Chapter 156 – Pitch-black Will

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1709 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1114 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Russia, Siberia.

Gulliver gulped down a bottle of vodka and felt like he was about to rise up to heaven. “Ha! This really hits the spot!” He flashed a smile of pleasure after gulping the bottle.

Gulliver spent five nightmarish hours after the game developers exposed his status as a beta tester, but luckily, he had a powerful bloodline and excellent equipment. He managed to destroy all the novices after a fierce battle.

Even though he went into red name status and his defense was weakened, no player in the village dared to attack him anymore. Most people learned their lesson after dying once.

Additionally, someone spent money and created a large guild for Gulliver. It would be extremely difficult to do anything to him.

Gulliver was having a wonderful time in the game right now. He felt as if his happiness was overflowing.


Suddenly, someone kicked open his door.

“Who is it!?” Gulliver reacted like a scared cat with hairs standing up on end. His muscles quickly tensed up as he immediately entered a state ready for combat.

Gulliver had previously been in the military and often exercised even now, so he possessed good combat strength. However, Gulliver immediately raised his hands in surrender when he saw numerous pitch-black guns aimed at him. His eyebrows kept twitching and he really started panicking.

“We are from the National Safety Department. You’re Gulliver, right? Please come with us to assist with our investigation. Rest assured, we won’t harm you.”

The National Safety Department team’s leader told this to Gulliver and had his well-equipped soldiers take Gulliver away.

Europe, Gaul.

Podophe was kicked out of the game while he was playing. He opened his eyes and was about to get angry when he discovered more than a dozen people wearing special uniforms smiling at him.

Podophe instantly lost his courage.

San Francisco, America, on the top level of Empire Skyscraper.

Leon concentrated without blinking on watching a video of the battle between [Princess] and the Wind Wolf King. His eyes were filled with lust when he saw a close-up scene of [Princess].

‘I’m absolutely going to obtain this woman, no matter what price I have to pay! Of course, her Divine Equipment shall be mine as well!’ Leon thought to himself.

At this moment, his door was opened as a team of well-equipped and muscular agents walked inside in an orderly fashion.

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“Mr. Leon, we’re from the FBI…”

Leon interrupted him before he could finish. “You want me to go with you? I’ll be right there.”

Leon’s family was one of the five major families of America. He naturally wouldn’t care very much about small fry from the FBI.

“But before that, I should first deal with how you came in without even knocking.” Leon tilted his head slightly as his eyes instantly became crimson red, seeming like they were about to spit fire.

No, his eyes and body really did start spewing flames! Majorly powerful flames! It turned out that Leon was an ability user!

Roc City, China.

Inside the game, Rakshasa continued to train with Hera. Rakshasa didn’t know anything about the Divine Equipment ranking, nor did she know anything about the major changes going on in the outside world.

At this moment, many individuals had become active in a radius of several kilometers around her home. They kept a tight watch on everything and intended on capturing any suspicious individuals without regard to anything else.

Roc City, inside a certain large building.

Xina Chen felt her head going numb as she read the command from her higher-ups.

“They actually raised [Princess]’s protection level to level 6…”

Level 6 protection meant that the agents could use firearms at will against any enemy who tried to harm [Princess]!

“The higher-ups are treating this so seriously. It seems that this game really is out of the ordinary.” Elder Tian’s eyes instantly flashed with a sharp light when he received the same order.

“Activate all agents in the city and find [Princess] as quickly as possible in order to protect her!”

“Yes!” Xina instantly began to wonder. It was merely a Divine Equipment in a game, and it wasn’t even certain yet that Princess possessed it. Was there really such a need for all this?

Okinawa, Japan, in a certain mansion.

“I wonder when I’ll be able to see Sister again…” Honda Yu was laying on her bed and talking to herself.

The first thing she did upon exiting the game was to pick up her cell phone and search for information about [Princess].

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“Divine Equipment ranking! Two Divine Equipment have actually been registered already!?” However, Honda saw the latest hot topic before she began her search.

“What!? Sister might be the owner of the Chaos God Ring? Hahaha, as expected of my Sister!”

Honda sat up with excitement and clenched her small fists.

At this moment, someone suddenly kicked open the door as more than ten well-armed foreigners rushed in.

All of them were holding guns. They had cold expressions, and it was obvious to see that they weren’t nice people.

Honda Yu was really shocked by this. When she saw that the intruders were American warriors, she immediately furrowed her dainty eyebrows with an expression of confusion.

The Honda Family was a major family in Okinawa. They had an excellent relationship with the local American army’s higher-ups and often interacted with each other.

However, she could sense that these American warriors obviously had an unfriendly aura to them.

Could something have happened to her family?

“Take her away!” The Americans’ leader shouted a command, causing his subordinates to surround Honda.

Honda instinctively resisted, but she was knocked unconscious by a gun handle and then taken away.

Three hours later.

Honda was returned to her home.

She walked like a zombie into her room and laid on her bed.

Retch! She suddenly began to vomit. She felt as if her brain had been stabbed by a screwdriver which then kept twisting around inside. Her nerves hurt to the point where she couldn’t help but shout out loudly in pain.


This was an aftereffect of having too much truth serum injected into her.

“Kill, kill, kill! I, Honda Yu, swear that as long as I’m still alive, I’m absolutely going to kill every single American b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲!!!”

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She suddenly raised her head and widened her eyes to the point where the corners of her eyes cracked and started bleeding. Her pretty face began to distort as a vicious and hate-filled voice burst forth from her throat.

Simultaneously, a black flame arose in her heart and started expanding as it gathered into a pitch-black killing intent.


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