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Chapter 119 – I Won’t Transform Even If I’m Killed!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1752 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1115 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

No other voice spoke up in the white space. It seemed that the system intended on ignoring Yaeger.

Yaeger sat down listlessly on the ground with a helpless expression.

If she had obtained such a skill in her past life, she would have been overjoyed to the point of jumping up five meters. That was because her Ranger character was male in her past life. She hadn’t been forced by the system to reincarnate into a girl back then.

However, she was now 100% a girl!

If she used the transformation skill in real life, no wait, even if she didn’t use it, she would completely transform into a girl in one month.

How cruel could fate be?

“It’s over, it’s over… my life is finished.” Yaeger tilted her head with a blank expression in her eyes. Her face was paper-white as her slightly opened mouth breathed out despair.

She had never wanted to cry so much in her life.

The reincarnators that she had read about before would always become amazing after their return, shouting loudly about how they wouldn’t stand for being humiliated, then defeating everyone they came across in such a mighty manner.

However, not only had Yaeger transformed into a girl in the game, she was now going to become a girl in real life as well!

Before she even got to enjoy the view from the peak of the world, she had lost what was down there.

What a pitiful reincarnator she was.

She shakily stood up while blankly opening up her interface and entering the game again. Right now, she really wanted to find someone to console her.

Yaeger appeared on the previous battlefield in a flash of white light.

“Princess!” Nangong Lin was immediately delighted to see Yaeger’s sudden appearance.

“Princess!” Yunuen Lin was also really happy. She originally thought that Princess would take a long time with her affairs, so it was unexpected that she returned so quickly.

‘Lucky that we didn’t leave!’ Both girls were happily thinking the same thing.

Rakshasa skipped over and was just about to message Yaeger when the latter suddenly hugged her. Right after that, Rakshasa saw Yaeger begin to cry while hugging her with great strength.

Everyone was shocked to see this.

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Nangong and Yunuen walked over. One patted Yaeger on the back, while the other wiped Yaeger’s tears. Both of them had moisture in their eyes.

‘Although we don’t know why Princess is aggrieved, we empathize.’

(Yaeger: How could you possibly know what it feels like!?)

After crying, Yaeger swiftly returned to normal, at least on the surface.

“I’m sorry to have gotten you wet.”

Rakshasa: “It’s fine. Princess, are you alright?”

“Princess, what happened?” Nangong inquired.

“Princess, did you meet something that made you unhappy?” Yunuen asked worriedly.

“It’s nothing. I just suddenly felt that this world is far too dark, which made me mysteriously feel bad,” Yaeger stated calmly with a sad expression.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the others knew what her personality was really like, they really would have believed she was the type who easily cried.

“Princess…” Just as they wanted to say something, Yaeger waved her hand.

“I’m not in a good mood now. I’m going to log off to calm down, and I won’t be gaming any more tonight.”

She then immediately logged off.

The other girls all awkwardly glanced at each other without understanding what was going on. They then tacitly all logged off as well.

The game seemed so boring without Princess.

Equipment? Items? Leveling? Sorry, none of those could even compare to a single hair on Princess’s head.

All three girls truly thought this.

At the same time, in Newbie Village 92.

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“If my mage staff swings down, you guys might just die.” Sachiel Luo was wearing a mage robe and wielding a mage staff as she icily looked at the two male players in front of her.

“Heh heh, we just wanted to invite you to play with us, beauty. We truly didn’t have any other ideas!” A warrior player with a wretched smile chuckled.

“That’s right, that’s right!” A slightly pudgy holy knight player flashed a sincere smile. “It’s not good for girls to be in physical fights. You should accompany us on the beast cart and admire the scenery and this beautiful world. Won’t that be nice?”

Hearing this, Sachiel swung her mage staff at the other two without even saying a word.

“Haha, a mage’s physical attack? That’s nothing!”

The warrior player had a condescending expression. His eyes were filled with lust as he looked at Sachiel. He had seen plenty of beautiful women before, but this was the first time he had seen someone with such pure natural beauty like Sachiel. He wanted to seduce her no matter what!

The holy knight player’s lips curled upward. He didn’t care one bit about Sachiel’s attack, despite the fact that she was level 9 and the two of them were only level 6. A mage’s physical attack would be as weak as a young child’s punch, so it would be no threat at all.



The warrior player was instantly smashed to pieces by the mage staff as he exploded. The holy knight player couldn’t comprehend what he just witnessed. Before he could even react, Sachiel’s mage staff came for him as well.


A second explosion.

“Didn’t I tell you that I’m currently in a bad mood?” Sachiel took her mage staff back with an icy expression.

Two players not far away exchanged glances with each other with wry smiles. The lady was so powerful, so they were rather unnecessary!

These two players were the bodyguards that Nangong had sent over to protect Sachiel.

However, this violent mage didn’t need anyone’s protection at all.

At a certain room in Black Internet Cafe.

Yaeger opened his eyes and instantly felt faint energy all around him that his body was currently absorbing.

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“What is this?” He was somewhat confused.

Normally, Yaeger would definitely try and understand what was going on. However, he was currently faced with the fate of forcibly being transformed, so nothing else was as important anymore.

Yaeger gently sighed as he looked at the handsome face reflected in the dark computer screen. He felt a twinge of pain in his chest from this.

“Even if Wenzel captures me to let an old and ugly rich woman toy with me until my death, I still won’t use the transformation ability!”

Yaeger gritted his teeth adamantly.

There was still a one-month time limit, which meant he might be able to do something!

Knock knock knock!

At this moment, someone rhythmically knocked on the door.


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