Chapter 125 – You, you! You!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1921 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1276 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Yongan Street had throngs of people and was far livelier than normal. This was all because of one person’s existence. Princess.

“Hah… hah… has anyone else seen Princess?” Nangong Lin panted slightly as she asked in a hurry. The apartment she was temporarily living in was quite close to Yongan Street. Despite this, Princess had already seemingly vanished from the world when she rushed over.

“Milady, the others haven’t seen her either. However, someone witnessed Princess entering a small alley before her disappearance.”

“We’ll go take a look!” A flash of disappointment appeared in Nangong Lin’s eyes. However, she then felt a sliver of hope again when she heard about where Princess had disappeared.

There was still a chance to see Princess! She forcefully clenched her fist and arrived with Snowy at the location where Princess had vanished. Unfortunately, Yaeger was already mostly in control of her power after getting accustomed to it. She would no longer leave findable traces behind like before.

Nangong Lin bit her lips and decided to keep searching. Yet, she ended up with only disappointment. What she didn’t know was that there was a pair of eyes in the darkness which watched her gradually leave.

“Sigh, you clearly loathed me so much before.”

A whisper arose but was soon blown away by the wind.

Rewinding time a little…

Lilith ran downstairs and saw a car parked nearby. A middle-aged man with a gentlemanly appearance exited the car. It could be seen that he must have been handsome when he was younger.

Currently, he had a writing pad raised in the air. The writing pad said: “Little Lilith, where are you going this late at night?”

This man was Lilith’s neighbor. He had always taken good care of her.

Lilith immediately dashed over when she saw her acquaintance. She took out her cell phone and swiftly typed a message to show him: “Good evening, Mister. I have something to do outside.”

The middle-aged man immediately responded after seeing these words, “It’s so late now, and it isn’t safe for you to go outside by yourself.”

Lilith: “I know, but there’s something urgent I must do outside.”

Lilith then opened up her [DiDi Taxi] app on her phone. However, the middle-aged man immediately stopped her right when she opened it. Lilith looked at him to see that he wrote on the writing pad: “Since you have something urgent, I’ll give you a ride.”

Lilith was about to type and respond when a girl of about 17 years old got out of the car. She was the middle-aged man’s daughter as well as one of Lilith’s few friends. She asked what was going on and then instantly pulled Lilith onto the car after she understood the situation, without giving Lilith any chance to refuse.

The car started driving away at a really fast speed. Five MPVs followed closely after this car.

Lilith had left quite early. The highway didn’t have a traffic jam yet at this time.

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Lilith felt the wind going by really quickly as she rode on the car. She glanced at the speedometer on the car and saw that the middle-aged man was going over the speed limit by driving 190 km/h! She wanted to type something to remind him when the girl sitting next to her and shook her head while sending her a Wechat message: “My dad’s old habit of speeding has flared up again. Don’t bother.”

Lilith: “…”

Not long after, they arrived at Yongan Street. However, Yaeger’s location was now unknown. Lilith was unable to find her and could only return disappointed. She and the others hiding nearby didn’t notice that a pair of gentle eyes was watching her leave.

“Silly girl.”

This slightly warm voice disappeared in the wind.

Xina Chen brought more than ten subordinates and rushed over as fast as she could, yet they didn’t even see a single hair on Princess’ head. She instantly had a bitter expression.

More and more special agents arrived at Yongan Street. However, everyone had disappointed expressions as Princess’ location was completely unknown.

While they were disappointed, the netizens were even more disappointed. Even though they finally managed to see Princess’ appearance, the time had been so short. Still, the flower’s short bloom had left a faint fragrance.

Wenzel and Lilith had both immediately taken action when they heard the news that Princess had appeared, so neither of them met with a traffic jam. Wenzel’s group had just arrived at Yongan Street.

“Damn it! She ran away so quickly!” Wenzel’s expression instantly distorted with a vicious expression when he learned that Princess was no longer here.

“I think that dog princess must have been scared off by Wenzel’s domineering aura!” A subordinate tried to suck up to Wenzel.

“I agree!”
“That’s right, she’s just lucky!”

Wenzel’s vicious expression eased significantly upon hearing this. He gently waved his hand and said, “She got lucky this time. I’ll definitely kill her next time! Since we’re already here at the outskirts, I’ll take you guys to Shenjing for some sex massages.”

“Wenzel is amazing!”
“Wenzel is so great!”

The subordinates were all overjoyed to hear the words “sex massage”. They all had brilliant smiles like suddenly blooming chrysanthemums.

Someone’s cell phone suddenly beeped at this time. He took it out and saw a message.

“Wenzel, it’s bad. Max and the others were seriously injured by someone. They’re currently receiving emergency treatment at the hospital!”

The person couldn’t help but shout when he saw the news.

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“What b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ with a death wish dares to attack my people!? They seek death!” Wenzel’s eyes were round as he glared. It seemed as if a black mist was covering his face.

“Let’s go to the hospital first to check on Max and the others’ condition. After that, we’ll find the culprit and torture them to death!”

After this, Wenzel’s group left Yongan Street with a vicious aura around them. They didn’t notice at all that a beautiful person was following closely after them.

Wenzel and his group got on a minivan and headed for the hospital. Right when they passed a gas station, the minivan suddenly shook all over. The car doors then distorted as a powerful force shoved the entire car off the road as it made several flips in midair. Finally, the minivan landed in a small patch of trees next to the gas station and crashed with a loud noise.


Screams finally sounded at this time.

Wenzel felt a splitting headache as warm liquid flowed from his forehead. He touched it and discovered that it was blood! His head had crashed into the minivan’s ceiling during the earlier flipping. He had crashed into and destroyed the ceiling light, which caused his head to bleed.

“That hurts so much! What happened just now!?” Wenzel glanced around him to discover that everyone was strewn in every direction and moaning in pain.

They were really lucky. The minivan had deployed two airbags when the crash occurred. Additionally, the minivan had directly landed in soft muddy ground, so they weren’t severely injured.

Wenzel opened the door and got out of the car to check on the situation. He suspected that a large truck had crashed into them. However, he then thought it over more carefully and felt that wasn’t possible. Even if a large truck crashed into them at full speed, that still wouldn’t possibly make a five ton minivan flip several times in midair.


Suddenly, there was the sound of someone stepping on a tree branch. Wenzel glanced over to the sound’s source and instantly widened his eyes as he exclaimed, “You, you!”


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