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Chapter 78 – Ladies and Gentlemen, please listen to me

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1674 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1309 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra, Lilith

The man just yelled and all the players exploded in fury.

“These two damned middlemen!”
“Scum! Degenerates!”
“Capitalist lackeys!”
“I’d rather have my blood sucked by Princess until I die than buy anything from you!”

Watching these players take out their weapons one by one, [Orc] and [Tilapia] felt a chill run down their spine.

They didn’t expect that these salted fish would be so irritated that they couldn’t stand the slightest provocation.

[Orc] originally planned to hire a high-level NPC to protect him in the city after purchasing the equipment, and then happily sell the equipment here.

However, before stepping out of the Resurrection Square, so many players surrounded them. He somehow managed to provoke the entire player base.

Facing these impetuous players, [Tilapia] was sweating profusely. His legs turned to jelly. His dream of getting rich hadn’t been realized yet, was he about to die?

If they were still clear-headed, they would have thought of going offline immediately. However, it was difficult for a person to keep clear-headed under extreme tension.

At this time, [Tilapia] suddenly looked at Princess from the corner of his eyes and suddenly thought of an idea. He immediately shouted: “Princess, I will pay you 150,000 RMB. Please protect me in the Resurrection Square!”

Over there, when Yaeger who was happily enjoying money with Rakshasa heard 150,000, her ears trembled. She then turned around, showing a professional smile: “Ladies and gentlemen, please listen to me.”

Her melodious and pleasant voice sounded like an ice storm blowing through, stopping everyone in their tracks.

More accurately, they had to stop. Now whoever dared not listen to Princess may face a shower of arrows and die on the spot.

“We are all people who grow up in a society ruled by law. How can you slander someone as a middleman and try to lynch them without evidence? This is wrong, very wrong!

If everyone is lawless like you, using violence whenever they please, and attacking in groups, is the world still decent?

It’s simply foul and filthy!
Is this the world you want!?
No, it’s not!
So, that’s why…

We should abide by laws and disciplines, jointly maintain the order of this world, create an excellent game environment, and be a qualified player!”

When Yaeger spoke, she was full of righteousness, like an ancient saint who was sacred and inviolable.

If someone hadn’t just offered to pay her, maybe someone would really believe her lies!

Everyone was dumbfounded, thinking that they had never seen someone so brazen!

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She was obviously the most unruly one here.

She was also the one who liked violence the most.

However, such a person actually said to abide by the law and create a good game environment!

If they were in the real world, they would have picked up a brick and flung it over!

However, here, Princess was the judge, jury, and executioner. Even if black was called white and the white was called black, no one dared to say that she was incorrect.

Everyone could only helplessly watch [Tilapia] quickly flee the Resurrection Square after transferring money to Princess.

At the next moment, many people turned their eyes to [Orc], killing intent surged on their bodies. One of them ran away but another one was still here!

“Princess, I’ll also pay 150,000 RMB!” [Orc] shouted with a pale face.

“I’m not the kind of person who thinks of nothing but personal gain,” Yaeger said lazily.

“200,000!” As a goblin merchant, how could [Orc] not understand that Yaeger was sitting on the ground and trying to raise the initial price?

“Ladies and gentlemen, please listen to me.”

WTF! Everyone shouted in unison in their hearts and suddenly felt that this world was really dark!

After paying the money, [Orc] immediately ran out of the Resurrection Plaza and then patted his butt in front of other players with a mocking smile: When I come back again, you can only buy equipment at a sky-high price!

The crowd was so enraged that they wanted to catch him back and beat him to death. However, no one dared to disobey Princess so they could only hold themselves back.

Rakshasa: Princess, why don’t those two players go offline directly?

“Their brain should have short-circuited.” Yaeger smiled slightly.

Rakshasa: What fools.

“I can’t blame them. After all, this game feels so real that they got confused and almost forgot they were in a game world and not in reality. Hence, their actions weren’t totally unreasonable either.”

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Yaeger said while taking back the price tag, and then took out another, ready to put down.

When everyone saw this, they immediately rushed up: “I want 5 bottles of basic health recovery potion!”

“I want two bottles!”
“I want 10 bottles of basic health recovery potion!”
“I want 5 bottles of basic mana recovery potion!”

They were really afraid.

If the price of the potion doubled again, who could afford it!

The area in front of the street stall was as lively as a vegetable market. After a while, all potions were sold out.

“Rakshasa, do you think I am a genius?” Yaeger said suddenly.

Rakshasa: Hmm! A rarely seen genius in a thousand years!

Nangong Lin couldn’t help but smack her forehead and roll her eyes. She had never seen such a shameless person!

Just when some players were about to leave the city, a group of city guards rushed in.

“The city guards are on official business. All the idlers get out of the way!”

Hearing that, all players spread out on both sides, making way for the procession of city guards.

“Sinner Princess, you have repeatedly killed people in Broken Leaf City, which has caused extremely negative effects. You should immediately put down your weapons, surrender, and accept punishment!”

An official in the lead pointed at Yaeger and ordered.

Just as the voice fell, the players in the Resurrection Square suddenly felt like they saw the silver-blue sky from the clouds at the end of a storm.

Someone finally came to deal with this menace. God really had eyes!


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