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Chapter 85 – The black-hearted Princess is really black-hearted.

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1594characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1146 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra, Lilith

Outside the city, in the Purple Maple Forest.

Many players arrived at the grove beside the Broken Leaf City in high spirits. When they saw the lively monsters, their eyes immediately turned lively, and they were excited.

After having been tormented by Princess for a while, they were very depressed. Now that they could vent their pent-up emotions on these monsters, how could they not be excited?

When the players swarmed over, those monsters acted as if they hadn’t eaten in centuries and were suddenly looking at a swarm of fresh meat heading their way. They were so excited they flew over so fast that it’s like they were injected with steroids.

The battle between humans and monsters began!

No, this battle ended almost as immediately as it started.

You have been hit by the wild boar’s [Savage Crash], reducing your health by 135 points.
“Ding! Your HP has been exhausted. You are now dead.”

You have been hit by a wild boar. Your health is reduced by 120 points.
“Ding! Your HP has been exhausted. You are now dead.”

You have been hit by a horned rabbit’s 【Pierce】, reducing your health by 150 points.
“Ding! Your HP has been exhausted. You are now dead.”

“Ah ah!”

The terrible screams rang out everywhere before the players gradually transformed into light particles and disappeared.

They were all bewildered at the moment of their deaths. It was clear from the strategy posted by the other villages in the forum that these small animals were all level 1, but why were the monsters in their village all at level 10!?

This was a one-sided massacre. The players suffered complete, utter annihilation!

In a distance not too far away, some scenic viewing parties and leisure parties noticed that many players turned into light particles and disappeared. They felt their blood run cold, and they immediately fled to the city with all their haste.

It’s so horrible outside, but it’s definitely still safe in the city!

At this moment, a lot of posts popped up in the forum.

《F̲u̲c̲k̲! I was devoured by monsters as soon as I went out. Can this broken game even be played!?》
《Seeing someone gets trampled by a beast is so terrifying. If a man saw it, he’d go silent from fear. If a woman saw it, she’d burst out crying!》
《Who has seen a level 10 wild boar!?》
《Never mind being squeezed dry of money by Princess in the village, but being bullied by the rabbits outside, I just don’t want to live on anymore!》

Similar posts kept appearing one by one.

At first, the players in the forum just thought ‌they were just playing a prank, but after seeing that the prefix of the post was “Newbie Village 101”, they felt that everything was normal.

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There was a devil king in this newbie village!

Although there was no definite evidence, most players believed that Princess was the cause behind it.

Except for the unreasonably domineering and wicked Princess who has no conscience, who would be so wanton at hoarding benefits for oneself at the expense of harming the entire world?

Some players had long noticed the changes in the dynamic levels of the monsters. As long as they kept grinding the monsters in a certain area, the monster’s levels would rise higher and higher to match the player’s level.

However, it was definitely not a simple matter to grind monsters in a region to level 10.

Because a team of players had already tried to grind monsters in a region to level 5.

It took 30 people and 30 minutes to accomplish this feat!

The entire process was uninteresting, boring, and tiring, all at the same time!

It was already incredibly difficult to grind monsters to level 5. One could imagine just how difficult was making it reach level 10!

However, Princess not only grinded the poultry and livestock in the city up to level 10, but she also grinded all monsters outside the city to level 10. In the eyes of many players, she was simply a huge anomaly!

Someone suddenly thought of something and couldn’t help but take a deep breath: Is it possible that Princess has grinded the entire area of Broken Leaf City to level 10!?

If this was the case, it would be catastrophic!

Some people were very puzzled. Would Princess really inflict harm to others just to hoard benefit to herself?

Most people refuse to believe that this black-hearted Princess would do such a stupid thing!

The players of Newbie Village 101 who were crouching in the white prison looked at the various comments about Princess on the forum and felt a chill run down their spine. Their blood ran cold.

Is the heart of this cold-blooded Princess really that ‌black!?

Meanwhile, at the Resurrection Square.

Yaeger and the others were drinking tea and eating snacks ‌ leisurely, as if they were on a vacation.

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Nangong Lin was hesitant to stay idle, but she was also in a dilemma. On one hand, she wanted to quickly upgrade and leave this Newbie Village to meet her Little Luo; on the other hand, she wanted to stay with Princess.

One was her favorite junior while the other was her niece.
She was a woman who fell in love with somebody for the first time.
She didn’t know how to choose.

If Princess and Sachiel Luo were in danger, ‌Nangong Lin would undoubtedly ‌save Sachiel Luo.

The problem was that no one’s life was in danger now, so it was difficult for her to choose!

There was someone watching over Sachiel Luo temporarily, so she didn’t have to worry about her.

However, she still wanted to leave as soon as possible.

However, her progress with Princess didn’t go that smoothly, If she left now, it might be even more difficult to develop their relationship in the future.

Nangong Lin had a headache.

During this time, a group of players rushed back from outside the city. Their facial expressions were filled with fear, as if they had encountered something terrible.

Rakshasa looked at these players and smiled slightly. Her heart was full of joy.

Since Yaeger has influenced this child, it was obviously a bad sign!

Nangong Lin tilted her head slightly, feeling slightly puzzled. Didn’t these people just go out in high spirits earlier?

Why did they look like they had experienced a disaster? Their expression was full of fright.

“After some rest, it’s time to open the stall.” Yaeger finished the last sip of tea, put down the cup, and then looked at the Rakshasa who was nodding happily.

Immediately afterwards, Nangong Lin, [Orc], and [Tilapia] saw these two beautiful girls take out a lot of items as though they are performing a conjuring trick.

All items without exception are Green and White-tiered equipment!


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