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Chapter 57 – Selling equipment

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1513 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 980 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra, Lilith

Some time ago.

Inside the office of Wenyu Finance Ltd. Co. on the 13th floor of Shennan Building, in Roc City.

“Ahhhhh!” Wenzel bounced up from the sofa, screaming like a slaughtered pig. His face was covered with cold sweat about the size of soybeans and his back was completely soaked.

“Ha…ha…ha…” After screaming, he recognized the familiar interior decoration, and Wenzel calmed down, while still gasping.

Being cut in two by Yaeger’s sword, that kind of extreme pain and the taste of a horrific death made Wenzel think that he had really died.

Fortunately, no matter how real the sensation was, it was just a game. It had no effect on reality.

Of course, it was hard to say if it had inflicted any long lasting trauma in his heart.

“Wenzel, are you ok?” After hearing Wenzel’s scream, one of his subordinates broke in and asked, full of anxiety.

“I’m fine. Convene all the brothers and enter the game with me to kill some people!” Wenzel’s eyes were ice-cold and spoke with bitter resentment.

Just before his death, Wenzel saw clearly that the attacker was a girl who was beautiful beyond words!

However, no matter how beautiful and attractive the girl was, since she had offended him, she would now have to die!

Wenzel was not the type of person who would immediately forget who he was at the sight of a beautiful woman. He was a ruthless person!1

“You meddling woman, just wait and see how I will take my revenge!”

Soon, all the ‘employees’ inside the company and outside of the company gathered in this spacious office. It was a grand total of 108 persons. Each of them had a terminal in their hand.

Most of them had a fiendish appearance. Some of them had fierce scars on their faces and hands. They were dressed like thugs, in fact, they were actual thugs.

“Set off!” Wenzel ordered aggressively and with insufferable arrogance, just like a general on the battlefield.

Rays of white light enveloped them. Everyone was absent-minded for a moment and then all entered the white space.

“Eh… why am I inside a cage?” When Wenzel just opened his eyes, he found himself being held imprisoned by a cage of white light.

No one answered him.

Moving his gaze, Wenzel found a timer floating in front of him, with the numbers counting down.

It displayed 29 minutes and 40 seconds.

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A line of text appeared below the timer: Player [Wenzel] has Experience Value of 0 and cannot pay the death penalty. The death penalty has therefore been changed to 30 minutes of imprisonment.

“F̲u̲c̲k̲ you! How dare you put me in jail!” Memories of his former imprisonment came to Wenzel’s mind. He suddenly became furious and kicked on the white light cage.

At the next moment, the electric light flashed.

“Ah!” Wenzel instantly suffered an electric shock so badly that his bones were almost electrocuted.

Inside the game

“This world is so awesome. This looks 100% real!”
“It hurts! When you pinch yourself, the pain is exactly the same as in real life!”
“Is this reality, or is this an illusion?”
“Try it if you don’t believe it!”
“The surrounding scenes did not appear to be computer-generated. They are too detailed and do not look different from reality!”
“This is not another world, is it now?”
“It’s mind-boggling to imagine that games today have developed to the extent that it can blur the lines between the real world with a virtual world…”
“F̲u̲c̲k̲, who farted!?”
“It stinks!”
“Well damn, even the sensation of smell is the same as reality!”

The players who had just entered the game were all shocked by the degree of realism of this world, especially those who had adjusted their Pain Level to 100%. They even thought that this was another world. The degree of realism was unbelievable!

Yaeger looked at these people’s expressions and became absent-minded, reminiscing about how shocked she was in her previous incarnation.

“All of you will feel even more shocked later.” Murmuring in a low voice, Yaeger opened the Character Info and entered the game’s built-in forum.

This function would only be opened during the public beta so Yaeger could not use it before.

Each server had a forum. There were 13 forums in Cathay. Under normal circumstances, each forum could only be utilized by players of their respective servers. However, after handing over 500 gold coins, one could cross the server for an hour and browse other server forums’ posts as a guest player.

Yaeger entered the Linhnan server forum, created a post, and then copied the equipment and other items’ stats into it. After that, she finally published this world’s first post.

At this moment, a player named [Vast Sky] just opened the forum and saw this new post at first glance.

《 Selling equipment! Selling equipment! Green equipment; 30,000 per piece and 100,000 per three pieces! 》

“Selling equipment as soon as the server started, is this an item spoofing hack?” Vast Sky opened the post and was immediately overwhelmed by a large number of equipment attributes.

The post was actually an advertisement to sell equipment!

Vast Sky had thoroughly researched all the official materials before joining the ‘Saint Demon World’. Naturally, he was not a fool who knew nothing so it was obvious at a glance that the attributes of these equipment were all correct!

The question was, who could farm so much equipment just after starting the server? It must have been a cheater, right?

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Scrolling the post to the end, Vast Sky found that the player had left the address, 101 Newbie Village Resurrection Plaza.

It’s here!

He looked around and soon discovered that three girls were setting up a stall not far away.

The stall was full of equipment and other items!

“F̲u̲c̲k̲! These cheaters!”


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