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Chapter 51 – Princess is cheating in the game again…

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1259 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 809 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra, Lilith

After the opening animation, almost everyone fell into an unparalleled awe.

“Welcome to Saint Demon World.” Suddenly, the system notification echoed inside everyone’s mind.

The next step in the process was character creation. Yaeger and Rakshasa directly skipped this step and entered the game.

In the resurrection square, two pretty figures appeared with a flash of light.

One of them had black hair like a waterfall and a graceful posture. The beauty of the whole universe seemed to have been concentrated on her pretty face.

The other one had blonde hair and a sexy figure. Her beauty was no less than the former.

They were both Yaeger and Rakshasa.

Seeing Yaeger appear beside her, Rakshasa’s eyes sparkled. Her face looked excited: Princess, Princess!

Although she only parted from Yaeger for a short time, this one day apart felt like three years for Rakshasa.

The time of parting was always very sad.

“How many times do I have to remind you, do not address me as Princess.” Yaeger knocked on her head with playful anger. The latter immediately pouted and rolled her eyes at Yaeger.

Bullying me again!

Just as Rakshasa complained a little, her eyes fell on Yaeger and she found that Yaeger somewhat looked different from before. There was a glimmer of undisguised anger in her eyes.

Princess, what’s wrong with you?

Rakshasa quickly sent over a message.

Yaeger pursed up her lips. She didn’t expect that Rakshasa’s observation ability was so acute that she could easily deduce that Yaeger’s emotional state was not the same as usual.

“Something unpleasant happened.”

Rakshasa: Can you tell me what has happened?

She was very concerned about everything related to Yaeger.

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“It’s nothing. I just encountered some gangsters.” Yaeger didn’t want to divulge what really happened nor did she want Rakshasa to become disillusioned in the image that she had painfully built up so far.

After all, the Yaeger from last night in real life was too weak!
It was worlds apart compared to his female avatar in the game!

Rakshasa: These gangsters and whatnot are very detestable. I’ve also suffered under their harassment but luckily, I got help from a very kind person! These bug-like things are not human at all!

Seeing Rakshasa’s message filled with so much anger, Yaeger could not help reaching out to pat her head.

It must have been a traumatic event for a deaf-mute girl to be harassed by gangsters. She believed that Rakshasa at that time must have been terrified, otherwise she would not have such a grievous expression.

“Okay, let’s not talk about these unpleasant things anymore.” Yaeger withdrew her hand. The latter seemed reluctant to part and wanted to be patted for a while.

Are you a kitten!?

Yaeger smiled bitterly and then took out a purple box.

This was the reward for killing the Master Elite Storm Wolf – A Purple Random Equipment Chest.

Rakshasa was curious: *Princess, what are you going to do?

“Open the chest.”

Rakshasa: Didn’t you say that it’s wasteful to open the chest in Newbie Village?

“The situation has changed so it’s no longer wasteful.” When Yaeger said this, black flames seemed to be burning in her eyes.

According to the original plan, Yaeger planned to spend a few days in the Newbie Village before entering the main server.

However, after last night’s incident, the flames of hatred burned even brighter than ever, threatening to lash out at any moment. She had to speed up her progress and acquire new skills and equipment to bring them back to reality in a day or two!

Only in this way could she vent the flames of hatred.

Only in this way could she protect herself in the real world!

Rakshasa faintly felt that the reason why Yaeger opened the chest was not simple, but since the other party didn’t say anything, she chose not to pry.

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Before others came out of the white space, Yaeger quickly clicked on the chest.

“Give me a bow!” What she wanted most now was a weapon, and preferably a bow.

The [Sunset Bow] was considered good equipment before level 10, but after rising to level 10, its attack power was low and its weakness of having poor attributes lay bare. It was impossible for Yaeger to perfectly display her true strength with it.

The Purple Random Equipment Chest opened and a burst of purple light flashed.

At the next moment, Yaeger and Rakshasa saw a purple bow floating in the air. Its body was wrapped in purple electric current and a crackling sound could be heard. It was an uncommon piece of equipment at first sight.

“Isn’t this a wish come true?” Yaeger clenched her fist and the haze on her face finally swept away, revealing a smile as enchanting as ever.

Rakshasa immediately rolled her eyes at her: Princess is cheating again!


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