re actually just government employees,’ Sergeant Arata thought to himself as he secretly covered up his limited edition Miku watch with his sleeve.

“It’s because you guys are addicted to that so-called otaku culture that people call you garbage!” Major Nakajima’s face was filled with fury.

‘Yeah yeah yeah, you Showa men are all hot-blooded idiots, okay?’

Sergeant Arata disdainfully thought that to himself, but he acted as if he was listening seriously.

“Forget it, meeting adjourned!” Major Nakajima shook his head and said with anger.

‘There’s no saving these people! I’m the only one who truly loves Japan!’

Major Nakajima thought this as he left the meeting room with large steps, exited the mansion, and drove his car back home.

Right when he arrived home, Major Nakajima furtively looked around him and instantly heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that nobody was home. He then immediately turned on the TV, took a blue-ray disc out from his document bag, and inserted it into the CD player.

Soon, a group of dancing and singing girls appeared on the TV.

This was an anime, and its theme was schoolgirl idols.

When a cute girl with black twintails appeared on the screen and put her hands above her head to make two gestures representing “love”, Major Nakajima made identical gestures and had a really energetic smile on his face as he shouted loudly, “Nico, Nico, Nico!”

At this moment, Major Nakajima felt as if his heart was being healed by some type of miraculous power that filled him with energy.


Suddenly, there was a sound by the staircase of something falling down.

Major Nakajima was really surprised as he turned to see his cute daughter, who had just started middle school, staring with a stunned expression at him. She had dropped the bookbag that she was carrying.

Major Nakajima’s home became abnormally silent.

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Inside the game.

“I’m finally level 20.” Yaeger had no clue what was happening in the outside world, but even if she did, she wouldn’t have cared.

Countless [Violent Ape] corpses were strewn before her. These were level 20 Magic Beasts with great power and speed.

However, they had really weak thunder and poison resistance. They were just like a free meal to Yaeger, who possessed the [Purple Sky Crossbow] and poison equipment.

“They really nerfed [Berserk Thunder] so much.” Yaeger gently sighed as she looked at the purple bow in her hands. The 5% activation rate was truly low.

“Once equipment level is high enough to a certain extent, the Luck stat isn’t as useful anymore.”

Yaeger’s luck stat had been too low in her previous world, so she hadn’t known the difference.

“Sister System, you can’t nerf me like this! No matter what, I’m still the Princess of Destiny and Fate!”

Yaeger pouted slightly because she felt like the system no longer loved her anymore as of recently.

Just as she was complaining, she received a message.

Nangong Lin: “Princess, it’s getting late, so let’s log off and eat something.”

Yaeger felt a headache after she saw this message.


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