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Chapter 112 – Love From Sister System

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1663 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1136 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra, Lilith

Battles raged across the plains as the war between humans and beasts escalated. The human side was constantly doing better thanks to the advantage of castles, while the Wind Wolves’ casualties kept increasing.

While the battle here was at a peak, the resurrection plaza was quite idle. Many people were sitting together, drinking tea, and chatting.

These were casual players who didn’t have high requirements for their levels and equipment. If it wasn’t for the rule that you could only leave Newbie Village after reaching level 10, they wouldn’t even want to grind their levels.

Basically, they were casuals among the casual players.

In the distance, there were some players watching to see if they had an opportunity to get some easy spoils.

As for working hard? That wouldn’t happen, as this was an NPC city, not their city. Besides, there were no rewards for defending the city, so why would they work hard?

“Although getting the world’s first boss kill might be nice, that’s not an honor that we casual players can obtain,” a warrior player named [Not Returning Home Tonight] shook his head and smiled wryly.

“I know, I know, who could possibly win against those three guilds?” A mage player named [Little Fairy] shrugged and extended her palms.

Currently, there were four guilds in Newbie Village 101. [Limitless Guild], [Berserk Blade Guild], [Tomorrow’s Flower], and [Princess Alliance]. Since [Princess Alliance] only had four members, everyone basically ignored them.

No, they intentionally ignored them, since it was that person’s guild.

“In my opinion, this world’s first boss kill will definitely belong to S.K.Y.,” a player named [Emperor Flower Show] commented while sipping on some tea.

These three people were sitting together and chatting casually with expressions that they didn’t care, as if this battle had no relation to them at all.

It would be quite difficult for people to be motivated without any benefits spurring them on.

“Why do you say that?” [Little Fairy] asked out of curiosity.

“One word, money! I just heard from my cousin that [Limitless Guild] issued a quest to kill the Wind Wolf King, where you’ll be rewarded based on how much damage you cause, with the highest reward being up to one million!” [Emperor Flower Show] exclaimed with an exaggerated expression.

“Tsk tsk, spending so much money for the sake of a world’s first boss kill. My imagination is really limited due to being poor,” said [Not Returning Home Tonight] with an expression of jealousy.

“[Tomorrow’s Flower] isn’t a poor guild, either. I think that the competition will be fierce,” said [Little Fairy].

“I heard that the guild leader of [Berserk Blade] owns a uranium mine. At any rate, they’re all bigwigs who don’t lack money. This competition over the world’s first boss kill will definitely be fierce,” said [Emperor Flower Show] as he ate some sunflower seeds.

“It will be fun if the three major guilds all fight each other at the end!” [Not Returning Home Tonight] smiled with a sinister expression.

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“I should say, have you forgotten about that Princess’ guild?”

When [Little Fairy] said this, the other two players had expressions that she shouldn’t have mentioned it. Everyone had finally managed to forget about that demon king’s existence, yet she still mentioned it anyways. She really didn’t know how to read the atmosphere.

“Forget it. No matter how amazing that Princess is, you think she can actually beat the Wind Wolf King by herself?”

Since Princess had been brought up, then it would seem like he was afraid of her if he intentionally avoided the topic, which was why [Not Returning Home Tonight] continued the topic.

“It’s obviously impossible. The Wind Wolf King’s physical stats are already so scary. Don’t even talk about single combat, I think that it will be difficult for even the entire city to defeat it.”

[Emperor Flower Show] also shook his head with an expression of condescension.

No matter how strong Princess was, she was only a level 10 player. She could only bully low-level players and NPCs.

Death was the only path when facing a high-level Magic Beast!

Without even mentioning the Wind Wolf King, even an Elite Magic Beast could easily crush her! [Emperor Flower Show] thus felt that Princess wasn’t that much of a big deal after all.

“I agree,” [Little Fairy] nodded in agreement before then saying, “There’re so many monsters below the city now. Shall we go level up a little? We have nothing to do regardless.”

“Let’s not, it’s so tiring.” [Emperor Flower Show] immediately shook his head.

“I won’t grind a single monster even if I have to jump off the city wall and die to the Wind Wolves!” [Not Returning Home Tonight] replied in an adamant tone.

“Ding! During this period of the Magic Beasts invasion, all players who participate in defending the city shall receive a buff with double experience and +20% drop rate for equipment and items.”

The system’s voice suddenly spoke in the entire city.

The very next moment…

[Not Returning Home Tonight]: “Damn, bring out your weapons, everyone!”
[Emperor Flower Show]: …(Look of condescension).
[Little Fairy]: … (Pretending not to know these two).

Thanks to the motivation of double experience and +20% drop rate for equipment and items, all the players went into a fervor.

Even the lazy and casual players who preferred to watch from the sidelines had become excited to the point where they couldn’t control themselves.

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After learning about the game for a day, all the players knew that this game had an incredibly pitiful drop rate. Having a 20% increase in drop rate was just like becoming incredibly lucky with gacha draws! Not only that, there was even a double experience buff.

For the casual players who loved to look at the scenery and experience life in a different world, as long as they worked hard at grinding this wave of monsters, it would no longer be a dream for them to leave Newbie Village.

Although Newbie Village was nice, it was still too small. Naturally, they wanted to see the large world outside.

Soon, a dense number of players filled the top of the city wall as countless attacks rained down like a torrent of rain.

The Wind Wolves, who were already at a disadvantage, immediately suffered even more casualties.

Even though these individual players weren’t very strong, their combined power made even the Wind Wolf King begin to worry!

Meanwhile, when Yaeger finished listening to the system’s report, she smiled blissfully as her slightly opened cherry lips uttered a voice that sounded like silver bells.

“I was just worried that I wouldn’t be able to force those casual players into action. I never expected that someone would save the day. Sister System, you really do love me after all!”


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