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Chapter 113 – Quite Nice of You to Clear the Monster

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1,915 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1,336 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra, Lilith

As the players started killing monsters as if they were suicidal, the Wind Wolves’ numbers rapidly decreased as the current battlefield was divided into three parts by the NPCs.

Some of the NPCs defended the city and attacked the Wind Wolves below, some NPCs came out of the city to clear the nearby Wind Wolves, and some powerful NPCs went out together with the players to attack the Wind Wolf King.

The three major guilds seemed quite grand as they immediately surrounded the Wind Wolf King to hunt it down.

Thanks to powerful tank NPCs and healer NPCs helping the players out, the players didn’t suffer very many losses.

Rakshasa: “Princess, shall we go down there early?”

“Yes, but not right now. I’ll tell you guys about the main points of the fight.”

Yaeger glanced towards Yunuen Lin and said, “The Wind Wolf King’s [Aura of Fear] will cause the players close to it to sink into a state of fear, giving them a -15% debuff to attack and defense. When Rakshasa and I engage it in melee combat, remember to cast [Cleanse] on us to eliminate the debuff, Yunuen.”

Yunuen Lin nodded.

“Nangong Lin, you’re in charge of interrupting the Wind Wolf King’s ability. Whenever you see it trying to cast its ultimate ability, just hit it as hard as you can. It doesn’t matter even if you don’t succeed.”

“Alright.” Nangong Lin had a serious expression and thought, ‘This is the task that Princess gave to me, so I must do well!’

“Rakshasa, all you need to do is maximize your DPS. Leave everything else to me.”

Yep! Rakshasa nodded energetically. Now that her swordsmanship had improved, her combat strength had greatly increased as well, so she could take on more difficult tasks.

“Right, Yunuen, there’s one thing that you absolutely must remember.” Yaeger stared at Yunuen Lin.

“W, what is it?” Yunuen instantly panicked from being stared at like that. Her little face became slightly red.

“That’s, absolutely never heal me,” Yaeger said quite seriously.

“What?” Yunuen had a stunned expression as if she didn’t understand what Yaeger just said.

“My body is rather special. I have a buff when my HP is low.” Yaeger didn’t intend on explaining to the others about the artifact for the time being.

When Rakshasa heard this, she felt a sense of superiority as her eyes crinkled with a smile. ‘This is a secret that only I and Princess know, while you all don’t have the right to know!’

Getting stronger with less HP? What the hell was this? Yunuen and Nangong had expressions of disbelief. This game didn’t have a so-called berserker class, after all.

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“Some unexpected situations may occur during battle. No need to pay too much attention to such things. Just keep the Wind Wolf King occupied and don’t let it run away. I will deal with everything else.”

Yaeger glanced down at the battlefield below after she said this. Her eyes contained an unconcealed coldness.

In the outside world, countless eyes were watching Newbie Village 101 and this battle.

This was the first major boss in the game, so no amount of attention would be considered too much.

Just the [first boss kill of the world] was more than enough to make the great majority of players excited.

Not to mention, the first boss kill might have incredibly munificent rewards!

Unfortunately, these spectators could only watch. The main reason why they were watching this battle was to learn the Wind Wolf King’s weakness in order to better prepare for their own future battle.

Inside the game.

15 minutes later, all the nearby Wind Wolves were cleared as the players and NPCs gathered together near the Wind Wolf King.

After the fierce battling during this time, 10% of the players had died, and several NPCs had died as well. Meanwhile, the Wind Wolf King had lost 20% of its HP.

“Everyone, let’s go, the Wind Wolf King is getting much weaker!” S.K.Y. shouted in the guild channel.

His guild was greatly effective in this battle. As the saying went, money could make the world go round. The players almost suicidally attacked the Wind Wolf King in order to receive a higher payment.

Of course, if it wasn’t for a large number of mage NPCs weakening the Wind Wolf King, the players would definitely suffer far more casualties.

Gradually, the players noticed that there was a certain pattern to the Wind Wolf King’s attacks.

This was just like a human’s bad habits. It would be difficult to change bad habits because they had already become natural.

The players then reduced their losses even more after learning the patterns of the Wind Wolf King’s attacks and dodging. The players’ attacks also became more effective.

Plus, with someone commanding, the fight was a lot easier than earlier.

The lone Wind Wolf King kept receiving attacks like this. In less than 10 minutes, its HP value was reduced to 51%.

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S.K.Y. and the others were really excited as the Wind Wolf King’s HP kept decreasing. In their opinion, they would obtain the world’s first boss kill in about 20 more minutes!

However, when the Wind Wolf King’s HP was reduced to under 50%, all the players present witnessed what a nightmare really was.

A green tornado suddenly whipped up. Right after that, the players on the outskirts witnessed the players and NPCs who had been attacking the Wind Wolf King be instantly whirled into the sky. Right after that, there was a blood-red flash as the Wind Wolf King violently exploded. It attacked with lightning-fast speed as blood flew and corpses were strewn everywhere that it went.

An uncountable number of players screamed as they disappeared in flashes of light. A large number of casual players were stunned and then ran as if boiling hot water was under their feet.

They couldn’t possibly deal with this, so they were going to run!

“F̲u̲c̲k̲!” S.K.Y. couldn’t help but cuss in anger. He never expected that the Wind Wolf King’s special ability would suddenly activate and kill half the players in [Limitless Guild]!

The remaining players all had expressions of fear. Could this be the Wind Wolf King’s true power? How terrifying!

The next moment, the red light dissipated as the Wind Wolf King revealed a gigantic body. It raised its head high, and its eyes were the color of blood.

Everything was abnormally silent. Many people became afraid, but they gritted their teeth and stayed when they thought about the damned reward.

S.K.Y. and the other two guild leaders were about to say something to raise morale when a clear and beautiful voice suddenly spoke first.

“You guys had a nice start, but soon it will be mine.”

This voice was like a demon’s murmuring as everyone’s heads went numb. Naturally, they could tell whose voice this was. The blackhearted princess! The demon king of Newbie Village! The bloodthirsty god of slaughter!

Some people stiffly turned their heads, wanting to confirm if they had hallucinated. However, what they saw was a storm of arrows flying in their direction!

Twang twang twang twang twang!

The moment that they heard these sounds, many players discovered that an arrow was stuck in their chest. When they felt the intense pain, they then transformed into particles of light and vanished.

Wind Wolf King: …
NPCs: …
Players: …

The scene became even more abnormally silent. However, the silence was soon interrupted again by the sound of a storm of arrows. A large number of players were struck by arrows as they screamed in pain. There were even some players who died without being struck by the arrows due to being affected by the force of the arrows passing by them.

This battlefield instantly became a hell.

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“We’re going to die young! Princess is slaughtering the village!” The casual players started shouting as if they had seen a demon when they witnessed such a vicious scene.


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