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Chapter 105 – Ding, Your Rich Friend is Online

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1764 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1246 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra, Lilith

Yunuen stopped her actions and slightly raised her head to look at Yaeger. She blinked her eyes with a blank, bewildered expression on her face. The question caught her off-guard.

I seem to have heard something very strange just now. Did Princess just offer to recruit me to join her guild?

Oh, my God. I must be hallucinating, right?

Wake up and stop dreaming, Yunuen. Princess is like a goddess. How would she want to team up with someone like you who is nothing more than a little ant in front of her!


“You don’t want to join?” Yaeger asked again, her lips parting slightly again.

At this moment, Yunuen finally understood that it was definitely not a hallucination just now. She did not mishear!

Princess had really invited her to join the guild!

“I definitely want to join!”

Yunuen almost yelled out loud, attracting many people’s gazes.

Everyone was puzzled. Was it possible that black-hearted Princess had done something strange again?

Rakshasa and Nangong Lin looked at each other, and discovered that there was a faint sense of crisis in each other’s eyes.

Originally, there were only two people competing for Princess’ attention, but now suddenly a brand new challenger has appeared. The competition had undoubtedly become more intense!

After a quick struggle in their hearts, they stopped the war between them temporarily to prevent the fisherman from gaining profit.

Yunuen was visibly excited as she felt that spending 2,888 RMB to buy the terminal for 《Sacred Demon World》 might have been the most valuable investment in her life.

Who was Princess?

The big devil of the newbie village.

Someone with Purple equipment.

A beautiful girl who could cause the downfall of a country.

A slaughter god whom everyone was afraid of.

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With Yaeger taking her in, her future potential was unlimited and secured!

To look at the bigger picture from a more practical perspective, Princess had charged 500,000 RMB for taking others to level up for ten minutes. However, she would take Yunuen for free.

It was like conjuring a lot of money from just air.

Besides that, ‌the members of this guild were all girls, so they should get along with each other…

While thinking like this, Yunuen noticed that Nangong Lin and Rakshasa glared at her with a stare that threatened to gobble her up.

It should be fun. Hahaha…
As if!

Yaeger sent out an invitation to Yunuen to join the guild. Although the latter was a little scared, she still joined in no time.

So, [Princess Alliance] now had a fourth member.

“Come join us and have tea. I am free anyway.” Yaeger asked her to sit down.

Yunuen pursed her lips and then sat down, but she felt very uncomfortable because there were two icy glares on the opposite side that kept putting pressure on her.

Even without their pressure, Yunuen was still under great mental pressure.

Because, not to mention Princess, who was beautiful beyond the limit of human beings, the peerless looks of Rakshasa and Nangong Lin made her feel ‌like she was extraordinarily out of place, just like a chicken in a group of swans.

Thankfully, she was going down a different path. She was the cute archetype. Otherwise, there’d be no place for her here.

Yaeger poured a cup of tea for Yunuen and handed it to her, who received it with trembling hands.

Princess actually ‌poured me a cup of tea. Ah, I’m not dreaming… Hehehe, so happy!

Yunuen smiled foolishly, but was immediately shocked by two icy glares fixating on her.

Yaeger didn’t care about their strange interaction and was thinking of other things in her mind.

She didn’t invite Yunuen to join the guild without a good reason.

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No matter how you looked at it, a player who could obtain blue-tier equipment on the first day in the Newbie Village would not have low Luck Points.

Moreover, Yaeger’s team still lacked a healer. Yunuen’s presence automatically sent one to her doorstep, saving Princess from the headache of looking everywhere.

In addition, she found Yunuen very pleasing to the eye. She was stupid, cute, and at the same likable.

This kind of person wouldn’t scheme behind your back. She was worthy of Yaeger’s time to associate with.

Yaeger didn’t like those who harbored deep, complex thoughts. It was tiring to communicate with such people. She had to be always on her guards in front of them to avoid being schemed against.

After some chatting, they had a preliminary understanding of each other.

Yaeger proposed to take Yunuen to level up, and no one had any objections.

Soon, there was another storm of arrows outside.

When Yaeger was welcoming the newcomers, outside in the real world, Roc city, Wenyu Finance Ltd. Co.

Wenzel’s face was pale, and his eyes were full of panic. The system electrocuted him for a whole full hour, causing him to almost collapse.

As soon as the electrocution was over, Wenzel immediately quit the game and had not dared to enter until now.

“Boss, [Princess] in the game was too abnormal. Why don’t we find her in real life and get revenge on her?”

A subordinate suggested.

“A random sentence has made me realize how everything clicks into place!” Wenzel suddenly slapped the table with excitement, sweeping away the depression just now.

“I was too hot-headed before and I didn’t think of dealing with that person in real life! That’s my strong point! You immediately go to the forum to make a post, offering a reward of one million for Princess’ real-life information!”

“Understood!” The subordinate responded and immediately entered the game.

Less than five minutes later.

The subordinate logged out and opened his eyes.

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“Have you obtained the information so soon?” Wenzel said excitedly.

“About that, boss…” The subordinate looked embarrassed.

“Speak up straight to the point if you have something to say!” Wenzel said impatiently.

After hesitating for a moment, the subordinate finally said slowly: “People on the forum mocked us as beggars…”

Speaking of the word “beggar”, he couldn’t help but lower his voice.

“What!? They actually dare to say that Wenzel is a beggar! I will kill them!” Wenzel was so angry that his eyes were almost about to split open.

“Why do they call me a beggar?” Wenzel suddenly asked the question that popped into his mind.

“Because the reward offered for information about [Princess] in the forum has long exceeded 10 million, our offer of 1 million feels puny…” He could not say more than that.

“What is the origin of this [Princess]?” After hearing this, Wenzel finally calmed down. Some people offered a reward of tens of millions, which showed how difficult it was to locate Princess!

It also showed that Princess was not ordinary!

Wenzel, who had often traveled the shady paths, immediately smelled something unusual.

“Let’s lick our wounds for now and accumulate more strength for later. We’ll teach Princess a lesson when the time comes.”

Speaking of this, Wenzel’s eyes turned cold: “Have you found Yaeger? Sister Red has been urging me all the time. There are already several rich women who can’t wait to enjoy him.”

“Our brothers are speeding up in full force. The last time he was seen in the shantytown. He has revealed his general location. It is only a matter of time before we discover him.”

“Do it as fast as possible!” Wenzel slapped the table with a glint in his eyes.


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