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Chapter 103 – This Magical Girl is Abnormal

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1972 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1402 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra, Lilith

Following the direction of the voice, Yaeger saw a girl who looked about 17 or 18 years old and had a cute appearance. She was about 160 cm tall, holding a staff and wearing a priest’s robe standing in front of the stall.

On her head were seven large characters.

There were three words [Mahou Shoujo Yunuen] floating on the top of her head.

“Pfft!” Yaeger almost spits out a mouthful of saliva, but ‌she forcibly held it back, as she couldn’t destroy her image of a beautiful girl.

“Do you want to sell me equipment?” Yaeger immediately asked with a look of confusion.

You know, she was now the tyrant ruling over the newbie village, the devilish black-hearted Princess who killed people for no reason besides whim and fancy.

Someone asked her to buy equipment, what was going on here?

“Mmhmm!!” [Mahou Shoujo Yunuen] bit her lip as she nodded vigorously. Her eyes were full of anxiety.

Her real name was Yunuen Lin. She was a senior high school student. She was studying in a public school in Huadu District. At present, she was skipping classes and playing games.

At this moment, there were many senior high school students like Yunuen Lin in the game.

The first reason was that the charm of the game was too good to resist. Second, some students couldn’t cope with the harsh realities of life that awaited them ‌and entered the game world to escape reality.

For example, the public school Yunuen Lin was currently attending was a top-tier public school in the area five years ago, but since the education reform began, private schools had been wantonly poaching the good teachers by offering higher salaries. It didn’t take long for the public schools to become bottom tier feeders in the education ecosystem.

Even worse, not only had the quality of the teaching staff dropped, the school was actually forbidden from running remedial classes. Besides that, the instructors were still holding back in class, only for them to ask their students to attend the tuition classes they would hold at night, outside school hours.

For low-income families like Yunuen’s family, who earned 4,500 RMB a month, the tuition fee of 300 RMB for 3 hours a night was definitely an unimaginably heavy financial burden.

However, not signing up for it was also out of question. Her other classmates went to cram schools one by one, or invited private tutors or famous teachers to teach them.

If she only relied on herself, she obviously couldn’t catch up to others.

Yunuen felt a deep sense of powerlessness watching those classmates who used to do worse at school surpassing her.

Fortunately, her father made some extra money recently, which made the family’s financial situation better, so Yunuen dared to ask her mother for tuition fees.

As a result, they gave her four thousand.

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Then, Yunuen used the money to buy the terminal of 《Sacred Demon World》.

Because recently, she saw a post on the Internet.

《Breaking new! The world’s most beautiful girl unexpectedly made millions in seconds by doing this in-game!》

It was then when Yunuen came to know that playing games could make money for the first time.

Thinking that it was too late to take tuition now, she was afraid that she could not pass the exam with her current capabilities, so she decisively took a gamble.

Unfortunately, she entered the Newbie Village 101 and ended up squeezed by the black-hearted Princess.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for Princess to discover her conscience, allowing them to go out of the city to level up.

Healers and tanks were very popular professions. At most, it only took a second for Yunuen to form a party.

After fighting with the party for a while, she successfully rose to level 6. It was originally a pleasant thing, but when the spoils were distributed, things became disharmonious.

It turned out that their team had assigned all the items to the leader. All the items had to go through the captain’s hands. When it came to Yunuen’s turn to get her share, only two bottles of blue potion and one copper plate were left.

At this moment, she finally realized that she had been scammed. She immediately wanted justice.

However, the other members were not only unreasonable, but they also attacked her.

Yunuen, unfortunately, fell into the river while escaping. Those players finally stopped attacking and foul-mouthed her before leaving.

She once again realized what the meaning of the weak was only prey to the strong in this world.

Despite being swept away in the river for a certain distance, Yunuen knew how to swim, so she swam to the shore, sat on the riverbank in a daze, contemplating life.

Suddenly, a gleam of light entered her eyes. Something not far away was illuminated by the sun, reflecting the light.

With curiosity, Yunuen walked over and picked up an object.

It was a ring.

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And it was a blue-tier ring!

Yunuen was surprised and delighted, feeling that it was actually a blessing in disguise.

However, when she saw the attributes of the ring, she was immediately disappointed.

I’m a priest. What’s the use of this ring with agility, attack speed and poison effect!?

Suddenly, Yunuen knocked herself on the head. Since she couldn’t use it, couldn’t she just sell it?

Thinking that green-tier equipment could be sold for over 30,000 in other forums, wasn’t this blue-tier ring more valuable?

She immediately returned to the city.

Resurrection Square was very lively now, and the number of stalls was increasing.

Yunuen walked around and discovered that these people were all deceitful. The recycle price for the green equips was lower than 2,000, but the selling price became greater than 10,000!

Because the Princess had ruined the prices of Newbie Village 101, she ‌did not have many expectations for the value of the blue ring.

However, these vendors were even bigger crooks than she had imagined. Not to mention the fact that she was on guard against other players after the previous events.

Without rules, human beings would be more savage than any animal!

Yunuen knew very well that even a slight wealth could stir people’s hearts and bring unwanted attention. Moreover, her ring was blue-tier equipment.

Except for the purple equipment of Princess and Rakshasa, this might be the highest level equipment right now.

Once people came to know about it, she would even be hunted down.

After thinking about it, Yunuen felt that selling to NPCs was better than selling to players.

Unfortunately, the NPC’s purchase price was so low that it made one’s hair stand up in anger. It was only 1,000 gold coins!

In desperation, Yunuen could only return to Resurrection Square. Just as she was about to search for a more reliable vendor to sell the ring, she saw Princess and her friends chatting and drinking tea at the street stall.

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Why don’t I sell it to Princess?

A thought suddenly flashed in Yunuen’s mind, and she suddenly felt that her mind was clearer than ever.

Although Princess was terrible, she had never relied on her strength to bully the weak. She was a trustworthy person!

Therefore, she mustered up the courage to come to Yaeger’s stall.

“I’m not interested in general equipment.” Yaeger was really not interested. What good things could ordinary players get?

Upon hearing this, Yunuen quickly replied in a low voice, “This…. this is a blue-tier ring!”

She was afraid that Yaeger would not want it, so her expression was flustered.

“Blue-tier ring?” Hearing this, Yaeger was not calm anymore.

Someone obtained blue equipment on the first day of the game. Was it so easy to get equipment now?

Suddenly, when she thought of something, the expression in her eyes changed immediately.

“Show me. If it’s suitable, I can buy it at a high price.”

Yunuen hesitated for a moment, then looked left and right, and found that other players did not dare to look over. Then she took out the ring.

The moment Yaeger saw this ring, her expression could not remain unperturbed and even her pupils shrank slightly: “How much do you want to sell?”

Rakshasa had been staring at Yaeger. Naturally, she did not miss the change in her expression, so she looked at the ring curiously.

Then the name of the ring appeared.

[Toxic Ring]!


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