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Chapter 117 – The Light Faction Has Become Distant

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2106 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1449 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra, Lilith

Every player in the world received their first global system announcement at this moment.

“Is this a joke? I haven’t even seen what blue equipment looks like before, yet someone actually obtained orange equipment? They must be cheating!”
“Isn’t this too extravagant of a reward for killing the first boss in the world!?”
“I’m so jealous!”
“This player named [Princess] is so lucky!”
“Oh my god!”
“I really can’t believe it!”

The players who were currently fighting monsters or doing other things all stopped as they read this global system announcement. They were all either astonished or really jealous.

Mira sliced a Wind Wolf in half as she glanced at the public channel, causing her expression to flicker.

She had already activated the [Wind Wolf’s Revenge] quest. Just earlier, she and several dozen of her guild members had killed the [Mutated Wind Wolf] and were about to activate the second part of the quest.

However, the player [Princess] from China had already completed the first boss kill in the world, which really was so inconceivable that she couldn’t help but wonder if something was wrong with her eyes.

After Mira rubbed her eyes and looked again, the message in the public channel was still the same, so she instantly had a look of astonishment.

She then immediately logged off.

America, at the Dorado central intelligence agency branch.

Mira opened her eyes and hurriedly turned on her computer to check the latest information. She then found the video of the battle that seemed like it was taken from a great distance.

Although it was difficult to see the battle clearly, Mira was still astonished by what she saw, especially that golden flashing scene that caused even the heaven and earth to change color and space to distort.

“Is this really a Ranger’s combat strength?” Mira couldn’t help but mutter to herself.

Ring ring ring! At this moment, her cell phone rang. Mira took it out and saw that the Decagon had just sent a top-secret message to all secret agents.

“What…? They’re going to raise [Princess]’s danger level to S rank!? And put all their efforts in capturing her!?”

Mira’s eyelashes trembled as her expression was filled with astonishment. The [Princess] was really that dangerous? Besides, wasn’t the previous goal to kill her?

China, on a high-speed train.

Mylene Tian suddenly received a text message. She was rather stunned when she read it.

“Raise the [Princess]’s protection level to level 5, and it’s been determined that I will personally protect her?”

Mylene muttered to herself with a look of astonishment.

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“Just who is this [Princess]?” She glanced outside the train window and instantly felt a headache because she didn’t even know where [Princess] was!

How was she supposed to protect [Princess]!?

Old man Tian, who sat across from her, opened his tightly shut eyes for just a moment. They were the only two in this first-class cabin.

Currently, the train was steadily heading for Roc City at a high speed.

Not long after Yaeger completed the world’s first boss kill, secret undercurrents started flowing beneath the surface of the calm world, bringing countless dangers to her.

Inside the game, Yaeger’s hands trembled slightly as she had difficulty hiding the excitement in her eyes.

Orange equipment, blue equipment, and so on weren’t important to her. Only the [Saint Demon Roulette] was what she had been plotting for all this time!

This was one of the highest-level rewards in this game!

The actual abilities and items that Yaeger truly wanted could all be drawn from this roulette!

She took a deep breath and gradually calmed her exuberant mood. She figured that she should first deal with the trash in front of her before using the [Saint Demon Roulette].

Yaeger took out her [Purple Sky Crossbow] as her eyes instantly became as icy as winter. The NPCs on the ground felt as if their tailbones had been viciously stabbed by an icicle when they met her eyes.

“No, don’t kill me! I’m the city lord, I’m a noble! You can’t kill me!” Hades was so scared that his heart almost stopped working when he saw Yaeger glancing at him. He trembled so much that his pudgy flesh shivered all over, and his words were filled with fear.

“I’m actually the type that’s really easy to get along with. As long as you don’t antagonize me or try to harm me, it’s really easy to talk to me. However, for someone like you who tries to harm me for the sake of money, I think that everyone will think that I’m easy to bully in the future if I don’t eliminate you now.”

Yaeger pulled her bow to the maximum as she stated this with a chilly expression.

As the saying went, people would die for money. Since Hades helped S.K.Y. to attack her for the sake of money, that meant he was risking his own life already.

It was Hades’ own fault for getting killed!

Hades climbed up as his pudgy body proved to seem surprisingly light as he suddenly jumped several meters.


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Hades immediately stiffened as his eyes widened and pupils contracted. The color in his eyes rapidly vanished as a small black hole appeared on his forehead.

The next instant, a red and pink mixture poured out from this hole.

“Ding! You have murdered City Lord Hades. You have lost 10,000 favorability with all of Broken Leaf City. You have lost 10,000 favorability with the Jade Empire. The Light Faction’s attitude towards you has become distant. The Dark Faction’s attitude towards you has become friendly. The Chaos Faction’s attitude towards you has become friendly.”

Plop! The system’s voice instantly sounded right when Hades collapsed.

When the NPCs saw their city lord being murdered, instead of being angry, they actually crawled and kneeled as they loudly shouted, “Princess, spare our lives!”

“Spare us!”

They were truly afraid, afraid that Princess would start a slaughter!

Everyone valued their own lives.

“Forget it. I’ll give you guys one more chance. Get the hell out of here right now.” Yaeger put away her bow and didn’t feel like even looking at them anymore.

Everyone cried and wiped snot as they swiftly got up and ran off as if they had received great mercy.

Yaeger didn’t actually want to kill people. However, she had to kill someone to make the others afraid, as otherwise there would always be foolish NPCs causing trouble for her.

At that time, was she supposed to kill, or start a major slaughter?

“It seems that I won’t be fated to join the Light Faction.” Yaeger smiled without care after hearing the system’s announcement.

There were indeed many benefits to joining a faction, such as a 5% boost to experience gained, being able to use normal teleportation portals for free, being able to purchase from faction reputation stores at a discount, and so on.

These benefits were incredibly good for most players, but they were nothing more than minor benefits for Yaeger.

Currently, Yaeger had plenty of money and equipment, and her leveling speed was also fast. Joining or not joining a faction really wouldn’t affect her all too much.

Rakshasa and the others were about to speak when Yaeger spoke first. “Everyone’s worked hard. I need to leave for a bit for something, so each of you take one of these equipment.”

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Three random blue equipment boxes appeared in front of them. These were part of the rewards for the world’s first boss kill.

“Also, Yunuen, if anyone asks you about me, just tell them the truth. Of course, I recommend that you immediately move.”

Yaeger did her best to advise Yunuen.

“Rakshasa, Nangong, Yunuen, if any of you want to leave Newbie Village and enter the main city, then go. I might not go until later.”

“I’ll wait for you!” Nangong Lin replied without hesitation.

Rakshasa: [I’ll wait for you.] 

“Princess, I’ll also wait for you!” said Yunuen.

“Okay, we’ll all go to the main city together then.” Yaeger felt slightly warm in her heart as she patted everyone on the head.

Everyone smiled and felt wonderful inside. Rather than Princess giving them equipment, they preferred Princess acting intimate with them like this.

Yaeger took her hand back, opened her Item Box, and used the [Saint Demon Roulette].

The next instant, she was teleported to a white space. The entire space shook violently right after that. A gigantic roulette arrived in midair, bringing a terrifying aura of destruction with it.

(Author note: [Baines], who got 3rd rank on the Wind Wolf King quest, is an NPC, not a player.)


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